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A Information to Practising Sound Meditation at Dwelling

A Information to Practising Sound Meditation at Dwelling

Favoured by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, the ancient practice of sound meditation has become incredibly popular in recent times. We speak to an expert about what exactly it entails, and the wellness benefits it offers.

For the uninitiated, sound meditation is a form of meditation that brings about differing states of consciousness through the use of ambient music and vibrations produced by instruments like gongs and singing bowls. Whether it’s for relaxation, to reset, reduce anxiety, or to help with sleep, the sounds will deliver whatever your body needs.

sound meditation
Singing bowls are commonly used. (Image: Conscious Design/ Unsplash)

Sound meditation: What is it, and what does it do?

Leading sound healer, author and founder of sound installation of OM, Leo Cosendai explains that sound mediation is a “universal path of self-exploration which requires no skills, fitness, effort, or knowledge.”

“For the most part, you lie down comfortably on the ground and become a passenger both in your own body and in the room where you find yourself taken on a journey by a multitude of sound waves produced by unusual acoustic instruments such as gongs, vocal overtones, and singing bowls.”

sound meditation
Leo Cosendai is a Swiss sound healer and artist. (Image: Leo Cosendai/ OM)

Having travelled the world hosting residences at the likes of Six Senses Ibiza, Cosendai can be currently found at The Other House South Kensington, London offering his therapeutic sound bath sessions. At the center of it is the sound gong, which at more than two metres wide, is Europe’s largest.

“After having created over 2,100 sound immersions over the last decade, I have created a sound installation called OM which features the two biggest gongs in the UK. It is currently at The Other House in South Kensington and is available for both public and private viewings,” says the Swiss sound artist.

Cosendai states that sound meditation offers a whole host of wellness benefits. For him, it eradicated panic attacks, and “consequently, it has opened [him] up to a whole new way of living and perceiving life, which has then completely influenced the art works that [he] creates.”

He adds, “Physically, it helps a lot of people with pain management, from arthritis, auto-immune conditions, to post-surgery. Mentally, it helps the nervous system to do some maintenance work, reducing anxiety, depression, and burn-out for example. Metaphysically, it seems to support people on their inner quests — mostly by peeling layers of illusion which we all have before our eyes.”

If you’re keen on giving this practice a go at home, Cosendai has offered a simple step-by-step guide to sound meditation.

Step 1

The first step is to create a comforting, safe space that encourages relaxation and for your mind to switch off. “Create a comfortable nest incorporate comfy cushions, scent, temperature, light, clothing, and pen and paper in case something comes to you. Importantly, make sure you won’t be disturbed whether it’s by technology, humans or pets,” says Cosendai.

To add a calming scent to your space, try ESPA’s Restorative Diffuser, the luxury pod complete with de-stressing essential oils from NEOM or spritz the cushions with Susanne Kaufmann’s Calming Pillow Spray.

Step 2

Once the scene is set, it’s time for relaxation,Close your eyes, press the entirety of your tongue against your palate, breathe in slowly through your nose, exhale by humming with your mouth closed, as if you wanted to vibrate your forehead centre. Repeat for 3 to 10 minutes,” says Cosendai.

Step 3

Take cues from your body. “Lie down if you aren’t already and put on a sound immersion on the Third Ear App, which I made with my sister Julie Cosendai and my friend Charles Vila.”

Step 4

Once it ends, let it be in silence for a while, until your body is truly ready to move.” Prolong the serenity by taking a nap, going on a gentle stroll, or reading a book. Try and stay in the moment and maintain the calm for as long as possible.

Where to try sound meditation in Hong Kong

To book a class in Hong Kong, try Red Doors Studio which is home to Asia’s largest gong collection, or go for an energy crystal healing session that incorporates reiki and sound therapy at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What is a sound meditation?

Sound meditation is a form of meditation that harnesses sound to achieve a state of relaxation.

– How do you meditate on sound?

Instruments such as gongs and singing bowls are typically used in sound meditation. While meditating, focus on your own breathing and try not to be distracted by the ambient sounds.

– Why is sound healing so powerful?

Some studies have suggested that sound healing may be able to improve one’s mood and well-being, as well as reduce anxiety.

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