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Sofía Vergara Would Do Modern Family Reboot ‘In A Second’

Sofía Vergara Would Do Modern Family Reboot ‘In A Second’

Sofía Vergara opened up about the possibility of a Modern Family reunion and how “Narco traffic” touched her life growing up in Colombia.

On a recent episode of The Hollywood Reporters Awards Chatter podcast hosted by its executive editor of awards, Scott Feinberg, the 51-year-old actress revealed her hopes for another run at Gloria Delgado-Pritchett.

“I mean, I would do it in a second,” Vergara said when asked about a Modern Family revival. “Of course, I would do it.”

The actress said that despite it only being four years since the show ended, that she would participate in a revival “just for the experience of doing it again,” noting that she wasn’t sure if it would do “good or bad.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the Hot Pursuit star spoke candidly about her childhood experiences, growing up in Colombia.

“I grew up in Colombia in the ’70s, the ’80s and the ’90s, and as you know, that was the time where Narco traffic, unfortunately, was touching the lives of every single person in Colombia,” Vergara said. “It was really rough times for the country, for families.”

The actress said the situation at the time was “really, really bad,” noting that there were “a lot of the kidnappings and bombings.” Vergara shared that her brother “joined that business” in the ’90s and “was killed very young.”

“It was heartbreaking, but it was not only happening to me, it was happening to a lot of people in Colombia,” she continued.

Earlier this year, Vergara portrayed Griselda Blanco, the Colombian drug lord also known as the “Godmother of Cocaine,” in the Netflix limited series Griselda. The actress noted that her personal experience and the experiences of other families in Columbia are what drew her to the project.

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Vergara’s first reaction to learning about Blanco was, “What are they talking about? There’s no way there is a woman that could do what these vicious men can do. There is no way,” she said, adding that she hadn’t heard of Blanco prior, which caused her initial disbelief.

“We knew everyone. We grew up listening to their names at dinnertime, in the news, in the newspaper,” Vergara said. “It was all about that all those decades.”

She was “fascinated” by the story of Blanco, she noted, but she had some apprehension. “I was nervous because I didn’t want to romanticize this character, this woman,” she said. “But I was super interested because, like I said, I knew who these men were,” she continued.

For more of Vergara’s conversation about Griselda, listen to the latest episode of Awards Chatter and subscribe.

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