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A Transient Historical past of The Iconic Mugler Cyborg Swimsuit Worn by Zendaya at The Dune 2 Premiere

A Transient Historical past of The Iconic Mugler Cyborg Swimsuit Worn by Zendaya at The Dune 2 Premiere

Leave it to Zendaya to bring social media to a complete standstill after appearing on the Dune: Part 2 world premiere red carpet in one of high fashion’s most historically iconic looks by sartorial auteur, the late-and-great Thierry Mugler.

The vaunted actress, who has gained enviable credence as an emerging style icon under the guidance of celebrity stylist Law Roach, made another landmark appearance earlier today upon touching down in London town for the second instalment of the highly anticipated science fiction film.

Zendaya brings social media to a standstill in the iconic Mugler cyborg suit

Staying true to the genre of the hour, Zendaya drew gasps from teeming fans who turned up en masse to catch the movie’s ensemble cast in person after unveiling her ensemble of choice to usher in the global debut of the film. In place of the usual roster of red carpet staples that have defined her style template throughout the Dune: Part 2 press junket, Roach went above and beyond in tapping one of the most definitive pieces of modern fashion history for the occasion.

Seemingly clad in sensual pieces of chromed metal accented by clear plexiglass cutouts, the 27-year-old was a cyborg vision brought to life that harkened back to the illustrations by famed Japanese visual artist Hajime Sorayama.

But keen-eyed fashion observers will no doubt understand the sheer magnitude of this landmark outfit’s appearance on the red carpet upon recognising it as being none other than the famed Thierry Mugler ‘Gynoid’ suit from his Fall/Winter 1995 Haute Couture presentation.

Beloved for his hyperfeminine and oftentimes highly stylised camp aesthetic, the late designer’s works are synonymous with otherworldly celebrity, thanks to landmark creations such as the Cadillac Bustier, the Venus De Milo velvet shell gown, and of course, the seminal Gynoid suit in question.

The latter is especially noteworthy, being the progenitor of many of the designer’s later works for celebrities such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga, who have sported similar robot-esque styles. Taking inspiration from Thea von Harbou’s dystopian masterpiece, Metropolis, the appropriately named Machinenmensch (Machine Human) suit was fabricated over six months in partnership with artist and long-time brand collaborator, Jean-Jacques Urcun.

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It has only been seen twice after its runway debut: first during an editorial shot by Nick Knight with Kristen McMenamy, and a second time in a GQ editorial featuring Cara Delavgine.

And before you ask, Law Roach has confirmed that the suit Zendaya wore was indeed the same one that first debuted on the runway 28 years ago. This likely makes her the first celebrity to don the piece of intergalactic armour for a red carpet-event, albeit sans the matching helmet and transparent faceplate.

Feature and hero image credits: Mugler/Instagram

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