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Streaming TV Ratings April 22-28, 2024

Streaming TV Ratings April 22-28, 2024

The finale of Shōgun pushed the series to its best showing so far on Nielsen’s streaming charts.

The FX-produced Hulu series had 608 million minutes of viewing time for the week of its finale, April 22-28. That’s a 45 percent jump from the prior week and Shōgun’s highest total in the nine weeks it has made the top 10. Its previous best was 513 million minutes for its premiere week, which featured the debut of two episodes.

Fallout claimed the overall No. 1 spot for the third straight week, the first such streak for a show on Amazon’s Prime Video. The series had 1.53 billion minutes of viewing, down by about 41 percent week to week. Its three-week total is now a little over 7 billion minutes.

Netflix’s water-cooler drama Baby Reindeer saw a 36 percent jump in viewing, climbing to 915 million minutes from 673 million a week earlier. Several original series also made their top 10 debuts: Netflix’s Dead Boy Detectives (633 million minutes of watch time), Paramount+’s Knuckles (341 million) and Prime Video’s Them: The Scare (251 million). On the acquired series chart, former Starz drama Black Sails ranked eighth with 629 million minutes in its second week on Netflix.

Anyone But You, the rom-com starring THR cover subject Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney, topped the movie rankings after being added to Netflix on April 23. It had 773 million minutes of viewing in its first week on the streamer.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries. The top streaming titles for April 22-28, 2024, are below.


1. Fallout (Prime Video), 1.53 billion minutes viewed
2. Bluey (Disney+), 1.34 billion
3. Grey’s Anatomy (Hulu/Netflix), 1.18 billion
4. Family Guy (Hulu), 973 million
5. Baby Reindeer (Netflix), 915 million
6. Anyone But You (Netflix), 773 million
7. The Resident (Hulu/Netflix), 760 million
8. White Collar (Hulu/Netflix), 717 million
9. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 693 million
10. Criminal Minds (Hulu/Paramount+), 637 million

Original Series

1. Fallout, 1.53 billion minutes
2. Baby Reindeer, 915 million
3. Dead Boy Detectives (Netflix), 633 million
4. Shōgun (Hulu), 608 million
5. The Circle (Netflix), 443 million
6. Knuckles (Paramount+), 341 million
7. Unlocked: A Jail Experiment (Netflix), 329 million
8. Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+), 285 million
9. Bridgerton (Netflix), 264 million
10. Them: The Scare (Prime Video), 251 million

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Acquired Series

1. Bluey, 1.34 billion minutes
2. Grey’s Anatomy, 1.18 billion
3. Family Guy, 973 million
4. The Resident, 760 million
5. White Collar, 717 million
6. NCIS, 693 million
7. Criminal Minds, 637 million
8. Black Sails (Netflix/Starz), 629 million
9. Young Sheldon (Max/Netflix), 613 million
10. Killing Eve (Netflix), 609 million


1. Anyone But You, 773 million minutes
2. Rebel Moon: Part 2 (Netflix), 470 million
3. King Richard (Max/Netflix), 336 million
4. Wish (Disney+), 254 million
4 (tie). Smurfs: The Lost Village (Netflix), 254 million
6. Moana (Disney+), 248 million
7. Rust Creek (Netflix), 235 million
8. Migration (2023) (Peacock), 233 million
9. Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp (Netflix), 215 million
9 (tie). The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Netflix), 215 million

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