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A Porsche Taycan Simply Demolished a Tesla Mannequin S Lap File on the Nürburgring

A Porsche Taycan Simply Demolished a Tesla Mannequin S Lap File on the Nürburgring

The Porsche Taycan is back on top at the Nürburgring.

The German marque just announced that a prototype of an upcoming variant of its first (and currently only) EV just circled the motorsports complex’s punishing Nordschleife circuit in 7:07.55 minutes, setting a new record for battery-powered sedans in the process. That time was more than 15 seconds quicker than the previous mark set by the Tesla Model S Plaid last summer.

Porsche and Tesla have been playing hot potato with the Nürburgring’s electric sedan lap record for a few years now. The reason why the two automakers are so focused on this particular title is because while the circuit is punishing on any vehicle, it’s especially so on EVs. The Nordschleife is 12.9 miles long and features long straightaways and twisting turns that are taxing on an electric powertrain and its battery pack.

The record-setting Porsche Taycan prototype at the Nürburgring


The new record could end up standing for a while, though. The “pre-series” Taycan’s 7:07.55 lap demolished the Model S’s previous 7:25.23 record by a staggering 17.68 seconds. The prototype, which was piloted by development driver Lars Kern, also beat its previous best mark of 7:33.35, which was set by a Turbo S variant in 2022, by nearly 26 seconds. It’s not that far off from the overall EV lap record of 7:05.30 seconds, which was set by a Rimac Nevera, a genuine battery-powered hypercar, this past August.

Needless to say, Porsche seems quite proud of its new record. In fact, the company announced the time even though it isn’t ready to reveal the name of the new variant or its specs. Despite the company’s reticence, rumors are swirling that the four-door will be named the Turbo GT and that it will feature a tri-motor powertrain, according to The current range-topping Turbo S’s powertrain features just two motors. Confirmation will presumably come in March when the company has promised it will share video footage of the 7:07.55-minute lap.

Hopefully, we’ll also find out when the EV is set to go on sale, along with how much it will cost then, as well. Either way, anyone currently in the market for a high-performance electric sedan may want to hold off on purchasing one until the next Taycan makes its official debut.

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