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How to Choose Your Sunglasses according to Vera Wang Eyewear 

How to Choose Your Sunglasses according to Vera Wang Eyewear 

From oversized to cat-eye, there are a whole host of sunglasses on the market, and it can be confusing to know which shape to pick to suit your face type. Lucky for us though, Vera Wang Eyewear designer Laura Howard has offered up her top tips when it comes to selecting the most flattering sunnies for your face shape, and right in time for summer.

While we don’t believe in putting ourselves in a stylistic box, we do like to find shapes that enhance our features and allow our personal, unique style to shine through! Your face may fall into a couple of different shapes and that’s okay! Just be mindful of this when trying on different frames to help balance out your shape. There are around five different face shapes: Oval, Square, Round, Diamond, and Heart.

Tip 1: For Oval Faces

Most ovals can fit numerous face shapes due to the balance of the forehead to cheekbones to chin. An oversized or wider frame would be your best friend! VW Frames recommended – Ayanna

Vera Wang Selwyn Eyewear

Tip 2: For Square Faces

While it may be cool to be square, a round or oval frame will help soften your angular features. Try finding a frame that is slightly wider than your cheekbones.
VW Frames recommended – LingSelwyn

V492 Vera Wang EyewearV606 Vera Wang Eyewear

Tip 3: For Round Faces

With a soft baseline that is about the same width all around, we need to spice it up with some angles. Clean lines with bold features such as a cat eye or a rectangular frame add a sharp structure. VW Frames recommended – V606V492

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Tip 4: For Diamond Faces

A rare face shape that has all the angles! A Chunky brow line such as a horn-rim would highlight the cheekbones while still being soft to the rest of your face. An easy choice would be an oval or rectangle. VW Frames recommended – TarajiV609

RABISI Vera Wang Eyewear DEMIBK Vera Wang Eyewear

Tip 5: For the Heart Faces

Like the Oval, many glasses can fit this face shape. Aviators are one of the best options as they are slightly wider near the forehead and start to round out on the bottom to not overwhelm your cheekbones or chin. VW Frames recommended –  Rabia, Demitria

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