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A Look Inside Taylor Swift’s Luxurious Bag Assortment

A Look Inside Taylor Swift’s Luxurious Bag Assortment

Forget the tabloid tales and the flashbulb frenzy of her love life; the real scoop is dangling from her arm. Yes, we’re talking about Taylor Swift’s enviable bag collection, a mix of chic, affordable luxury that’s stealing more than just glances. Each appearance Swift makes isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a masterclass on how to rock that high style without the high price tag. Her arm candy? A parade of clutches, crossbodies, and shoulder bags that blend seamlessly with her every ensemble, proving you don’t need to spend a month’s worth in rent to accessorise like a superstar.

Picture this: Taylor strolling through the streets of New York, her every move shadowed by paparazzi; yet all eyes are on her arm, where an asymmetrical Aupen handbag with a braided handle is casually swinging. This isn’t just a bag; it’s a badge of honour for sustainability, a nod to vegan leather, and a wink to those who know that style doesn’t have to scream expensive to be extraordinary. Swift’s collection — a curated gallery featuring the likes of Mansur Gavriel and Brandon Blackwood — whispers a challenge to fashion norms, marrying affordability with craftsmanship that begs a closer look.

And then there’s the T-Touch — everything Taylor Swift lays her hands on turns to gold, or in this case, the hottest new trend in town. Her Midas touch in music is legendary, but in fashion, it’s transformative. Swift doesn’t just wear bags; she catapults them into the spotlight, turning each piece she picks into an instant icon of style. It’s as if her selection process is less about accessorising, and more about anointing the next big thing. Fans and fashionistas alike hang on her every choice, eager to decode her latest fashion-forward message.

Swift’s approach to her luxury handbag collection is nothing short of a sartorial saga, a blend of personal style narratives and fashion foresight. Shunning the predictable allure of “It” bags for choices that speak to her unique taste, Swift is crafting a legacy that is all about authenticity. She’s not just setting trends; she’s inspiring a movement towards individuality in fashion. Her bags aren’t merely accessories, but a piece of the Taylor Swift puzzle, offering a glimpse into the singer’s true essence — unapologetically stylish, irresistibly smart, and forever ahead of the curve.

Let’s take a closer look at Taylor Swift’s enviable bag collection

Taylor Swift’s favourite bags

1. Kendrick bag from Brandon Blackwood

Taylor Swift bags
Taylor carrying the Brandon Blackwood croc-clutch bag. (Image: Backgrid/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift’s latest fashion statement wasn’t just a whisper, but a siren call to all the style savants out there. Cradled in her grip for one of her many NYC outings was the pièce de résistance of her ensemble — a miniature trunk clutch that’s nothing short of an objet d’art. This isn’t just any clutch; it’s the brainchild of Brandon Blackwood, a New York virtuoso who has turned heads since 2015. When Blackwood’s call to “End Systemic Racism” went viral in 2020, his designs became more than just accessories; they became emblems of change.

Now, Blackwood’s creations are the darlings of the fashion world, with offerings that stretch from the coolest thigh-high boots to envy-inducing outerwear. Earlier this year, Swift took her Brandon Blackwood clutch out for a spin, evoking quiet luxury in an outfit that also included pleated trousers from The Row, a sultry off-the-shoulder Alaïa top, and velvet Aquazzura sandals that added a touch of luxe to every step. The particular look was just one of many ways that Swift has shown us for how to turn a viral mini bag into the centrepiece of a trendsetting wardrobe.

2. Nirvana bag from Aupen

Taylor carried the Aupen Nirvana on one of her first public dates with Travis Kelce. (Image: Mega/Getty Images)

The buzz around Taylor Swift bags has reached a crescendo with her latest favourite — the Aupen Nirvana. This now-iconic piece isn’t just a feast for the eyes with its unique asymmetrical design; it’s a testament to conscious consumerism, retailing from a refreshingly modest USD 180 to USD 340. It’s the same bag that Swift was photographed with during a date that had everyone talking — not just about her companion NFL star Travis Kelce, but also about the vegan leather accessory itself.

With roots in both Brooklyn and Singapore, Aupen is carving a niche for accessories that champion sustainable and cruelty-free materials. The Nirvana bag is proof of their mission’s success, joining the ranks of affordable yet luxurious items beloved by celebrities. Swift has been spotted with the Aupen Nirvana on multiple occasions, recently pairing it with a sharp Versace corset, flowing pleated pants, and a classic plaid coat — a combination that’s as sophisticated as it is edgy.

The Swift effect on the Aupen bag has been undeniable. Since its debut on her arm, the silhouette has become a coveted item among the fashion-forward crowd, catching up with other A-listers like Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Gabrielle Union. It’s clear that anything Swift chooses becomes an instant object of desire, and the Nirvana bag is no exception. With a price point that stands in stark contrast to the steep figures of logo-heavy designer counterparts, it’s an ‘entry-level’ luxury piece that doesn’t skimp on style or ethics.

It’s a stylish prophecy almost guaranteed to come true — with Swift’s affinity for Aupen pieces, it won’t be long before it becomes a rare find. For anyone with an eye for designer trends without the designer price tag, the Nirvana bag is a sartorial steal — a gem in the world of Taylor Swift bags that promises to elevate any outfit to star-studded status.

3. M Frame crossbody from Mansur Gavriel

Taylor Swift bags
Taylor carries the Mansur Gavriel M Frame crossbody. (Image: The Image Direct)

Swift’s summer style was both casual and yet undeniably chic, as she was spotted in a scene-stealing Mansur Gavriel crossbody bag. A brand that’s risen to prominence for clean lines and lush materials, this couturier duo has become a staple for those with an eye for understated luxury. As a curator of fine tastes, Swift has often been seen echoing the brand’s ethos of simplicity and elegance.

The past season saw her embracing the classic crossbody with an ensemble that spoke of relaxed weekends and sun-drenched avenues. Swift paired the bag with a dark, fitted vintage polo that hugged her silhouette, while her denim shorts were the epitome of summer ease, cut high to beat the city heat. To complete the look, the bag’s timeless structure offered a contrasting formality and a pop of colour.

Swift’s choice in bags, such as the much sought-after Cloud pouch and the now sold-out Mansur Gavriel M Frame crossbody underscores her affinity for pieces that transcend the fleeting trends. Her ability to dress these bags up or down is a testament to their versatility, as well as a nod to her own sartorial savvy.

4. Logo Plaque Leather Crossbody from Tod’s

In the glow of Sushi Park’s ambient setting, Taylor Swift recently enjoyed a star-studded evening. Surrounded by besties like Selena Gomez and Zoe Kravitz, the singer spent her night in a harmonious blend of friendship and fashion. Her now-signature Tod’s Logo Plaque Leather Crossbody was not just any dinner date accessory — it was a repeat performance from a bag that has become as iconic as the star herself. With her immeasurable celebrity, Swift has taken this Tod’s treasure from daytime jaunts to night-time revelries, making it clear that this is no mere bag; it is her sidekick in style.

At Sushi Park, swathed in a boho-chic H&M crochet top and Khaite denim, Taylor’s look was a masterclass in casual luxe — and her Tod’s bag was the exclamation point. She’s rocked this leather beauty across the seasons, with it becoming a ‘Swift-approved’ stamp on any ensemble. This bag whispers a thousand stories, each chapter a different Swift-style era. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a trusted companion that’s seen the inside of coffee shops, the flash of street style snaps, and the secret conversations of high-profile hangouts.

5. Viv’ Choc Bag in Leather from Roger Vivier

Taylor Swift bags
Taylor carried the Roger Vivier burgundy Viv’ Choc bag in Leather for her date with Kelce. (Image: Gotham/GC Images)

On a night out that had the city’s sidewalks doubling as runways, the Grammy-winner brought her A-game with a burgundy Roger Vivier Viv’ Choc Bag in Leather, elegantly slung across her sculpted Balenciaga strapless corset top. Her flair for the dramatic played out in the choice of a Khaite Keene leather skirt, adding a rock ‘n’ roll edge to the ensemble. Strutting alongside Travis Kelce, she grounded her look with a pair of Louis Vuitton Star Trail ankle boots, merging haute couture with street-wise sensibility.

Swift’s mastery of accessories was on full display with a selection of Maria Tash earrings, each piece adding a dash of sparkle and hinting at the meticulous detail of her carefully curated outfit. A Jacquie Aiche necklace trailed down her neckline, while Alessandra Camilla earrings softly echoed the florals on her Jean Paul Gaultier mesh top. The Roger Vivier bag wasn’t just an afterthought; it was the keystone of her outfit, marrying the luxurious with the accessible, reflecting Swift’s own seamless blend of high-end glamour and down-to-earth charm.

The ensemble was a Swift classic: each piece a chapter of a story, and the Roger Vivier bag, the recurring character that ties it all together. It’s a style narrative that’s become expected of Swift’s public appearances — a blend of texture, pattern, and a pop of colour that comes together not just to be seen, but to be remembered. With its made-in-Italy mark, the bag is an embodiment of quality craftsmanship and timeless style, a staple in Swift’s wardrobe that seamlessly transitions from day to night, just like her music transitions across genres and moods.

6. Camera Box Bag from Louis Vuitton

Strutting through the streets of New York, Swift turned heads with the Louis Vuitton Camera Box Bag, a quirky accessory that has graced her shoulder on more than just casual strolls — it has been her constant companion at A-list dinners and day outings alike. This bag is a modern take on Louis Vuitton’s heritage, blending the iconic Petite Malle’s distinctive S-lock, metallic corners, and rivets with a fresh silhouette that’s both classic and current. The Camera Box Bag marries tradition with a contemporary twist, making it a bag that has even celebrities like bestie Blake Lively unable to resist.

This mini fashion fortress is crafted with a mix of Monogram and Monogram Reverse canvas, featuring a sophisticated envelope silhouette. Its slender, gold-colored chain and pivoting top handle add versatility and ease, making it the perfect plus-one for Swift’s eclectic style narratives. The interior is as functional as it is luxurious, with pockets for organisation tucked away within its leather folds. It’s compact, yet spacious enough for the essentials, proving that good things indeed come in small, stylish packages.

Taylor’s particular spin on the LV Camera Box Bag featured its inclusion in a laid-back, yet edgy ensemble: a Daydreamer Shania Twain Any Man of Mine tee, New Balance x Ganni 1906R white sneakers, and classic ruffle socks from Free People Movement, topped off with a Still Here Dad Cap in khaki.

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Another chic accessory in Taylor’s fashion-forward wardrobe is the Yuzefi Fortune Cookie bag — a design that’s as quirky as it is chic. Handcrafted in Spain from smooth leather, this particular bag is an ode to the London-based brand’s innovative ethos. Yuzefi takes a playful approach with its namesake bag, which is indeed shaped like a fortune cookie to warrant the attention of all onlookers.

The bag’s unique silhouette is a fresh take on Yuzefi’s iconic Loaf bag, featuring a suede-lined interior and silver-tone metal hardware that adds a touch of sophistication. It’s the kind of bag that fits all your essentials — phone, keys, wallet, and make-up, much like Uniqlo’s now-viral round mini. The adjustable leather shoulder strap makes it a versatile choice for any look, whether you’re going for an over-the-shoulder or hand-held look.

Swift paired this unconventional piece with a laid-back ensemble: a Ralph Lauren cotton chino ball cap, a Gabriela Hearst Nevin cashmere and silk tank top, and wide-leg linen trousers from Vince. Completing the look with The Row’s Robin Leather ankle booties, Swift effortlessly blended casual comfort with the subtle luxury of the Yuzefi bag.

(Main image: Raymond Hall/GC Images; featured image: Gotham/Getty Images) 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What bags does Taylor Swift use?

Taylor Swift is known for her extensive collection of handbags. In some of her more recent appearances, the singer-songwriter has been seen carrying a Logo Plaque Leather crossbody bag from Tod’s, the Nirvana from Aupen, the Viv’ Choc Bag from Roger Vivier, the Le 5 A 7 Small Hobo from YSL, the Maccheroni Saddle Bag from Little Liffner, the Mini Gala Linen suede bag from Manu Atelier, the Greca Goddess mini shoulder bag from Versace, and several others.

Does Taylor Swift carry empty purses?

One of the conspiracy theories surrounding Taylor Swift is that she carries empty purses. The reason behind this bizarre claim is due to the many paparazzi photos in which the singer-songwriter seems to be holding her purse effortlessly on her forearm. Fans and curious internet researchers argue that if her bags did have anything in them, she would not be able to hold them so effortlessly.

Are Aupen bags popular?

Yes, Aupen bags have been popular among Hollywood celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Gabrielle Union. However, after Taylor was spotted carrying the bag, the status of the accessory and the brand skyrocketed.

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