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Paramount Global Co-CEO Severance and Bonus Pay Revealed

Paramount Global Co-CEO Severance and Bonus Pay Revealed

The future of Paramount Global remains uncertain, but the co-CEOs of the company will be just fine however things shake out.

On Monday, Paramount filed with the SEC some compensation details for its new co-chief executives, including the critical detail that all three are now participants in the “Paramount Global Executive Change in Control Severance Protection Plan.”

All three men also received a cash bonus under the company’s short-term incentive plan of $2,750,000, which will be prorated to their service as co-CEOs.

The change-in-control plan is designed to provide enhanced severance in the event of a sale or other change in control event. The plan includes a pro-rata portion of their target performance bonus, and a 2X multiple of their annual salary, as well as other benefits.

Such plans are meant to keep top executives engaged when a company is in deal talks, guaranteeing a healthy payout if the deal is successful and they execute their duties. Paramount, of course, has held deal talks, both directly and via National Amusements, the Shari Redstone-controlled company that owns most of the voting shares.

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