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Netflix in Talks to Acquire Emilia Perez, Selena Gomez Cannes Movie

Netflix in Talks to Acquire Emilia Perez, Selena Gomez Cannes Movie

Netflix is in talks to acquire one of the most talked about titles at this year’s Cannes Film Festival: Emilia Pérez.

The movie, from writer-director Jacques Audiard, follows a cartel leader who hires an undervalued lawyer to help him withdraw from his business and realize a plan he has been secretly preparing for years, to transition into a woman.

Zoe Saldaña stars in the film, along with Selena Gomez and Edgar Ramirez, with breakout Karla Sofia Gascón as the title character.

The film earned a warm Cannes reception with a long standing ovation and near universal praise from critics.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s review reads: “The baseline is a drama of criminality and redemption, but then there’s an unforced current of Almodóvarian humor, along with moments of melodrama, noir, social realism, a hint of telenovela camp and a climactic escalation into suspense, ultimately touched by tragedy. All this is wrapped seamlessly around a sensitive core exploration of gender identity and trans liberation, channeled through a magnificent performance by Karla Sofia Gascón, a wonderful discovery in the title role.” 

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Netflix, which landed awards contender May December out of last year’s Cannes, has been active in the market, recently purchasing the Glen Powell starrer Monsanto, which co-stars Anthony Mackie and Laura Dern.

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