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Jeep Unveils the Production Version of the Electric Wagoneer S

Jeep Unveils the Production Version of the Electric Wagoneer S

Jeep’s U.S. lineup is finally getting its very own EV.

The famed 4×4 maker has just pulled back the curtain on the production version of the all-electric Wagoneer S. The sleek SUV isn’t the brand’s first battery-powered model, that would be the Europe-only Avenger, but it is the first that will be sold stateside.

The Wagoneer S, which was first announced in September 2022, is nothing like the gas-powered behemoths it shares a name with. Instead, the EV is a mid-size SUV that seats just five. The newest vehicle to wear the nameplate measures 192.4 inches in length, making it 22.3 inches, or nearly two feet, shorter than the standard version of those SUVs, which both measure 214.7 inches long. It has also eschewed their boxiness for a shape that is smoother and more aerodynamic. That’s far from the only difference. The EV also has an illuminated seven-slot grille that’s just for decorative purposes, since there’s no engine to cool, sits lower to the ground, and has a giant rear spoiler coming off the roof.

2024 Jeep Wagoneer S Launch Edition


The Wagoneer S’s leather-covered interior is nowhere near as much of a departure. Except for the dashboard-spanning interconnected screen array up front—which consists of a digital gauge cluster, infotainment display, climate control display, and passenger display—the cabin looks very similar to the Grand Wagoneer. The debut Wagoneer S will be the fully loaded Launch Edition, which will also feature a full suite of driver-assistance systems, a head-up display, heated front and rear seats, and a 19-speaker McIntosh audio system.

Jeep’s first U.S. EV is built on the same STLA Large platform as the upcoming electric Dodge Charger. The Launch Edition has a dual-motor powertrain that produces 600 hp and 617 ft lbs of torque. Thanks to that, the SUV will be able to sprint from zero to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. The setup is powered by a 100.5-kWh battery pack that Jeep says will be good for 300 miles of driving between charges. If the charge is running low, the automaker says drivers can take the battery from 20- to 80-percent capacity in just 23 minutes when connected to a DC fast charger.

Inside the 2024 Jeep Wagoneer S Launch Edition

Inside the Wagoneer S Launch Edition


The Wagoneer S will have all-wheel drive thanks to its two electric motors but doesn’t look as if it’s ready for off-roading just yet. Fortunately, a more rugged version of the EV looks to be on the way. Jeep also showed off a concept called the Wagoneer S Trailhawk on Thursday. The EV has better ground clearance, comes equipped with all-terrain tires, and is believed to be a preview of a more capable variant that will follow down the line.

Jeep will open up the reservation books for the Wagoneer S on Friday. Deliveries of the Launch Edition model, which starts at $71,995, are expected to start later this year.

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