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Joker: Folie à Deux Teaser Exhibits the assembly of Harley Quinn and Arthur Fleck

Joker: Folie à Deux Teaser Exhibits the assembly of Harley Quinn and Arthur Fleck

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The official teaser trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux aka Joker 2 has just been released.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, as he returns as Arthur Fleck / Joker, along with Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn, this sequel follows Fleck and his intricate relationship with Harley Quinn, the Clown Queen of Crime. From the teaser, we see how the two first meet with Fleck pictured in Arkham State Hospital.

The difference, it appears, is that the story strays from the animated series and comic books via Harley Quinn as she is no longer the psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel, but rather a patient at the hospital as well. The teaser also doubles down on the dancing we saw in the first movie with shots of what looks like a musical production.

As the first movie was originally created as a character study of the Joker, this second part very much incorporates elements of that as we see both characters express their madness and behavioural tendencies in multiple clips. There’s not much else to explain in this teaser except that both the Joker and Harley Quinn seem to eventually make it out of Arkham. So far it looks promising, but it is still too early to tell if it will break the first film’s $1.079 billion earnings.

Look for this film to drop on October 8 of this year. Check out the Joker 2 teaser trailer above.

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