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The 4 Seasons Spa and Ignae Companion for Transformative Remedies

The 4 Seasons Spa and Ignae Companion for Transformative Remedies

Having once experienced the miracles of the Four Seasons Spa motherhood programme, I’ve come to trust Dr Tania Bardhan and her spa team fully on what’s well and good in the wellness sector – and when she sings the praises of Ignae, a new spa brand from the Azores, a stunning archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands in the mid-Atlantic, I knew I had to schedule a visit and experience the brand’s transformative powers for myself.

Ignae prides itself on its transformative, skin-perfecting science – it’s also a leading clean beauty brand whose sustainable and ethical practices help protect and nurture the Azores islands’ unique ecosystem of mineral rich volcanic soil, ancient forests, temperate oceans and thermal waters. Ignae’s founder, Miguel Pombo, is a native Azorean and a beauty industry veteran, and has since 2017 created powerful concoctions with skin regenerating properties. One of the brand’s breakthrough innovations is its proprietary EPC Factor, which is made by extracting liposomes from Azorean plants and algae that measure a minuscule 400 nanometres, allowing precious plant extracts to penetrate through the skin’s barrier and into the dermis level.

But more than just research-backed and evidence-driven products, what makes the new Ignae treatments at The Spa at Four Seasons so good is the huge focus on the healing power of the human touch. We love science and we love efficacy, but a spa treatment isn’t quite the same – or quite as luxurious – if everything is applied through cold tools and whirring machines. There is still magic in the hands-on experience and real healing that comes with massaging techniques based on age-old Ayurveda and TCM methods. And this is where Ignae excels at. Potent products that show immediate results, coupled with rejuvenating massages by hand help relieve tension and uplift the mind, body and sagging jawlines.

Clean beauty brand Ignae
Clean beauty brand Ignae’s line of performance-driven products

Three Ignae signature treatments are being offered at The Spa currently, comprising three distinct 90-minute and 120-minute facial and body treatments. The Digital Detox Retreat is designed, as the name implies, to relieve us of the strains of a digital lifestyle through Azores aromatherapy oils and healing traditional Chinese medicine techniques. Starting with a welcoming foot bath, to reflexology, a scrub and a full-body massage, each step is powered by Ignae’s skincare line, including the bestselling Blue Light Serum, formulated to work against blue light radiation while providing deep hydration to the skin.

The Powerful Recharging Facial uses Azorean spirulina to detox and lift, and is complemented perfectly with lymphatic drainage techniques to sharpen and lift the eyes and jawline. And lastly, the Fountain of Youth Holistic Facial enhances skin tone and firmness and promotes cellular regeneration through tailored high-performance Gua Sha techniques for an immediate anti-ageing result.

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The spa suite at the Four Seasons Hong Kong
The spa suite at the Four Seasons Hong Kong

Following the deeply restorative massage and facials, take your time before you step back into your routines and responsibilities by soaking away in your private jacuzzi or taking a detoxing steam shower with the spectacular views of the harbour as your private room backdrop. Replenish with plenty of water, or a mugful of warm tea, all available within quick reach in the spa suite’s private snack corner. I don’t blame you if you never want to leave, but when you do, there’ll be a new spring to your step and a refreshed glow to your face. Guaranteed.

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