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10 Korean Celebrities Who Launched Their Personal Companies

10 Korean Celebrities Who Launched Their Personal Companies

From BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie, to actor Son Suk-goo, here are the Korean celebrities who have launched their own management labels.

It’s no secret that a growing number of Korean celebrities are pursuing their passion for entrepreneurial endeavours by setting up their own management labels. From EXO singer Baekhyun to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and actor Son Suk-goo, here’s a list of Korean stars who are exploring new artistic boundaries with their entertainment agencies.

Leading the list is BLACKPINK’s rapper Lisa. Her label, LLOUD, which was established in 2024, is in charge of handling Lisa’s solo activities. Her acting debut in the third season of the hit HBO series The White Lotus will be one of the inaugural projects under the banner of this agency. According to reports, the show is slated to release in 2025. Meanwhile, the Korean celebrity will be seen continuing her group commitments with BLACKPINK’s label YG Entertainment.

Not to forget, one of the few Korean celebrities who has been working under his own label for a long time is Jackson Wang, who established Team Wang in 2017. Its recent endeavour includes the GOT7 member’s first-ever solo headline world tour MAGIC MAN. A sold-out phenomenon, the tour was backed up with great stage design, conveyor belts, giant guitars and high-altitude stairs, along with Jackson Wang’s impressive performances.

These 10 Korean celebrities have launched their own labels


BLACKPINK’S vocalist Jisoo finally confirmed rumours and launched her management label BLISSOO.

The artist took to her Instagram on 21 February 2024 to make the news public and wrote, “Hello, this is JISOO. I am excited to share my new start with BLISSOO. Stay tuned for what’s to come, for I’m dedicated to bringing joy and happiness to each and every one of you. Please continue to shower your love and support for JISOO with BLISSOO and also for BLACKPINK. Thank you.”

A label created for Jisoo’s solo projects, BLISSOO combines the word ‘Bliss’, which means supreme happiness, with the artist‘s name ‘Jisoo’.

A representative from BLISSOO told media outlet allkpop on 21 February 2024, “We are opening the official website and SNS channels today. We aim to create a dynamic platform for Jisoo to engage actively with her fans. Through a variety of activities not limited to one field, we plan to showcase Jisoo’s positive energy and present diverse moments to the audience.”


Launched on 8 February 2024, BLACKPINK’S Lisa introduced her management agency LLOUD as a platform that will showcase her vision in music and entertainment.

One of the most popular labels launched by a Korean celebrity, “LLOUD’s passion as an artist management company is to create experiences that transcend genres and connect generations. Our core lies in relentless innovation and a commitment to authenticity. We’re not just pushing boundaries; we’re redefining them, crafting chart-topping and genre-defying music,” states the label’s official website.

LLOUD will now manage Lisa’s solo activities, while her group activities with BLACKPINK will still be managed by YG Entertainment.

Son Suk-goo

Currently riding high on the success of the hit Netflix thriller K-drama A Killer Paradox, actor Son Suk-goo established his own entertainment agency cum production company Stature Inc. in February 2024.

K-media allkpop quotes an industry insider talking about the actor’s new agency, “Son Suk Goo is one of the actors who has a keen interest not only in acting but also in content,” suggesting that Son is also contemplating production aspects.

The Korean celebrity’s new label, which was officially registered on 2 January 2024, is located in Seoul and will set the stage for his upcoming endeavours in the industry. The former financial director of Saetbyuldang Entertainment, Son’s previous agency, serves as Stature Inc.’s CEO at present.


Another BLACKPINK member to launch her own management agency besides Lisa is the group’s main rapper Jennie.

The Korean celebrity launched her label OA in November 2023. According to the official website, OA stands for ODD ATELIER and is a “space that aims to create new things that attract attention in a different way from what is usual or expected.”

Sharing the news on her Instagram story on 24 December 2023, Jennie wrote, “Hi, this is Jennie. This year was filled with many accomplishments, and I’m so thankful for all the love I’ve received. I’m also about what’s to come, as I start my solo journey in 2024 with a company that I have established called OA. Please show lots of love for my new start with OA and of course BLACKPINK. Thank you.”


South Korean singer Baekhyun ascended to the role of CEO after establishing his management label INB100 on 23 June 2023.

After a legal clash with SM Entertainment over the K-Pop group EXO’s exclusive contract renewal in 2023, group member Baekhyun decided that his solo endeavours would be managed by INB100, while the group activities with EXO will be carried forward by SM.

Along with Baekhyun, INB100 will manage his fellow band members Chen and Xiumin. Korean celebrities will also be seen moving into music production with the new label. Furthermore, INB100 will be representing EXO-CBX, a subunit of EXO consisting of the three members.

Following the launch of INB100, SM Entertainment revealed, “Our exclusive contract for the three EXO members is still in place. We cannot reveal the specific terms of the agreement, but we have made it possible so that the three members can engage in their individual activities in accordance with the agreement made with the company.”


After 13 years at former agency SM Entertainment, EXO member D.O, aka Do Kyung-soo, parted ways with it and decided to create something on his own. It was in November 2023 that the Korean celebrity along with his long-term manager Nam Kyung-soo, co-founded Company Soosoo — a new management label that will represent him in his future solo activities.

According to multiple K-media reports, the K-pop idol’s upcoming solo album, which is tentatively scheduled for a May 2024 release, will act as his inaugural project under the banner of his new agency.

In response to the reports, a representative from Company Soosoo confirmed the preparations and shared with Soompi, “It’s true that he’s currently preparing for a new album with the goal of releasing it in the first half of the year. However, no specific details have been finalized at the moment.”

Jay Park

It was on 3 March 2022 that Korean rapper Jay Park announced the establishment of his new company called MORE VISION. He had previously served as the CEO for the labels AOMG and H1GHR Music, which Park founded in 2013 and 2017, respectively. He stepped down from his role in December 2021.

The Korean celebrity who first debuted as a member of 2PM in 2008, talked about his new label in an official YouTube video and said that with MORE VISION, he wants to “create something that will be loved by the world even more than before.”

Artists managed by MORE VISION include Korean singer-songwriter Chung Ha, dance crews HolyBang and MVP and dancer Honey J. On 14 April 2023, it was announced that famous American rapper Jessi, who is currently based in South Korea, had also signed an exclusive contract with the agency.

Kang Daniel

South Korean singer-songwriter, Kang Daniel is the CEO of two companies named Konnect Entertainment and KD Corporation Ltd., which he established in 2019.

All the activities of the Korean celebrity in the entertainment industry are managed by Konnect Entertainment, while other business-related projects are managed by KD Corporation Ltd.

Business ventures through his companies include a cafe on the first floor of Konnect Entertainment called Cafe de Konnect; mobile application ‘Kang Daniel’ that serves as his official fancafe; a collaboration with production company Snowballs to release the puzzle game app Starway Kang Daniel, and the release of the rhythm game Superstar Kang Daniel through a collaboration with South Korean game development company Dalcomsoft.

The artist line-up of Konnect Entertainment has popular names like singer-songwriter and producer Chancellor, ex-GFriend member Yuju and dance crew We Dem Boyz (WDBZ).


Gangnam Style fame Psy is one of the few Korean celebrities who established his own management label quite early on in the industry. The singer founded P Nation — a record label, entertainment agency, and concert production company — in 2018.

On 17 May 2022, P Nation debuted their first K-pop boy group, TNX, with six members — Kyungjun, Taehun, Hyunsoo, Junhyeok, Hwi and Sungjun. The band was formed through the survival audition programme Loud by P Nation and released their first extended play (EP) Way Up in 2022.

As of 2024, P Nation has over ten artists signed under them, including Hwasa, Crush, Heize, Swings, The New Six and An Shin-ae.

Jackson Wang

A member of the South Korean boy band GOT7, Jackson Wang founded his international record label Team Wang in 2017.

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Wang, who serves as the CEO of Team Wang, initially started the label with just two members — him and a manager. However, in a 2021 WIRED Autocomplete interview, the former fencing athlete revealed how Team Wang is reaching greater heights and has become a growing company with over 70 people.

The label’s first release was Wang’s hit single, Papillon, which was released on 26 August 2017 and served as Wang’s first solo single. In 2020, Wang decided to broaden his label and ventured into fashion by launching the apparel line Team Wang Design, where the rapper serves as the creative director and designer. The agency’s latest endeavour was Wang’s single Slow, in collaboration with American singer Ciara, which was released on 17 April 2023.

Artists managed by Team Wang include the Chinese hip-hop group Panthepack and soloists Ice, Jackson Wang, J.Sheon, Karencici, Xenzu and Laurie.

(Main image: Lisa/Son Suk-goo/Instagram; Featured image: Jisoo/BLISSOO/Instagram) 

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Which K-pop idols have their own company?

K-pop idols with their own talent agencies are BLACKPINK’S Lisa and Jennie, EXO’s Baekyun and D.O, Psy, Astro’s Rocky and Jackson Wang.

– Which Korean celebrities have their own entertainment companies?

Korean celebrities who have launched their own labels in the Korean entertainment industry are BLACKPINK’S rappers Lisa and Jennie, actors Son Suk-goo, Lee Seung-gi, rapper Jay Park, EXO members Baekhyun and D.O, GOT7 member Jackson Wang and singer Psy. 

– Which Korean celebrity launched her own entertainment company in 2024?

Lisa and Jisoo from BLACKPINK launched their own agencies LLOUD and BLISSOO respectively, in 2024.

– Who is the Korean ambassador of Gucci?

South Korean actress Park Gyu-young was announced as Gucci’s latest global brand ambassador in October 2023.

– Who is the ambassador of Dior Korea?

Ambassadors of Dior Korea include NewJeans’ Haerin, BTS’s Jimin, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo.

– Which is the top entertainment company in Korea?

Some of the most famous entertainment agencies in South Korea are HYBE, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Vast Entertainment, Hook Entertainment, Tune Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

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