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New Jewelry Collections for You to Shop Now

New Jewelry Collections for You to Shop Now

New Jewelry Collections for You to Shop Now

Look to intaglio-inspired pieces, stackable rings, and enamel charms to transform your summer outfits. 

Seal & Scribe’s Lates Line Solid Gold Draws on Intaglios

Shari Cohen created the first prototype of her Solid Gold collection in 2017, when on a hunch, she decided to make a mold of a very special seal. “It was one that I knew I would likely never see again – so, I created a mold of it ‘just in case’ but had no real plans as to what I would do with it.” It so happened that a client came to her; she was about to have very serious surgery and the seal spoke to her situation. “She was very busy preparing for the surgery and on the day of her operation, the seal she loved sold online.” A few months later, the client reached out to Shari asking about the piece. Although it had sold, Shari had an idea. “I explained about the mold I had made and how I could create a solid gold version of the same necklace.” This happy client inspired Seal & Scribe’s new Solid Gold collection.

Each piece in the latest line, hand cast in 18k gold, is designed in mixed metal, while the motifs are etched in gold along a similar vein as seen in intaglios. Solid Gold consists of 17 pieces – necklaces, rings, and earrings. Shari will gradually add more pieces to the collection. The bulk of the line is available mainly as custom orders, says the designer. This, she remarks, is because clients choose what color gold the seal would be cast in. They also specify the color of the setting and chain. “The Solid Gold collection is customizable to each client’s tastes and needs,” she adds.

For the Solid Gold pieces made in California, Shari mainly used “the highest quality diamond melee,” which she was able to source. “I want the diamonds to have a lot of fire and scintillation, but also pop in their patinated settings,” she says, alluding to the patina underneath the diamond elements that she employs as a “nod to the Georgian and Victorian eras, which are the time periods from whence most of Seal & Scribe’s antique seals come from.” Gem accents in sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other stones are always possible with this collection, adds Shari.

Aurelia Demark’s Drip Drop Rings Feature Bright, Colorful Gems

Aurelia Demark’s Drip Drop Rings Feature Bright, Colorful Gems

Aurelia Demark has been designing jewelry since she was in college. Growing up in the 80s, she recalls her mother “accessorizing with fabulous jewelry.” As Aurelia got older, she realized accessories and jewelry could really pull together a look. “Jewelry makes you feel beautiful and it’s easy to wear and fun to wear too. And then you think about how fine jewelry is made – there’s so much artistry that goes into it from start to finish. The process and the final product are just beautiful. I’m drawn by the beauty of it all,” says Aurelia, who founded her namesake brand in 2017, and now works out of her studio in Palm Beach, Florida.

The new capsule line of Drip Drop rings is inspired by the fluid, abstract shape of a raindrop. “Wrapped around a finger as a ring, the design becomes quite architectural and striking, especially when you wear two of them,” she adds. Although at the moment the line only has rings, she plans to expand the concept into more silhouettes like bracelets and earrings.

The form of the Drip Drop rings allows it to be ‘nested,’ or stacked; the idea to do so came about as she was designing the pieces. “I discovered that if there was a slight curve to the design, it would lend itself to layering another ring that would fit into that space. I think it’s important to give clients options and it’s also fun to wear them in different ways. These rings can be worn in three different ways,” says Aurelia, whose jewelry is manufactured in New York.

The rings set with mint tourmaline, pink sapphire, blue topaz, or orange sapphire feature a high-polish finish. “This makes the surface very smooth and shows the subtle curves and knife-edge detail well.”

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Summer Fruit from The Fête Is Charming and Fun Summer Fruit from The Fête Is Charming and Fun

Summer Fruit from The Fête Is Charming and Fun

Architect-turned-designer Elena Howell began designing jewelry as a “fun side project.” She soon realized that it was something that she wanted to pursue full-time. “While I do continue to be captivated and inspired by architecture, I have found that I love the smaller, more intimate scale of jewelry design,” says Elena, who started her brand, The Fête, offering charm-styled pieces in 14k gold as well as vermeil.

What made you hone in on charms for the jewelry line? “I decided to design a charm-based collection because I found there to be a true gap in the market when I was searching for charms with a more minimalist vibe.  Charm bracelets, on the whole, tend to be very maximalist or over-designed.”

Initially, Elena manufactured solely in Los Angeles, and as her business began to expand, she shifted much of her production over to Thailand. “Thailand has a long history of producing beautiful and meticulously crafted jewelry,” she adds.

Besides 14k gold peaches, avocado, and strawberry and cherry fruit charms in enamel what else can we see soon? “Pineapples and Watermelons are on the horizon.” The charms are all attached to the necklaces and bracelets in-house; meanwhile, Elena and her team are working on chains with the functionality to open and close. This, she hopes, will make her pieces more versatile.

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