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MSNBC Plans Primetime Special on Donald Trump New York Trial

MSNBC Plans Primetime Special on Donald Trump New York Trial

MSNBC is planning a primetime special about former President Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial, which will wrap up in the coming days.

The special, Prosecuting Donald Trump: Witness to History, will debut Sunday June 2 at 9 p.m., streaming on Peacock the next day.

The special plans to lean on eyewitness accounts from MSNBC’s stable of hosts, anchors and analysts, many of whom have spent time in the courtroom during the trial. Among those appearing are Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, Katie Phang and Andrew Weissmann.

In addition, Weissmann, MSNBC Legal Correspondent Lisa Rubin and NBC News Senior Legal Correspondent Laura Jarrett will provide analysis and answer viewer questions about the trial.

“The country has experienced for the first time in its history a criminal trial of a president of the United States. Except, the country did not actually get to witness it: only a very few members of the public including the press did as no cameras or audio were permitted by court rules,” Weissmann says. “It’s one thing to read the trial transcript of what happened; quite another to be in the courtroom, to assess credibility, hear the tone and cadence and even volatility of the witnesses and lawyers.

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“Our goal is to bring Americans inside the room where it happened, guided by MSNBC hosts and legal experts, to share the first-hand takes on history in the making,” he continued.

The special also builds on MSNBC’s strategy of longform and non-linear projects – including the recent launch of MSNBC’s Live event series, the Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow Special from The Apollo Theater, Chris Hayes’ special podcast series The Stakes, and the Prosecuting: Donald Trump podcast.

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