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10 of the Most Costly Cigars within the World

10 of the Most Costly Cigars within the World

While Bangkok cigar lovers can find an impressive selection of cigars in the city, the most expensive cigars in the world are priced as high as 48 million Baht.

Those who really enjoy smoking cigars know well enough how a silent moment with this expensive hand-rolled craft item can grant so much pleasure. Alongside a glass of whiskey, a cigar can rank as one of life’s greatest pleasures — and one of life’s most expensive, too.

The most important factor that determines the quality of the cigars is the tobacco leaf. The best tobacco leaves are known to be found in Cuba. These whole tobacco leaves are then hand rolled to make cigars, which requires time and skill to master. In Bangkok, cigar aficionados can drop by at some of the most luxurious cigar bars and learn more about this artistry there.

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10 of the Most Expensive Cigars in the World

Arturo Fuente Opus X “A”

Arturo Fuente is one of the most established cigar brands outside of Cuba, specifically founded in Florida by Arturo Fuente, Sr. The high demand contributes to the sky high price of Opus X “A” which is made using Dominican leaves. It is recognisable by its nine-inch length, which is huge. It has a full-bodied flavour with a hint of espresso.

Price: $79/cigar

Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario

The Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario was created to commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary in 2002, but was eventually launched in 2008. Wrapped with cedar leaf, the cigar is known for its milk chocolate, pepper, cinnamon and subtle holiday spice flavour.

Price: $163/cigar

Arturo Fuente Opus X

Most expensive cigars
Arturo Fuente Opus X OXO Oro Oscuro (a similar cigar) Image credit: Arturo Fuente

Back in 1995, the Opus X was the cigar that proved that the Dominican Republic was a qualified place for premium tobacco production. Nowadays, the box has become one of the most sought-after cigars in the world with its unique, leathery taste.

Price: $30,000/box

Cohiba Behike Cigars

Hailed as the finest cigar producer in the world, Cohiba manufactures a wide range of premium cigars, of which the Cohiba Behike is one of the most expensive. This limited-edition cigar was released in 2006 to commemorate the company’s 40th anniversary. With only 100 boxes produced, it was sold out in no time.

Price: $470/cigar

Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve

Image credit: Gurkha

Gurkha Cigars, also known as the ‘Rolls Royce of cigars,’ crafted several artistic cigars that are not only a pleasure to smoke but also a beauty to hold. The HMR has a 12-year aged filler infused with Louis XIII cognac and a Connecticut Maduro wrapper. With only 75 boxes manufactured every year, cigar lovers may have to order for years in advance.

Price: $750/cigar

Gurkha Black Dragon Cigars

Most expensive cigars
Image credit: Gurkha

Premium from the outside-in, the Gurkha Black Dragon cigars come in a beautiful orange box carved out of camel bone. The extraordinary experience of this cigar lies in the flavour that can turn from sour to sweet, amplifying the complex composition of the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, Cameroonian binder, and Dominican filler.

Price: $1,150/cigar

King of Denmark Cigar

Most expensive cigars
Image credit:

Since probably only a king could afford to pay this much for a single cigar, the Royal Danish or King of Denmark cigar is the epitome of customised luxury. These humidors are gold-plated, and dotted with Swarovski crystals. Buyers can also have their names engraved on the cigar as well.

Price: $4,500/cigar

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Regius Double Corona Cigar

After purchasing Regius Double Corona cigars, you’re not going home with just a cigar, but also a trip to the brand’s headquarters in Nicaragua. Regius’s CEO, Akhil Kapacee, will accompany you in a guided tour inside the factory for a more comprehensive smoking experience. In addition to that, the price also covers 1,000 of your own customised rolls, too.

Price: $52,785.20/cigar

Mayan Sicars

Here is the oldest cigar on earth. The Mayan Sicars date back to the 12th century, where they were produced by the Maya civilisation, who were known to excel in this craftsmanship 600 years ago. A pack of 800 cigars was discovered along the Guatemalan coast in 2012, buried and sealed below a cave, and was auctioned off in New York.

Price: $507,000/box

Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar

The most expensive cigar in the world is a handmade cigar from Gurkha, filled with the extremely rare Himalayan tobacco that is watered down with Fiji water. The tobacco is also infused with $165,000-Remy Martin’s Black Louis XII cognac. Wrapped in gold leaf and binded by a five-carat diamond band, the cigars are even crafted blindfolded, to enhance the other senses in the process.

Price: $1.36 million/cigar

Source: Prestige Online

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