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Imax Sets 2025 Film Slate in Cannes: Superman: Legacy, Fantastic Four

Imax Sets 2025 Film Slate in Cannes: Superman: Legacy, Fantastic Four

Imax is going big for 2025, unveiling on Thursday that it will release at least 14 titles in its “filmed for Imax” slate, features shot on Imax film or Imax-certified cameras, more than double that of any previous year.

Among the highlights going out on the wide-screen format will be Disney’s Captain America: Brave New World, The Fantastic Four, and Tron: Ares; Warner Bros.’ still-untitled Ryan Coogler/Michael B. Jordan feature and its DC release Superman: Legacy; Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 8; and Universal’s How to Train Your Dragon. (See full slate with release dates below).

Earlier, Imax said that Francis Ford Coppola’s Cannes entry Megalopolis would get a global Imax release.

Imax is coming off the success of 2023 wide-screen releases such as Oppenheimer — which generated more than $190 million worldwide, some 20 percent of its overall gross, on Imax screens — and Dune: Part 2 (21 percent, $145 million). Oppenheimer was the fifth-highest-grossing Imax film of all time. Dune: Part 2 the seventh.

Imax screens accounted for 5.9 percent of the total domestic box office in the first quarter of 2024, the highest-ever quarterly market share for the company, Imax said at a presentation in Cannes on Thursday. The company accounted for 3.4 percent of the global box office over the same period. It reached that share despite making up fewer than 1 percent of total screens worldwide.

“As more of the world’s best filmmakers create specifically for our platform, Imax is becoming as much about excellence in production as it is presentation of the biggest blockbuster filmmaking,” said Imax CEO Rich Gelfond. “Quite simply, audiences get that if you see a movie Filmed for Imax in Imax, you’re getting the best, most immersive cinematic experience money can buy, which is why we’re driving a huge share of the global box office on these titles.”

The company also announced the rollout of its next-generation Imax 15/65mm film cameras, which they said were on track to beta test by August 2024 and begin to enter production by the end of this year. Directors Christopher Nolan and Jordan Peele, and Oppenheimer cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema are among the filmmakers who have been testing the new Imax prototypes.

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Here is the full 2025 Filmed for Imax Slate:

  • “Captain America: Brave New World” (Disney/Marvel), Feb 15
  • Untitled Ryan Coogler/Michael B. Jordan film (WB), Mar 7
  • “Thunderbolts” (Disney/Marvel), May 2
  • “Flowervale Street” (WB), May 16
  • “Mission: Impossible 8” (Paramount), May 23
  • “How To Train Your Dragon” (Universal), Jun 13
  • Untitled Formula One (Apple/Distributor TBC), Jun 27
  • “Superman: Legacy” (WB/DC), Jul 11
  • “The Fantastic Four” (Disney/Marvel), Jul 25
  • “Mercy” (MGM/Amazon), Aug 15
  • “The Bride!” (WB), Oct 3
  • “TRON: Ares” (Disney), Oct 10
  • “Blade” (Disney/Marvel), Nov 7
  • Chinese New Year, title TBC, w/o Jan 29

Note: dates are subject to change. Additional titles to be confirmed at a later date.

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