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Meet ‘Home,’ the 164-Foot Superyacht That Starred in ‘Below Deck’

Meet ‘Home,’ the 164-Foot Superyacht That Starred in ‘Below Deck’

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The 164-foot motor yacht Home was Heesen’s first hybrid yacht when it delivered in 2017. It was also the first yacht to combine hybrid propulsion with a Fast Displacement Hull Shape (FDHF), which is proven to outperform conventional hull forms at all speeds. Built in lightweight aluminum, Home delivers 48 percent more fuel efficiency than other yachts of the same size.

Another perk of the hybrid propulsion package is reduced noise and vibration. Sensory expert Barry Smith, founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses, discovered that the enjoyment of fine dining and wine while cruising in electric mode is significantly enhanced.

“Our research has shown that the brain’s processing of taste is affected by noise, which reduces the tongue’s ability to detect salt, sweet and sour,” says Smith. “The beauty of Home is the ability to run at a sound of around 46 decibels—the sound level of softly falling rain—enabling those on board to enjoy food and drink with no diminution of taste.”

Home began as a speculation build by the shipyard, before the American owner stepped in to the project. The initial interior was not to his liking, so he engaged Italian designer Cristiano Gatto to rework the design. He mandated simplicity, rather than minimalism. He also requested decor inspired by his residences, reflecting their contemporary Ibiza style. One perfect example: The slinky metal chaise lounge in the main salon by Italian designer Franco Poli.

Here are 10 facts about one of the world’s first hybrid yachts.

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