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Where To Buy The New Book Spotlighting The Bikeriders, Austin Butler

Where To Buy The New Book Spotlighting The Bikeriders, Austin Butler

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Jeff Nichols — the director of the upcoming motorcycle drama The Bikeriders starring Austin Butler, Tom Hardy and Jodie Comer — says that creating a photo book about the making of the film had its own rewards.

What’s amazing about photographs is that you really get to sit with those images. I love all the faces. I just love all the detail and all the texture that we were able to achieve. What I love about them is that they feel like documentary images,” says Nichols in a new video in which he talks about his appreciation for the coffee-table book, titled Vandals: The Photography of The Bikeriders.

Insight Editions

While the film — about a ’60s outlaw motorcycle gang — is inspired by Danny Lyon’s acclaimed 1968 photo book The Bikeriders about a biker club, the new book, Vandals ($50, Insight Editions), is shot by photographers Kyle Bono Kaplan and Bryan Schutmaat.

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“This felt like a unique opportunity to do something more,” says Nichols of the book, which includes portraiture and behind-the-scenes shots. “What I love about it is that we went through so much effort to make the costumes and the set dressing and the cars and the period-correct motorcycles — there’s a density in the film — and when you have photographers like Kyle and Bryan show up, they were able to take these photographs [that] look like they could have come out of the 1960s.”

Vandals: The Photography of the Bikeriders, is out now and available via Insight Editions, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Book publisher Insight Editions also has a limited number of Fine Art Series editions available of Vandals. Running $950, the collector’s editions come with a signed archival photographic print of one of the movie’s stars.

Focus Features‘ film The Bikeriders, starring Butler, Hardy and Comer, will be out in theaters on June 21. In her review of the film, THR critic Sheri Linden wrote that, “What resonates beyond the brawls and blood is a profound affection for the people onscreen — those grace notes provided by a fine cast, with Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy stirring undercurrents that are particularly affecting precisely because they’re never explicitly examined or explained.”

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