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5 New Male Fragrances Each Man Ought to Personal

5 New Male Fragrances Each Man Ought to Personal

Looking to up your fragrance game? We’ve rounded up the 5 best fragrances that will make any woman swoon!

A good fragrance is a must-have in every man’s routine. If you’re looking to expand your fragrance rolodex but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered! 

Whether you’re after the fresh and crisp allure of green notes, the daring and bold statement of modern woody scents, or the complex sweetness of tropical blends, we unveil fragrances that will do the talking for you. 

Each scent is a chapter in the olfactory book of modern masculinity. From the iconic and timeless to the daring and avant-garde, we delve into olfactory signatures that define your presence.

Clean & Green

Hermès H24 Herbes Vives Parfum

Image Credit: Hermès

Embrace the allure of a fresh, clean scent with Hermès’ latest creation, Herbes Vives Parfum, the third masterpiece in the H24 collection. Breaking away from conventional green fragrances, this botanical offering combines savoury, sorrel, hemp, and parsley, harmoniously blended with pear granita and Physcool®. The result is a distinctive composition reminiscent of a forest after a refreshing downpour.

Available at Hermès boutiques and counters.

Daring & Bold


Image credit: YSL Beauty

For those seeking a fragrance with captivating sillage that doesn’t overpower, YSL MYSLF offers a modern twist on woody scents with a hint of floral citrus. A true crowd-pleaser, MYSLF opens with a lively accord of bergamot, complemented by orange blossom and sensual wood undertones. Ideal for a night out, it is sure to grab attention without being too imposing.

Sensual & Intense

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Extreme

Image credit: Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera introduces a captivating addition to the iconic Bad Boy line – Bad Boy Extreme. This flanker infuses a fiery allure into the signature Bad Boy fragrance, offering a unique blend of freshness, earthiness, and gourmand notes. The star of the show is the opening ginger note, providing a spicy depth with crystal clarity, beautifully enhanced by vetiver and cocoa absolute for an irresistible appeal.

Sweet & Complex

Zoologist Chameleon

Image credit: Zoologist

Challenge norms with Zoologist’s Chameleon, a fragrance that beautifully combines sweet tropical, woody, and ambery notes, challenging traditional perceptions of male scents. This complex fragrance features ylang-ylang, star fruit, and mango, creating a unique floral experience rounded out with warm amber and musk. Perfect for those seeking a distinctive and refined floral scent.

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Soft & Subtle

Dior New Look

Image credit: Dior Beauty

Fragrance virtuoso Francis Kurkdijan reimagines the iconic Dior New Look with a contemporary perspective in the brand’s latest release. A part of La Collection Privée, this scent encapsulates the essence of Dior’s couture heritage. Featuring the synthetic note aldehyde C-12 MNA, combined with frankincense extract and amber, it delivers a clean yet earthy aroma. Ideal for enthusiasts of clean scents looking for a touch of refinement. 

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong.

(Main image: Dior; featured image: YSL)

Source: Prestige Online

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