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Streaming Ratings May 6-12, 2024

Streaming Ratings May 6-12, 2024

Netflix’s live roast of NFL great Tom Brady made it into the Nielsen streaming rankings for its premiere, despite only being available for a few hours of that week. After its first full week on the streamer, it rocketed to the top of the charts.

The Roast of Tom Brady gathered 1.67 billion minutes of viewing for the week of May 6-12, leading all streaming titles by a wide margin (the second-place finisher, Grey’s Anatomy, had 1.11 billion minutes of watch time for the week). The roast also had by far the biggest weekly viewing tally ever for a Netflix special; the previous high was 798 million minutes for Chris Rock’s stand-up special Selective Outrage in March 2023.

The 1.67 billion minutes of viewing for the roast in the United States translates to about 27.87 million hours, or about two thirds of Netflix’s reported worldwide total (42.2 million hours) for the special that week.

Evil ranked second among original series with 788 million minutes — though a good portion of that came from Netflix, which licenses the first two seasons, in addition to Paramount+, which has the whole library and where new episodes stream. Prime Video’s Fallout dipped below 1 billion minutes for the first time but spent a fifth straight week in the rankings with 593 million minutes of viewing.

Bluey (1.09 billion minutes) joined the Brady roast and Grey’s Anatomy in the billion-minute club. Reba McEntire’s sitcom Reba made its chart debut with 615 million minutes of viewing after being added to Netflix on May 6 (it also streams on Hulu). Netflix’s Mother of the Bride led the movie rankings for its premiere week, snagging 678 million minutes of viewing.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries. The top streaming titles for May 6-12, 2024, are below.


1. The Roast of Tom Brady (Netflix), 1.67 billion minutes viewed
2. Grey’s Anatomy (Hulu/Netflix), 1.11 billion
3. Bluey (Disney+) 1.09 billion
4. Evil (Netfix/Paramount+), 788 million
5. Family Guy (Hulu), 751 million
6. Mother of the Bride (Netflix), 678 million
7. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 663 million
8. Young Sheldon (Max/Netflix/Paramount+), 658 million
9. The Resident (Hulu/Netflix), 642 million
10. Law & Order: SVU (Hulu/Netflix/Peacock), 630 million

Original Series

1. The Roast of Tom Brady, 1.67 billion minutes
2. Evil, 788 million
3. Fallout (Prime Video), 593 million
4. A Man in Full (Netflix), 517 million
5. Baby Reindeer (Netflix), 488 million
6. The Circle (Netflix), 371 million
7. Bodkin (Netflix), 359 million
8. Bridgerton (Netflix), 317 million
9. Clarkson’s Farm (Prime Video), 253 million
10. Selling the O.C. (Netflix), 245 million

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Acquired Series

1. Grey’s Anatomy, 1.11 billion minutes
2. Bluey, 1.09 billion
3. Family Guy, 751 million
4. NCIS, 663 million
5. Young Sheldon, 658 million
6. The Resident, 642 million
7. Law & Order: SVU, 630 million
8. Reba (Hulu/Netflix), 615 million
9. Bob’s Burgers (Hulu), 606 million
10. Criminal Minds (Hulu/Paramount+), 571 million


1. Mother of the Bride (Netflix), 678 million
2. Unfrosted (Netflix), 555 million
3. The Judge (Netflix), 513 million
4. Shrek (Netflix), 494 million
5. The Idea of You (Prime Video), 396 million
6. Shrek Forever After (Netflix/Peacock), 310 million
7. The Equalizer (2014) (Netflix), 288 million
8. Moana (Disney+), 230 million
9. Dark Waters (Netflix), 223 million
10. The Peanut Butter Falcon (Netflix), 220 million

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