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9 Issues You Didn’t Know Concerning the World’s Solely 24-Karat-Gold Superyacht

9 Issues You Didn’t Know Concerning the World’s Solely 24-Karat-Gold Superyacht


When the horizon is awash with a sea of white yachts, the AK Royalty’s glittering gold exterior more than stands out. Built in 2009 and originally named Plus Too, the 136-foot shallow draft, go-fast Palmer Johnson pairs an onboard party scene with the “blingiest” of paint jobs.

Australian-born Aaron Fidler, former chief engineer-turned-superyacht owner, had clocked enough sea miles to circumnavigate the world three times before he bought AK Royalty in 2022. “I’d long dreamed of owning a fast and sporty Palmer Johnson, so when AK Royalty came to market I knew it was the one,” Fidler tells Robb Report. Painted gold to match his Lamborghini, the yacht home ports in Dubai where demand for day sails in the Arabian Gulf, as well as longer charters to Oman and beyond, is on the rise.

Fidler shipped the yacht from France to Dubai, where he now lives with his wife, Kseniya, and spent a year remodeling it. While the exterior is all about catching attention, the interior focus is on guest entertainment. All the action happens on one deck “so guests aren’t socializing between different levels,” Fidler says. When the main salon’s sliding glass doors are left open, guests have a clear view from the aft deck all the way through to the wheelhouse. It creates a cozy ambiance where dining, dancing, and relaxation take place on one level, separated by smart zoning.

Here are nine cool facts you didn’t know about the world’s only 24-karat gold yacht, available to charter with Burgess.

Source: Robb Report

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