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Jane Fonda Stars in Canada Goose Campaign Supporting Polar Bears

Jane Fonda Stars in Canada Goose Campaign Supporting Polar Bears

Haider Ackermann has just debuted as the new creative director of Canada Goose and as his first act, he’s launched an initiative dedicated to the preservation of polar bears, with a Hollywood ambassador: Jane Fonda. The Colombia-born French designer, considered a luminary in the fashion industry and universally recognized for his talent in defining modern design, will bring his creative touch to shape the future of the Canadian brand’s collections and elevate the brand’s creative aesthetic.

The designer will work from Paris alongside the brand’s president and CEO Dani Reiss, to guide, as a statement explains, the company into its next era: “When it comes to the marriage of craftsmanship and beauty, there is no one better suited than Haider Ackermann. He has sensed that Canada Goose is a brand unlike any other and that authenticity, craftsmanship and performance are the cornerstones of our brand,” Reiss said, “and with his keen ability to harness the energy and potential of our authentic heritage, I look forward to seeing his impact on our garments.”

Jane Fonda in the new campaign for Canada Goose’s Polar Bears International hoodie.

Canada Goose

The nomination is accompanied by the launch of an exclusive sweatshirt in support of Polar Bears International (PBI), which is at the forefront of efforts to study and protect polar bears and their habitat. An initiative was inspired by a trip the designer took with Reiss to Churchill, Manitoba, known as the polar bear capital of the world.

“What attracted me to Canada Goose was not only the way it created a category, but also its credibility and its willingness to stay true to its purpose. The impact this brand has had on the world around us is remarkable and inspiring. I consider myself an environmental scholar, and my trip to Churchill lit the fire to do more and be more. My hope is that by joining with climate champion extraordinaire Jane Fonda, we can help push people to take action, and to do it now,” Ackermann said. 

The launch campaign in support of the polar bears features the celebrated film icon and one of today’s most influential activists wearing the special sweatshirt. One hundred percent of proceeds from sales of the $275 sweatshirt will go to Polar Bears International.

“Collective action is the only way to go farther and faster,” said Fonda. “I have put all my strength into inspiring planet-friendly choices to address the climate crisis, and partnering with Haider and Canada Goose to bring attention to what is happening in the Arctic is impactful, important and essential.”

This story originally ran on The Hollywood Reporter Roma.

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