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The Killer’s Game Trailer Sees Assassin Dave Bautista Being Hunted

The Killer’s Game Trailer Sees Assassin Dave Bautista Being Hunted

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The trailer for The Killer’s Game sees Dave Bautista fighting for his life after he goes from being a hitman to a target.

The action-comedy follows a veteran assassin, Joseph Flood (Bautista), who authorizes a kill on himself after being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

“There’s only two ways out of the killer’s game, Joseph. You walk away clean or you go out on your back,” Ben Kingsley can be heard saying in the footage.

However, when Joseph learns that doctors made a mistake and he actually doesn’t have an illness, he tries to cancel the contract. But insanity ensues when it’s too late, and an army of assassin colleagues not only come after him but also his ex-girlfriend (Sofia Boutella).

“I’m calling in every hitter in Europe, you hear me?” Pom Klementieff says to Bautista in the trailer, to which he responds, “Yeah well, you tell them to pack light, because they won’t fucking be staying long.”

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The JJ Perry-directed movie, based on a book by Jay R. Bonansinga of the same name, also stars Terry Crews, Scott Adkins and Daniel Bernhardt. The film is produced by Andrew Lazar, Steve Richards and Kia Jam, with Bautista, Jonathan Meisner, Chris Milburn, Thane Watkins, Peter E. Strauss, Scott Lambert, Dean Altit and Adam Fields serving as executive producers.

“Don’t hate the player. Hate the game,” Kingsley adds in the footage.

The Killer’s Game, from Lionsgate, is set to hit theaters on Sept. 13.

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