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TV Exhibits Like Solely Murders in The Constructing to Add to Your Watchlist

TV Exhibits Like Solely Murders in The Constructing to Add to Your Watchlist

A few more months remain until the next instalment of the murder mystery of the Arconia graces our screens. The beloved Hulu series Only Murders in The Building closed its curtains on season 3 in October last year, with a cliffhanger that kept viewers at the edge of their seats. The series has been renewed for the next season, but the streaming platform has kept the details about the release date in wraps, with rumours suggesting it might premiere in the latter part of 2024. Though we are curious about what will happen next in the Arconia and the new shenanigans of the amateur detective crew, there are plenty of TV shows with similar vibes to keep us company while we wait for the next season of Only Murders in the Building.

The allure of Only Murders in The Building lies behind its unique blend of suspense, humour, and eccentric characters. The crime comedy-drama stars seasoned actors Steve Martin and Martin Short along with Selena Gomez, who has finally managed to break out of her Disney image in acting. Set in a fictional building in the Upper West Side called the Arconia, the binge-worthy whodunnit kicks off when a murder takes place in the residence, causing an unlikely trio bonded by their shared love for true-crime podcasts to team up. Across the three seasons, the show has masterfully blended amateur detective work, suspense, and thrill with perfect comic timing, making it a huge success.

What we know about the crime drama comedy show Only Murders in The Building Season 4 (Spoiler alert!)

The banging season finale (literally) revealed that Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd) met his fate in the producer of the show Death Rattle Dazzle — Cliff (Wesley Taylor) and his mother Donna (Linda Emond), because they were afraid that his obnoxious behaviour would ruin their show and Cliff’s future. However, that’s not all. It also revealed the next victim of the season — Sazz Pataki, played by the comedic icon Jane Lynch. Charles’ (Steve Martin) longtime stunt double and friend, Sazz was shown going into his apartment and grabbing a bottle of wine to celebrate the Broadway show’s successful opening night when she fell victim to a bullet coming through the window. In the last few moments of her life, she etched something onto the kitchen floor with blood, and that’s where it ends. So, the anticipation for the next season is at an all-time high.

Despite the tragic end of Sazz’s character, Jane Lynch will be returning to the show, probably through flashbacks. Meryl Streep, who joined the show in season 3 as Loretta Durkin, an actress and the love interest to Short’s Oliver Putnam will also be returning the next season. Some new faces like Molly Shannon, Eva Longoria, Eugene Levy, Kumail Nanjiani, and Zach Galifianakis are also joining the cast of the crime drama comedy show.

What’s so addictive about crime comedy dramas?

Crime and comedy might sound like an unlikely combination, but various TV shows, movies, and books have created a beautiful harmony combining these two unlikely genres. Many people enjoy the intriguing suspense of a crime show; they may enjoy playing detective and trying to unmask the culprit before the protagonist reveals the truth, but they may also not enjoy scenes of gore. In crime comedy-dramas, the tension of the threatening topics is lightened with a dash of humour. It also sheds light on characters’ vulnerabilities and quirks, instead of simply declaring them as victims and criminals. Crime comedies humanise their characters, so people can sympathise with them more.

Experiencing the blend of crime and comedy is like tasting a glass of red wine. The tart taste is perfectly balanced with the sweet notes of the tannins.

So, if you too are passionate about solving mysteries like the detective trio of Only Murders in The Building and share a penchant for dark humour, here are some TV shows to cater to your tastes.

TV shows to watch if you love Only Murders in The Building

The Afterparty

The Apple TV+ show The Afterparty kicks off with a murder at a high school reunion afterparty and everyone’s a suspect. Each episode unfolds the perspective of a different person and their motives. Even beneath its humourous curtain, the show does not lack suspense and mystery. Each episode reveals new clues and exposes hidden motives, keeping you on your toes as to the murderer’s identity until the very end.

Release Year: 2022-23

Seasons: 2

Cast: Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson, Zoë Chao, Jack Whitehall

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

(Image: IMDb)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a cult-favourite sitcom that first aired on Fox, then on NBC; now, it’s still ruling hearts on Netflix. The show centres around Captain Ray Holt, played by Andre Braugher, a stoic leader and the detectives of Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. The police show doesn’t necessarily centre around murder mysteries like OMITB, but it also has its thrill and suspense moments. with the oddball characters of the detectives adding more charm to the storyline. The clashing personalities of the serious leader Captain Holt and his star detective immature goofball Jake Peralta often create hilarious and touching moments. Even though they solve crimes, the show focuses on the detectives’ personal lives, office antics, and their fun rivalries.

Release Year: 2013-21

Seasons: 8

Cast:  Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Fumero

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

(Image: IMDb)

Bored To Death

The American comedy-drama series revolves around Jonathan Ames, a struggling writer who copes with his boredom by becoming an unlicensed private detective using the wisdom he gathered from reading detective novels. Jonathan’s haste decisions and Ray’s anomalies result in many amusing situations, but they also deal with the hazards and difficulties of real-life investigations.  So, if you are looking for a show with a unique blend of humour, detective intrigue, and quirky characters, just like Only Murders in The Building, Bored to Death is the perfect fit for you.

Release Year: 2009-11

Seasons: 3

Cast: Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, Ted Danson

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

(Image: IMDb)


privileged, self-absorbed

For fans who are up for a crime-comedy drama a little more sinister than Only Murders in the Building, the HBO original Search Party might just hit the spot. The show is about Dory, a directionless young woman who becomes obsessed with finding a former college acquaintance, Chantal, when she goes missing. She drags along her boyfriend and friends Drew, Portia, and Elliott to join the search party. But as time goes by and the investigation starts, the four friends find themselves facing the consequences of being entangled in the crime.

Search Party masterfully blends dark comedy with elements of mystery, satire, and psychological drama. The show does not shy away from exposing its characters as fundamentally flawed and sometimes unlikeable. Their self-absorption and questionable decisions push the plot forward.

Release Year: 2016-22

Seasons: 5

Cast:  Alia Shawkat, John Reynolds, John Early

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

(Image: IMDb)

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is another Hulu show that is a quirky and comedic take on the detective genre like Only Murders in The Building. Based on the Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency novel series by Douglas Adams, the show tells the story of Dirk Gently, a self-proclaimed “holistic detective,” who believes in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things and solves mysteries involving supernatural elements. The show seamlessly combines detective fiction with science fiction elements, slapstick humour, and a touch of the supernatural. The constant thrill and suspense keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Release Year: 2016-17

Seasons: 2

Cast: Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood, Hannah Marks

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

(Image: IMDb)

The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant is a dark comedic thriller series that follows Cassie Bowden, played by Kaley Cuoco, a flight attendant with a penchant for partying and a not-so-healthy relationship with alcohol. Cassie wakes up in a Bangkok hotel room with a hangover and a dead body next to her – a passenger from her last flight. With no recollection of the previous night, she’s thrown into a spiral, unsure if she’s involved in the murder.

Release Year: 2020-22

Seasons: 2

Cast: Kaley Cuoco, Zosia Mamet, Griffin Matthews

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

(Image: IMDb)


Lord of hell Lucifer Morningstar finds himself bored with his job, and comes to LA for a vacation where he opens a nightclub. But things take a different route when he forms a connection with a homicide detective Chloe Decker. Intrigued by her immunity to his devilish charm, he starts to help her solve murder mysteries with his supernatural powers. The show makes a captivating cocktail of urban fantasy, crime drama, comedy and a touch of romance, making it an engaging watch.

Release Year: 2016-21

Seasons: 6

Cast: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

(Image: IMDb)

The White Lotus

Created by Mike White, The White Lotus is a dark comedic anthology series that follows the guests and employees of a luxurious White Lotus resort, revealing the dark secrets of paradise within dysfunctional relationships. Amidst the clever setting of a luxurious resort, the show critiques wealth, privilege, and the entitlement of some guests. Even though the series isn’t a classic whodunnit, each season has a central mystery that unfolds throughout the week, keeping viewers guessing about the characters’ motives and the potential for danger lurking beneath the surface.

Release Year: 2021-

Seasons: 2 (Season 3 is officially underway)

Cast: Jennifer Coolidge, Jon Gries, F. Murray Abraham

IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

(Image: IMDb)

Based on a True Story

Here’s another Kaley Cuoco series that offers a unique blend of humour, suspense, and a sprinkle of the unexpected. This comedic thriller series revolves around Ava Bartlett, a realtor with a passion for true crime podcasts, much like Only Murders in the Building and her husband Nathan, a former tennis star struggling with his fading glory. Ava becomes obsessed with the idea that the plumber Matt is a killer. Her passion for true crime fuels her investigation, but it also clouds her judgment at times. She starts her own podcast to catch the killer but how does it end?

Release Year: 2023-

Seasons: 1 (Season 2 is officially underway)

Cast: Kaley Cuoco, Chris Messina, Tom Bateman

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

(Image: IMDb)

 Dead to Me

Dead to Me is a dark comedic drama series that gained popularity for its blend of humour, suspense, and complex female characters. The story tells the tale of two women, Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), who are drawn together at a grief support group. Jen is a recent widow struggling with anger and loss after her husband’s hit-and-run accident. Judy claims to be grieving her fiancé who died of a heart attack. But as destiny would have it, it turns out Judy was the hit-and-run driver who killed Jen’s husband, and she’s been lying about her fiancé.

Release Year: 2010-22

Seasons: 3

Cast: Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, Sam McCarthy

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

(Image: IMDb)

Poker Face

Inspired by classic shows like Columbo, Charlie Cale, the protagonist of the show Poker Face, is a casino waitress with the extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying. Charlie drives away in her trusty Plymouth Barracuda after witnessing a strange death at the casino, getting entangled in the crime. With her lie-detecting abilities as her sole weapon, she becomes an impromptu detective, solving unusual and often amusing crimes as she travels around America.

Release Year: 2023-

See Also

Seasons: 1 (Season 2 is underway)

Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Benjamin Bratt, Simon Helberg

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

(Image: IMDb)


The story of Psych is about Shawn Spencer, a young guy with a photographic memory and an amazing eye for detail. He manages to convince the Santa Barbara Police Department that his enhanced observational skills are psychic talents, becoming a consultant alongside his best buddy Burton “Gus” Guster. But how long can they keep the ruse up? Psych fuses humour with police procedural elements. Shawn’s antics and pop culture references add humorous relief, but the show also involves genuine investigations and suspenseful moments.

Release Year: 2006-14

Seasons: 8

Cast: James Roday Rodriguez, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

(Image: IMDb)

Bad Sisters

Bad Sisters is an Irish black comedy thriller that tells the story of the Garvey sisters, five strong-willed women named Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka, who are bound by a dark secret and a promise to always protect each other. But the sisters’ lives get disrupted when suddenly their manipulative brother-in-law, John Paul, mysteriously winds up dead. Throughout the first season of the show, the gripping storyline will keep you glued to your screen, revealing the bad blood between JP and the sisters and whether or not they have blood on their hands.

Release Year: 2022-

Seasons: 1 (Season 2 is underway)

Cast: Sharon Horgan, Claes Bang, Eve Hewson, Sarah Greene

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

(Image: IMDb)

American Vandal

American Vandal is a Netflix mockumentary series that gained critical acclaim for its satirical take on true-crime documentaries and investigates the aftermath of trivial high school pranks. Season 1 follows Dylan Maxwell, a student accused of spray-painting 27 faculty vehicles with obscene symbols. While “American Vandal” initially focuses on the vandalism, it eventually digs deeper into the lives of the people involved. It delves into issues of social standing, peer pressure, and the need for recognition in high school. But it’s not all about serious crime and drama; the show can also make you laugh out loud, as well as provoke your thoughts.

Release Year: 2017-18

Seasons: 2

Cast: Tyler Alvarez, Griffin Gluck, Jimmy Tatro

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

(Image: IMDb)


Castle is an American criminal comedy-drama about the unexpected friendship between Richard Castle, a prominent mystery novelist, and Kate Beckett, a homicide investigator with the NYPD. Novelist Castle, bored with writing the same detective stories, seeks inspiration by stalking Beckett when a serial killer begins replicating the crimes from his writings. Even though Kate seems initially annoyed by Castle’s involvement, she soon grows to value his unusual views and ability to think outside the box. While humour is an important part, Castle also has riveting crime investigations. The unmistakable chemistry and slow-burn between Castle and Beckett takes the show to the next level.

Release Year: 2009-16

Seasons: 8

Cast: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

(Image: IMDb)

(Main and featured image: IMDb)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What show should I watch after Only Murders in the Building?

The Afterparty, Bad Sisters, Lucifer, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are a few TV shows similar to Only Murders in The Building.

– Is Only Murders in the Building a flop?

No, Only Murders in The Building is a hit and popular crime comedy-drama show streaming on Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar.

– Is there a season 4 of Only Murders in the Building cast?

Yes, the show’s been renewed for a fourth season and Meryl Streep, Molly Shannon, Eva Longoria, Eugene Levy, Kumail Nanjiani and Zach Galifianakis are joining the cast with the core trio Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. 

– Is Death and Other Details like Only Murders in the Building?

Even though both shows follow a whodunnit pattern, Death and Other Details aren’t as gripping as Only Murders.

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