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The Krug Bedrock XT2 Is a Six-Wheeled Camper That Can Do It All

The Krug Bedrock XT2 Is a Six-Wheeled Camper That Can Do It All

Krug Expedition already seems to have a decent handle on what Americans want.

The Austrian motorhome maker just announced its first model for the U.S.—the Bedrock XT2. The hulking RV is based on the brawny Ford F-550, comes with an extra set of wheels, and has more than enough room inside for a king-size mattress.

Krug, in collaboration with builder Arctic Trucks, has managed to turn one of Ford’s biggest Super Duty trucks into a luxurious home away from home. The Detroit giant sells bigger heavy-duty chassis cabs, but the F-550-based Bedrock XT2 still stretches 27.5 feet bumper to bumper while retaining some semblance of maneuverability.

Inside the Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2

Christoph Graif/Krug Expedition

Most versions of the truck come with just four wheels, but Krug’s version features two extra. Unfortunately, the vehicle is just a 6×4, which means its 6.7-liter Powerstroke V-8 diesel doesn’t send any of its 330 hp to the extra set of wheels but they do decrease ground pressure by upwards of 25 percent. The truck comes with an eight-link air suspension to help ensure a smooth ride.

Yeah, the Bedrock XT2 is a beast, but what really caught our eyes is its plush living quarters. Krug has basically strapped a small-but-well-appointed apartment onto the chassis of this F-550 (the module can even be decoupled when off-roading). The highlight of the clean and modern space is the main bedroom, which somehow has enough room for a king-size mattress. You’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep no matter how far you’ve wandered from the beaten path.

The biew from the Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2's dining area

Christoph Graif/Krug Expedition

The cabin also has a full-feature gallery with an induction cooktop with two burners, a large Blanco sink, a microwave, and plenty of counter space, as well as a dining and entertainment that has plenty of seating, a dining table that can be converted into a queen-size sleeping area, and a 32-inch TV (there’s a smaller TV located in the alcove area too). Finally, there’s a full-size shower, a separate toilet, and plenty of storage.

The RV comes equipped with a massive 23 kW lithium-ion battery pack and solar-assisted power setup that will keep all its many appliances and amenities running on or off the grid. There’s also a powerful HVAC system that will keep the temperature at the right level regardless of the time of year. A giant 447-liter water tank is also present to make sure you have all the water you need for the kitchen, bathroom, and shower.

Christoph Graif/Krug Expedition

Krug is taking orders for the Bedrock XT2 now through its website. You’ll have to reach out to the company for a quote, but it has been reported that the rugged RV will likely start at around $690,000.

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