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The 9 Best Rosé Wines in the World to Drink This Summer in 2024

The 9 Best Rosé Wines in the World to Drink This Summer in 2024

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We all have those friends that just won’t drink rosé because it’s not red nor white, so they don’t think it’s a real wine, but let’s face it: Rosé is here to stay. There are all types of social media activations, like Les Nuits en Rosé and Rosé All Day and in N.Y.C. there’s even a sunset boat ride dedicated to these enticing dusk-colored wines. So many people are drinking rosé right now that it has become one of the most popular wine choices as the weather heats up and we’re not ashamed to say that when we need to cool down, rosé is one of our go-to choices. When chilled properly it can be refreshing and even restorative, but since it’s produced from red wine grapes it can have more structure and complexity than white wine.

Sure, a lot of rosé wines can be what our English friends call “cheap and cheery,” but take it from us there are a plethora of very well-made rosé wines that have entered the luxury category. Many of the better ones are aged in wood barrels for additional flavor, complexity, and structure.

There are four ways to make rosé wine from red grapes. They include direct press, saignée, vin gris, and even blending white wine and red wine. Will dig deeper into each of these methods in the FAQ section down below, but without further ado, here are nine rosés you’ll want to be drinking this summer.

Best Rosé Wines From Around the World

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