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Living Vehicle’s Latest Model Was Made for the Tesla Cybertruck

Living Vehicle’s Latest Model Was Made for the Tesla Cybertruck

It’s unclear if any of the Tesla Cybertruck accessories Elon Musk has teased over the last half-decade will ever make it to market, but other companies are now stepping into fill the void.

Living Vehicle, one of the most consistently impressive RV makers around, has just unveiled its latest model, the CyberTrailer. The new caravan has a design inspired by Tesla’s controversial pickup and several features sure to catch the attention of outdoor-loving EV owners.

For the time being, the CyberTrailer is as close as we’re coming to an official Tesla camping add-on. Living Vehicle’s doesn’t hide the fact that its trailer has a look “echoing” that of the Cybertruck. We imagine its “aerodynamic” angular shape will still rankle some, but it works much better on a trailer. There’s also a front horizontal lightbar in front just like that found on the pickup’s front end. Living Vehicle isn’t ready to share pictures of the interior yet, but we imagine it’ll be less spartan and more comfortable looking than the truck’s cabin. It will also utilize the same water generation system found on the company’s other RVs.

Living Vehicle CyberTrailer

Living Vehicle

The most eye-catching feature isn’t the CyberTrailer’s head-turning design. Instead, it’s the vehicle’s solar-aided power system. Most RVs rely on shore power to run once you get to the campground, but not the Cybertrailer. The company doesn’t say how big the vehicle’s battery pack will be or how much solar energy it will generate, but it will be enough to keep it and its backup generators running.  That means this is one trailer you won’t have to worry about taking off the grid.

Additionally, the trailer will act as a traveling charger station. Living Vehicle says the CyberTrailer’s power system will also provide enough power to recharge your towing vehicle. Speaking of which, the company says the trailer can be towed by the Cybertruck, as well as other battery-powered pickups, like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T. It can also be towed by gas and hybrid trucks.

A rear 3/4 view of the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer being towed by a Tesla Cybertruck

Living Vehicle

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“The main limitation to current all-electric RV design is charging and utility infrastructure,” Living Vehicle CEO and founder Matthew Hofmann said in a statement. “The CyberTrailer is resource independent and can venture to nature without needing RV parks or charging stations.”

Living Vehicle is taking orders for the CyberTrailer now through its website. The caravan will start at $175,000, but can be reserved with a refundable $100 deposit. The company expects to begin deliveries sometime next year.

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