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13 Wellness Traits To Embrace In 2024 For A More healthy You

13 Wellness Traits To Embrace In 2024 For A More healthy You

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The curtains have closed on 2023, and we’ve reached the new year. It’s time to bid farewell to the relaxing holiday season of being a couch potato and eating irresistible baked goodies and sweet treats. Now, it’s time to start acting on our New Year resolutions and show some love to our health and well-being. Last year, we saw a surge of different wellness trends, and this year promises to be no different. In a world where stress seems to be on the rise and workloads appear never-ending, it can be easy to turn to quick-fix measures in our daily routines, like fast food, which contributes to ceaseless pollution. It is now a necessity to embrace healthy habits. From mindful eating to self-care habits, here are the best health and wellness trends you should embrace in 2024 for a healthier you.

Whether you are a seasoned wellness enthusiast or just a beginner dipping your toes into these fresh wellness waters, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a curated guide to the top wellness trends you can adopt in your lifestyle this year.

Staycations and sleep tourism

health and wellness trends 2024
(Image: Konstantinos Eleftheriadis/Pexels)

After the pandemic, we saw a surge in travel and tourism. With different stressors contributing to our daily lives, many of us just want to travel to a faraway place for a serene low-key vacation to relax and unwind. Recognising the need for relaxation over hectic itineraries, luxury hotels are now offering enticing staycation packages.

Sleep tourism is another emerging trend now where people are travelling to a destination for the sole purpose of sleeping, relaxing, eating good food and recharging. It improves the quality of sleep and sometimes even helps to fix the sleep cycle, which is a common issue for many living today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Secrets of the Blue Zones

In a Netflix documentary named Secrets of the Blue Zones, author Dan Buettner embarks on a journey around the world to discover five unique communities where people live remarkably long and vibrant lives, often up to 100 or more. These centenarians attribute their longevity to a variety of reasons, including a healthy diet (sweet potato-rich), a calm lifestyle influenced by the notion of ikigai, hobbies, daily physical activity, and close-knit family relationships. Adapting these habits in our daily lives can improve our quality of life and hence increase longevity.

Skincare and bodycare

(Image: Kalos Skincare/Unsplash)

The current number of skincare enthusiasts has reached an all-time high. Not only has it gained popularity among women, but also men, who are now stepping up their skincare and body game. Overcomplicating the process isn’t the way to go about it. A simple but effective 4-6-step skincare routine is enough. Slathering on one product after another will not miraculously improve your skin overnight — it’s the commitment and consistency that counts.

Other than flawless radiant skin, a skincare routine can also improve your mental well-being. This simple self-care ritual provides a sense of self and refreshes your body and mind.

Staying sober

health and wellness trends 2024
(Image: Rirri/Unsplash)

According to WHOOP’s annual Year in Review report, there’s been a notable shift in alcohol drinking in the past year. Alcohol consumption saw a significant decrease in 2023 and Google searches for mocktails have been steadily rising over the last five years. This shift is largely credited to Gen-Z who are embracing the sober lifestyle. Drinking to the point where you are unable to walk straight isn’t considered cool anymore. Moreover, the realisation of a hangover’s major influence on productivity is also driving this cultural shift.

Welcoming the trend, many pubs and clubs are now changing their menus to include more mocktails and low alcohol by volume (low-ABV) beverages. The goal is to normalise staying sober and being a teetotaller. Ditching alcohol is more than just a passing fad; it also has health benefits like weight loss, enhanced liver function, and a lower risk of heart disease. The growing popularity of mocktails reflects a larger health and wellness trend towards a healthier, more conscious attitude to socialising and well-being in 2024.

Cutting down caffeine

(Image: Jason Leung/Unsplash)

While die-hard coffee lovers and caffeine addicts may be sceptical of this trend, the landscape of morning beverage choices is also undergoing a transformation. As people become more health-conscious, there is a noticeable shift towards beverages that provide not only a morning pick-me-up but also provide additional health advantages. Options such as matcha and butterfly pea flower are gaining recognition, showing a desire for beverages that promote general well-being. These alternatives not only deliver a distinct flavour experience, but they also match the growing trend of adopting mindful choices in our daily lives.

Balanced meals

balanced diet
(Image: Orkun Orcan/Unsplash)

The era of eating fast food twice a day is now over. As individuals are growing more conscious about what they put into their bodies, the new diet goal centres around having a balanced meal thrice a day. Bidding farewell to junk foods, unhealthy snacks, and sugary beverages, it is about introducing more greens to the plate. Though veganism and plant-based food options are now dominating social media, the focus is to incorporate a diverse range of nutrients into the daily diet. Aside from vegetables, there is also a surge in the incorporation of nuts, grains, fruits, herbs, and legumes into our diets, leading to a full and balanced nutritional profile. This movement has already begun to change the fast food sector, encouraging huge chains to be more attentive in using healthier ingredients.

Drinking more fluids

wellness trends 2024
(Image: Bindle Bottle/Unsplash)

Dehydration is not an issue we can take lightly. 2-3 litres of water every day is essential for your body for the healthy functioning of all internal systems. Inadequate water intake can result in dry skin, muscle cramps, headaches, and even kidney stones. So, it’s not just a trend, it’s a crucial necessity for our body. Diversifying your fluids is also a sensible choice to add more nutritional value. Including teas, smoothies, and broths with a sensible amount of water hydrates the body and adds essential vitamins and minerals for optimum well-being.

Low impact movements

Juggling between a gym routine and a busy work life has become an added challenge for many, leading to a trend towards home workouts. While going to the gym for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is still a popular option, the appeal of Pilates and yoga is growing. Celebrities including Harry Styles, Hailey Bieber, Kate Hudson, Lady Gaga, and Jennie Kim swear by Pilates’ transformational powers. The key to achieving your fitness goals lies in consistency rather than the sheer intensity of the workout. That’s why low-intensity workouts like yoga and pilates are gaining traction in replacing traditional gym sessions and are amongst the top health and wellness trends to follow in 2024.

Digital break

wellness trends
(Image: Andriyko Podilnyk/Unsplash)

The truth is that our screen times during lockdown went through the roof, and it hasn’t quite returned to normal. Excessive usage of social media has started to take a toll on our mental as well as physical health. It’s high time we keep our digital habits in check and start embracing the concept of a digital detox. Starting this process is as easy as turning off all screens an hour before bedtime, or designating a screen-free zone on weekends. It doesn’t have to be a complete hiatus. Including small breaks from the digital world, every day can work wonders. It helps us to savour the little things in real life and achieve a healthier balance between the virtual and physical worlds.

Connecting in the real world

wellness trends 2024
(Image: Elevate/Unsplash)

We’re always connected, but we’re the loneliest we’ve ever been. Studies show that Gen-Z is the loneliest and most depressed generation. It is easy to infer that social media fails to satisfy our deep-seated emotional needs as humans. The Plethora of dating apps and social interaction platforms have only made it more difficult to find a connection in real life. So, experts suggest that it’s high time we prioritise building real connections and friendships over virtual ones. To combat this loneliness that’s shaping up to be another epidemic, consider switching from texting to face-to-face conversations. While technology has undoubtedly made our lives easier, we still have to focus on our real-life bonds to stay sane in this digital age.

Taking care of gut health

yoghurt gut health
(Image: Manel and Sean/Pexels)

The gut plays a crucial role in our overall health. An unhealthy gut can cause issues ranging from bloating, diarrhoea, and skin problems to more severe problems like gastrointestinal disorders and cardiovascular disease. Recognising the importance of gut health, many people are implementing measures to improve their digestive health. Adding probiotics to our daily diets can help kill harmful gut microbiomes and promote the growth of good bacteria. Additionally, maintaining a balanced diet and getting 7-8 hours of sleep also improve gut health. Many try gut-cleansing rituals once a week to stay fit and youthful.

Lymphatic drainage

Facial exercises and lymphatic drainage massage have acquired popularity on social media. Because of its possible health benefits, the latter has become a popular type of massage. Lymphatic drainage massage is a mild technique that focuses on the lymphatic system, which is an important component of the immune system. The lymphatic system consists of organs, arteries, and tissues, and is in charge of carrying a fluid called lymph (or lymphatic fluid) from various bodily sections into the bloodstream.

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The massage technique promotes lymph fluid flow, which contributes to the reduction of swelling. Lymphatic drainage massage is known to relax people if they are otherwise healthy. But it may not result in major health advantages. Despite this, the practice has gained popularity due to its possible therapeutic benefits. Many celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton have also jumped the gun. It’s an otherwise safe process if you don’t suffer from any heart problems, kidney failure, blood clots, or infections.

Get slim with Ozempic

ozempic weight loss
(Image: NurPhoto /Getty Images

Ozempic, a type 2 diabetes drug, has gained significant attention because of its unexpected weight loss perks. This has led to an influx of people using the drug for rapid weight loss rather than diabetes. Celebrities like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey have admitted to taking the drug to get slim and trim.

In 2021, the FDA authorised Wegovy, a higher-dose variant designed for obesity, for sale and use. However, people were concerned about its negative effects, as well as its lack of availability for Type 2 Diabetes patients who require it the most. Now, with the drug trending on social media, professionals are worried about its off-label use, which may contribute to its scarcity. But many seem to believe that Ozempic is a superhero drug that will end obesity. In recent days, barberine, another plant supplement has begun gaining attention for producing a similar effect. People have even dubbed it “nature’s Ozempic”.

Even with severe concerns about its side effects and how it might harm the body, Ozempic is all the rage in Hollywood and is now penetrating Asian markets. But remember, unauthorised use of these drugs can pose health risks, so be sure to consult a health professional before taking the plunge.

(Main Image: haileybieber/Instagram and jennierubyjane/instagram; Featured Image: haileybieber/Instagram)

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Which is the best wellness trend to follow in 2024?

Trying out low-intensity workouts, cutting down caffeine and alcohol while adding more greens to your diet, and lymphatic drainage massage are the top health and wellness trends to follow in 2024.

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