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5 Causes Why You Must Observe The Pattern And Play Cats & Soup Proper Now

5 Causes Why You Must Observe The Pattern And Play Cats & Soup Proper Now

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Amid a chaotic world and your everyday problems, there’s Cats & Soup: a game about cats making soup that gives provides more than just entertainment. Here’s why this mobile game is becoming so trendy, how to play it, and where to download it and get started yourself.

Cats & Soup is a mobile game developed by Hidea that introduces you to the forest of cats and their culinary world. You’ll start with a cat and a soup cooking station, and learn to make money to buy more cooking stations, leisure areas, fishing ponds, furniture to decorate your Cat Tower, and more. Cats will be bestowed upon you from the stars, and it’s your job to name, dress, and assign them a position – chopping carrots, shredding cabbages, blending juice and more.

The goal is to make as much money as possible and expand your cats and soup tycoon, which will enable you to make more complex menus and make even more money.

It’s an idle mobile game, which means it doesn’t require much effort. After playing it for a while, however, we realise there should be more of these kinds of games in the world. Here’s why.

There’s a trending game called Cats & Soup: here are 5 reasons why you should play it

Unlike in real life, you get to control the cats

If there’s one thing that’s unrealistic about this simulation game, it’s the fact that we can control cats. This is a dream-come-true for many cat owners (or how we commonly refer to them: cat slaves). You can name them, dress them up, feed them fish, and at one point you’ll be able to decorate their Cat Tower.

You’ll learn a lot about the culinary world

If a sushi master spend decades learning about fish, rice, and knives, these cats also spend their whole lives perfecting each and every step in soup making. You’ll see how each individual is responsible for only one task, whether stirring soup to prevent burning, shredding cabbage, chopping carrots into bite-size pieces, putting up corn, shelling acorns, and so much more.

The soothing graphics will heal your soul

Cat lovers will definitely enjoy the game, but every element of Cats & Soup is so adorable and soothing that anyone can enjoy it. The graphics, including a Ragdoll cat in a frog hat shredding cabbages non-stop, the background music – 15 different tracks you can choose from – and the whole concept of watching a bunch of cats make soup will heal your tired soul. It’s like a giant hug after a long day.

You can fall asleep while playing and wake up with with your dream fulfilled

Since it’s an idle game, you don’t need rocket science skills to play it. For the most part, you’ll just be tapping on everything that comes up and finding exotic costumes and decorations for your babies. The game is not pressuring you to stay active all the time, so just lay down and relax. You’ll wake up with thousands of dollars in your bank — in the game, of course.

You’ll learn to never exploit animal labour

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These cats are diligent workers. They have their play time and nap space, but other than that they’ll be working their butts off. Day or night; rain or no rain. Slow but steady, guilt will creep up on you and you’ll learn the most valuable lesson in your life: never abuse animal labour. Look at the naivety in their eyes, how would you be able to exploit their physical labour in real life? Perhaps, that’s why from now on, you won’t ride that elephant in Chiang Mai, that horse on the Hua Hin beach, that camel in Dubai, and so on. There’s greater meaning behind all this.

Where to download Cats & Soup

Cats & Soup is free to download on Android and iOS. There’s a Netflix edition with no ads, but the original app features more inclusive content.

Find the Cats & Soup original game on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, or the Cats & Soup Netflix edition on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

[Hero and featured image credit: catsnsoup/Instagram]

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