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Where Contemporary Cuts Meets Vintage Charm

Where Contemporary Cuts Meets Vintage Charm

POSSE is the gorgeous womenswear label to know. Hailing from Australia think minimalism at its finest where the ‘less is more’ philosophy has been fully embraced.

At the heart of the brand is female empowerment, the label wants women to feel confident and you certainly would in these clothes. From long romantic white dresses that are perfect for holiday strolls, to stylish co-ords in the form of column skirts and cropped square tops POSSE has your summer wardrobe sewn up. We learn more about their latest April collections drop.

Tell us about the April capsule collection.
Our April capsule bridges accessible vacation attire and elevated day dressing, featuring an array of time-honored silhouettes with vintage charm. Our seagrass stripe print, an exclusive POSSE handloom, brims with delight, while our Louisa styles are graced with meticulous embroidery and elegant scalloped edges, reminiscent of cherished heirlooms.

What does it consist of?
Our April collection consists of an array of relaxed cuts, sweeping dresses, and slouchy tailoring – combining classic POSSE silhouettes with beloved statement pieces. Favoring lightweight, breathable fabrics, this collection was designed with warm weather in mind, making it ideal for destination dressing.

POSSE x Lala in Paris

What was on the mood board for it?
We drew inspiration from The New Palace of Morvi, also known as the Navlakha Palace. The palace is adorned with beautiful motifs, frescoes, and murals, showcasing spectacular color palettes and textures. In addition to the architectural inspiration, our mood board embraced a sense of peacefulness, evoking a serene ambiance. Soft pinks and gentle greens featured prominently, lending a soothing quality to the collection’s aesthetic. Each element, from the vibrant corals to the tranquil pastels, contributed to a harmonious fusion of color and texture, reflecting the essence of both the natural world and the architectural wonders that inspired it.

Can you let us in on the production process?
We partner with audited and certified manufacturers all over the world. Our suppliers share the same ethos as we do, to manufacture responsibly and ethically. We use a range of carefully sourced, luxury fabrications to ensure the highest standard of quality is always being met. We strive to deliver conscious collections, with only a limited number of units being ordered per style. We will only reproduce items that are guaranteed a full sell-through or are part of our L’essentials range, which is our permanent collection at POSSE.

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Which is your favorite piece and how do you wear it?
I truly love the entire collection; however, if I had to pick just one piece, it would be the Louisa Tie Dress in vintage white – I always feel incredible when wearing it. It’s such a versatile piece that fits beautifully into any setting. I love wearing it around my home, barefoot, on a Sunday afternoon, or out to lunch with my girlfriends, along with some sandals and a straw tote. It is a true statement piece, and due to the stunning detailed embroidery, it needs minimal accessorizing.

How does it emit the spring feeling?
Our April styles are crafted from lightweight, breathable fabrications, perfect for warm weather. The color palette – a mixture of neutrals and soft pastels – captures the essence of Spring, evoking a sense of calm and serenity, akin to the feeling of spending a sunny day outdoors.

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