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Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+ Bundle: Pricing Details Revealed

Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+ Bundle: Pricing Details Revealed

Comcast Cable president and CEO Dave Watson has unveiled pricing for ScreenSaver, a newly-unveiled streaming bundle that combines Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+.

“It’s a home run for consumers,” Watson told the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference on Tuesday as he talked about a lower combined price for the premium streaming services.

Existing broadband and mobile subscribers will be able to get ScreenSaver for $15 a month. “If you’re an existing customer, could be broadband, Xfinity TV, mobile, any form of packages of existing customers, you can get it for $15,” Watson said of a 30 percent-plus saving for subscribers, he claimed.

The second way to tap ScreenSaver is via Now TV, a streaming video product for Comcast broadband subscribers aimed at the low end of the U.S. market as it packages linear TV, FAST and subscription video-on-demand channels.

“Now we’re adding Netflix and Apple TV+ and that will be available for $30 (a month),” Watson added. The upcoming StreamSaver bundle continues a bid by the NBCUniversal parent and rivals to wring profits from their direct-to-home consumer platforms.

“It’s a compelling price point and aggregation of streaming services that are premier,” Watson said of ScreenSaver, which comes as the major studios look to rebundle streaming services to answer the market challenge of cord cutting undermining the pay TV business.

The launch of StreamSaver follows Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery teaming up on a streaming bundle that combines the Disney+, Hulu and Max streaming services. And Disney, Fox Corp. and Warner Bros Discovery have combined for a sports streaming joint venture.

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Like StreamSaver, all the streaming bundles are pitched as affordable for consumers stretched by the vast array of streaming platforms and their monthly costs.

Watson said launching StreamSaver opens the way for additional streaming service rebundles in the future. “It opens up possibilities. We like this package, this approach. But it does open up possibilities down the road,” he told the investors conference.

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