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9 Hybrid Plane Seeking to Remodel Regional Journey

9 Hybrid Plane Seeking to Remodel Regional Journey

Plana Aero; Lilium; Ascendence; Transcend

Forget urban air taxis. A new class of Regional Air Mobility (RAM) aircraft promises to be the next wave of transport, replacing helicopters and even commuter trains. While most electric air taxis have ranges that work well for short hops in urban settings, these vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) are designed as regional commuters that can use existing airports, while “vertiports” are being built to create transportation hubs.

RAM offers the vast potential to increase accessibility and affordability of intra- and interstate travel, especially for more rural and remote communities that have been historically overlooked. In the United States, 30 major airports currently accommodate 70 percent of travelers, while the other 30 percent is split among 5,000 regional airports. But this new class of aircraft could make it possible to reach the smaller, more remote airports more cost efficiently.

Here are the nine top RAM Aircraft, with many coming to an airport near you in the next two or three years.

Source: Robb Report

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