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11 Luxurious Getaways in Asia for the Lengthy Easter Weekend

11 Luxurious Getaways in Asia for the Lengthy Easter Weekend

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Embarking on long weekend getaways has become a coveted ritual for many in Asia and around the world, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure without straying too far from the rhythm of everyday life. Asia, with its mesmerising tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and historical depth, stands out as a region that promises luxury and serenity in equal measure. Whether it’s the pristine beaches that stretch under the endless blue skies or the lush, undulating mountains that form the backdrop of modern yet traditional cities, this corner of the world is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. It’s not just about the destinations but the myriad experiences that come with them, promising both rejuvenation and a thrilling sense of discovery.

In Azerbaijan, the Chenot Palace Gabala beckons with its unique 3-Day Active Detox Programme, setting the stage for a wellness journey that harmonises body and soul amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Meanwhile, Alila Jabal Akhdar in Oman offers an exclusive Holi celebration package for Indian residents, blending cultural festivities with the unparalleled tranquillity of the mountainous landscape. Each destination serves as a testament to the region’s ability to cater to the whims and fancies of the luxury traveller, providing not just a place to stay but a realm of experiences that enrich the spirit and invigorate the mind.

From the serene valleys of Bhutan, where one can engage in spiritual practices and archery against a backdrop of majestic monasteries and dzongs, to the holistic ayurvedic retreats in Sri Lanka, Asia’s allure lies in its diversity. The Jaya House River Park Siem Reap in Cambodia and Dharana at Shillim in the Shilimb Valley elevate the luxury getaway experience with their commitment to style, sustainability, and wellness. These spots are not just accommodations; they are gateways to understanding the intricate beauty of Asia, promising a long weekend getaway that transcends the ordinary and ventures into the extraordinary.

Let’s take a closer look at the best getaways in Asia for the upcoming Easter long weekend.

Luxury weekend getaways in Asia for long weekends

1. Chenot Palace Gabala, Azerbaijan

Nestled amidst Azerbaijan’s majestic mountains, Chenot Palace Gabala offers a unique blend of detox, luxury, and exploration. The resort is a global award-winning wellness retreat in an idyllic setting of Azerbaijan’s great Caucasian Forest overlooking the peaceful Nohur Lake. This picturesque getaway is perfectly designed for discerning wellness seekers, offering incredible natural beauty, and a unique combination of serenity and energy.

A wide range of 72 well-appointed rooms and suites, plus three spacious villas with private spas, provide a perfect sanctuary in harmony with nature at Chenot Palace Gabala. Spread across 6000 sq. m, its medical centre has state-of-the-art equipment with the most advanced diagnostic techniques, medical, and spa procedures. Expert medical professionals here provide each guest with personalised programmes that enhance individual wellness.

2. The Kumaon, India

Sitting atop a ridge, surrounded by the sanctity of the Nanda Devi Range in Gadholi, Uttarakhand, the Kumaon is a secluded private sanctuary in the heart of the Himalayas. Built on the principles of abstract modernism, minimalism, and sustainability, it is a sight to behold. The warm hospitality of the Kumaoni people, The Kumaon’s picturesque backdrop, and the centuries-old history associated with the nearby city of Almora make it the perfect retreat to appreciate the finer moments of life.

3. Pemako, Bhutan

Pemako is a recently launched homegrown luxury hospitality group with carefully curated hotels located in Thimphu and Punakha. Each property, set amongst magnificent natural surroundings, beautifully infuses traditional Bhutanese essence across its unique design, palatable culinary offerings, and warm hospitality. The brand celebrates the grandeur of Bhutan – known as the land of the thunder dragon, unifying rich heritage, culture, and present-day resplendence.

The newly opened Pemako Punakha boasts 21 luxury tented pool villas, supreme dining venues, and a spa inspired by Sowa Rigpa, the traditional Bhutanese medicine — all in an enchanting rustic setting. Located on the banks of the Mo Chu river, the property is a unique culmination of heritage and nature. Pemako Thimphu is set in the heart of the capital city with 66 stunning rooms in vibrant colours, multiple dining options, and breathtaking views of the mountains are at the core of this newly rebranded hotel along with wellness experiences.

4. The Conrad, Maldives

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is a twin-island barefoot luxury resort brimming with lush tropical greenery and unparalleled access to the Indian Ocean. It is nestled in the South Ari Atoll, the only spot in the world where one can swim with whale sharks all year round. It features 151 beautifully designed over-water and beach villas and is home to The Muraka, the world’s first undersea residence. It has 12 restaurants and bars including Ithaa (the world’s first undersea restaurant),  two spas, diverse wellness offerings, a selection of culturally inspired experiences, and a kids club. With picturesque Maldivian surroundings and tailor-made facilities, this resort is perfect for both couples and families.

5. Kayaam House, Sri Lanka

A pioneer in luxury experiential travel in Sri Lanka, part of the family-owned Dilmah Tea Company, its resorts Ceylon Tea Trails, Cape Weligama, and Wild Coast Tented Lodge are the sole members of Relais & Chateaux in the country. This inimitable tea, sea, and safari circuit with thoughtfully curated experiences is perfect for luxury travellers. It has also launched a new sister hotel brand called Reverie in Sri Lanka, with two hotel openings in 2023 — Kayaam House and Ahu Bay.

6. Alila, Oman

Alila is a renowned chain of boutique luxury hotels and beach resorts across the globe with sustainability and deep respect for local culture at the core of its philosophy. In Oman, Alila Hinu Bay and Alila Jabal Akhdar embody the essence of Omani hospitality with their warm interactions and intimate access to rare experiences in the destination.

Nestled in a secluded spot along the serene southwest coast of Oman, Alila Hinu Bay presents the ultimate seaside sanctuary with a selection of villas and rooms that offer unobstructed views of the desert, lagoon or the mighty Arabian Sea. One can uncover the remarkable wildlife, cultural treasures of Mirbat, archaeological ruins of Sumhuram and more.

Perched high amidst the majestic mountains of Al Hajar, Alila Jabal Akhdar offers a breathtaking retreat for nature enthusiasts, with a range of luxurious rooms and suites that showcase panoramic views of the stunning rugged landscape. One can indulge in a myriad of experiences from guided treks along the picturesque trails to exhilarating cliff edge dining and beyond.

7. Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand

Nestled within the enchanting Phranang Peninsula on Thailand’s Andaman coast, Rayavadee presents an unparalleled weekend escape into a world where luxury meets nature’s unspoiled beauty. This exquisite resort, set against the backdrop of Krabi Marine National Park, is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, ensuring that its presence enhances rather than intrudes upon the vibrant ecosystem that surrounds it. The resort’s architecture, carefully designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, offers guests a unique opportunity to experience the area’s rich flora, fauna, and marine life up close, without compromising on comfort or luxury.

Rayavadee boasts an array of accommodation options, from the lavish privacy of pool pavilions featuring their own 3 x 8-metre pools and Jacuzzis nestled within lush gardens, to the unparalleled luxury of the Phranang Villa 404, offering beachfront views, private pools, and dedicated butler services. Whether it’s the family-friendly spaciousness of the Family Pool Pavilion or the intimate setting of the Raitalay Villa, each space is a sanctuary of tranquillity, designed to offer guests a slice of paradise.

Culinary delights await at Rayavadee, with dining experiences ranging from the beachside romance of Krua Phranang to the casual elegance of Raitalay Terrace. Each restaurant focuses on locally-sourced ingredients, offering a blend of Western and Asian cuisine that caters to all tastes. The resort’s commitment to an eco-friendly existence extends beyond its construction and into its operations, with initiatives aimed at protecting and preserving the stunning natural landscape of Krabi.

For those seeking a weekend getaway that combines the thrill of adventure with the serenity of a luxury retreat, Rayavadee in Krabi, Thailand, is an unmatched destination. It promises not just a place to stay, but a journey into a world where every detail is in harmony with nature.

8. Kandima Maldives

Situated in Dhaalu Atoll, Kandima Maldives is a stylish active lifestyle resort that caters to a diverse segment of guests. At Kandima there is something for everyone; families, couples, groups of friends, honeymooners, corporates and beyond. It offers 270 stylishly designed studios and villas, 10 extraordinary dining venues for culinary aficionados and a mix of fun activities. It is a heaven for aquaholics and is also home to Kandiland, one of the largest kids’ clubs in Maldives.

9. Amaya, Kasuali, Himachal Pradesh

A hidden private sanctuary near Kasauli responsibly designed for refined, thoughtful travel, this resort officially opened in the fall of 2022, offering guests a rich cultural landscape and a quiet haven to reconnect with loved ones and even more, with themselves. Spread across 25 acres of land and designed by award-winning architect Bijoy Jain, the resort’s minimalist yet elegant appeal is at the heart of every thoughtfully designed structure and curated experience in and around the property. Amaya has teamed up with celebrated Chef Prateek Sadhu to push boundaries with innovative flavours centred around seasonal and regional produce.

10. Jaya House, Siem Reap, Cambodia

At the heart of Siem Reap, Jaya House River Park emerges as a symbol of elegance, sophistication, and supreme hospitality. Recognised among the Top 25 Hotels in the World for the past four years, this luxury sanctuary has earned its prestige among the well-travelled and curious, seeking more than just accommodation. Drawing inspiration from 1960s Cambodian Modernism, the hotel beautifully incorporates Khmer art deco sculptures and artworks by Siem Reap Art School’s students into its design, offering a stay surrounded by Cambodia’s rich artistic heritage.

The hotel’s 36 guest rooms, adorned with sustainably sourced wood and stone, exude an air of understated timelessness. Jaya House is committed to providing a deep cultural immersion through its meticulously curated guest services. These include customised tours to the Angkorian Temples, local wineries, and photography and mountain hiking adventures, complemented by a private daily Tuk Tuk service. To enhance the relaxation and recovery of its guests, the hotel offers two daily complimentary spa treatments, ensuring a blend of exploration and serenity.

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Beyond the allure of its amenities and services, Jaya House River Park is distinguished by its dedication to responsible travel and positive impact tourism. Under the stewardship of renowned hotelier, UN sustainable tourism advisor, and speaker Christian De Boer, the hotel pioneers initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the Khmer community. Jaya House’s commitment to social responsibility sets a new standard in the hospitality industry, positioning it not just as a place for luxurious stay but as a beacon of change in promoting sustainable and impactful tourism practices. This profound mission enriches the guest experience, forging a deeper connection between visitors and the local culture, ensuring that Jaya House River Park Siem Reap remains a landmark for those who seek a meaningful and luxurious retreat.

11. Dharana at Shillim, India

Nestled within the captivating landscape of the Shilimb Valley, Dharana at Shillim transcends conventional definitions of a destination. Offering a holistic and immersive wellness encounter, the retreat intertwines the well-being of both guests and the environment to create an all-encompassing experience. To foster meaningful connection with nature, the retreat invites guests to immerse themselves in the rejuvenating practice of Forest Bathing, also known as Shinrin-Yoku, amidst the serene backdrop of the Western Ghats.

It’s an ideal retreat for yoga enthusiasts, holistic wellness seekers, and anyone looking to escape into nature for a profound healing experience. The resort provides a range of meticulously crafted wellness programs that span across various durations, including 3, 5, and 7-night stays, each tailored to meet individual health and wellness goals​​​​.

The resort’s programs are comprehensive, integrating preventative medicine, exercise physiology, nutrition and dietetics, conflict resolution, spiritual wellbeing, and personalised wellness rituals. Guests can look forward to engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation, wellness therapies, cooking sessions with Dharana chefs, and immersive nature adventures like conservation hikes and bird-watching excursions​​​​.

Sustainable living is at the core of Dharana at Shillim’s philosophy, with villas designed to blend nature and luxury for an optimal indoor-outdoor lifestyle. The accommodations and the resort’s practices are aligned with Dharana principles, ensuring that every aspect of the stay supports holistic wellbeing while minimising environmental impact​​.

Dharana at Shillim provides a truly transformative experience by leveraging ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern scientific techniques to offer a holistic approach to wellness. Its location amidst the unspoiled beauty of the Sahyadris makes it a perfect retreat for those looking to reconnect with nature and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

(Main Image credit: The Kumaon, Featured Image credit: Pemako) 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to spend 3 days in Asia? 

Some of the most intriguing and picturesque spots to vacation in Asia for long weekend getaways would include Azerbaijan, Oman, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India, Thailand, and Cambodia.

What are the best dates to go to Asia?

While Asia is reachable all year round, many advise tourists to travel between April and July to experience the tropical monsoon.

What is the cheapest destination in Asia?

Some of the more economical destinations in Asia would include Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.

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