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Jason George on Show Ending, Grey’s Anatomy Return

Jason George on Show Ending, Grey’s Anatomy Return

Jason George is embracing the time he has left with Station 19, despite his tough feelings about its surprising cancellation.

The actor tells The Hollywood Reporter about his mixed emotions as the ABC firefighter drama series signs off this month after seven seasons. George originated his role of Ben Warren in an episode of the sixth season of Grey’s Anatomy that aired in 2010 before spinoff show Station 19 launched in March of 2018.

Indeed, fans were stunned when news broke late last year that ABC would be ending the series after the current season. “It’s incredibly tough because it feels like we have so many more years in us,” Warren tells THR about Station 19 ending.

Still, the actor takes solace in knowing that his show’s team was able to prepare for the finale, which is not always the case for some series.

Jason George speaks at the Waves of Change event.

Courtesy of Schmidt Ocean Institute

“Knowing that this was our last season, the writers got to write an ending that landed that plane the way it was supposed to land,” George says. “We got to write a beautiful ending, and we also got to schedule the whole thing and deal with each other knowing that this is going to be goodbye as a family every day.”

He adds, “If the audience feels the way we felt in the moment when we saw that last shot, they’ll be in tears.”

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Grey’s Anatomy fans continue to hope that Ben — who is married to Miranda Bailey, portrayed on the medical drama by Chandra Wilson — will again pop up on the long-running series. George is open to the potential return but claims he’s unsure where any conversations might lead.

“I like to think that there’s still a Ben-Bailey, or Benley, story to tell,” he says. He goes on to tease, “I think that’s a possibility. There may be conversations.”

THR spoke to George during Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Waves of Change event at Santa Monica’s Casa del Mar hotel on Saturday. The event was presented by the Ocean Rising initiative and featured a fashion show of ocean-inspired looks, in addition to George reading an author’s spoken-word contribution about a robot falling in love with a mermaid.

George was eager to participate, having grown up near the ocean as a Virginia Beach resident, not to mention that his dad was a member of the Navy. “I’ve always been paying attention to the environment,” the actor shares. “So I was like, ‘That’s a no-brainer.’”

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