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Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Relationship: A Have a look at Their Age Hole, Marriage and Household

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Relationship: A Have a look at Their Age Hole, Marriage and Household

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson may be playing the next James Bond on screen, but he is no less of a charmer off-screen. The actor’s relationship with his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson is a love story for the ages. The couple suddenly find themselves in the limelight amid his 007 casting rumours and their significant age gap has become the center of attention. May-December romances aren’t a novelty in Hollywood, but if you are curious about ‘how they met each other’, here’s a relationship timeline featuring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson.

With the possibility of Aaron being the next James Bond after Daniel Craig, public interest surrounding his professional as well as personal life has peaked massively. The actor’s net worth and his previous roles in films and television have gained a newfound interest among netizens. And with his wife currently on a press tour for her directorial Amy Winehouse biopic, the couple are appearing on all trending lists.

The rumoured new James Bond has been married since he was twenty-two, and has also been a parent to four kids since his early twenties. His relationship with Sam harkens back to when the duo worked together on a film, and they have been going steady ever since. Over the years, Sam and Aaron have built a beautiful family and also enjoy a quiet farm life on their Somerset estate. Here’s all you need to know about the couple’s memorable firsts, from how they met to their children and more.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Sam Taylor-Johnson relationship timeline
Aaron Taylor-Johnson met his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson on the set of Nowhere Boy in 2008. (Image: Aaron Taylor-Johnson/Instagram)

Who is Sam Taylor-Johnson?

Sam Taylor-Johnson
Sam Taylor-Johnson is a British filmmaker best known for directing Fifty Shades of Grey. (Image: Sam Taylor-Johnson/Instagram)

Sam Taylor-Wood (her name before marriage) is a British filmmaker who has been awarded the OBE honour in the UK. She made her directorial debut with the film Nowhere Boy starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson in 2009. The film was a biopic on The Beatles’ singer John Lennon. She is also the director of Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Currently, she is promoting her upcoming movie Back to Black which chronicles the life and music of Amy Winehouse. Before her marriage to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, she was married to art dealer and gallerist Jay Jopling. In 2008, the couple split after eleven years of marriage.

Sam Taylor-Johnson on her husband’s James Bond rumours

As the internet debates Aaron’s capabilities to take on the Bond role, his wife too, has shared her thoughts. Recently, during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, she shared her positive take, saying, “Carry on speculating. He’d be great.” On the same topic, she also joked about her getting a chance to direct her husband and becoming the first female director of the franchise.

Apart from Sam, former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has also commented on the rumours, noting his approval for Aaron as a great choice for the role. As per The Sun, Brosnan feels that Taylor-Johnson has the “charisma” and the “chops” to play the iconic British spy.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s ex-girlfriends and dating history

Before meeting his wife, Aaron Taylor-Johnson reportedly dated British actress Alice Connor from 2006 to 2007. While there are no details of their brief relationship, the two seemingly met while starting out in their acting careers. She is best known for starring in The Illustrated Mum and The New Worst Witch.

According to The Sun, he also dated Georgia Groome in 2008, his co-star from the movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Georgia later began dating Harry Potter star Rupert Grint in 2011 and the couple are still going strong.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s relationship timeline

2008 — The first meet

Aaron Taylor Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson relationship
Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson began dating after wrapping up their film Nowhere Boy in 2009. (Image: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

Aaron and Sam met for the first time when he auditioned for the lead role in her film, Nowhere Boy. He auditioned to play John Lennon and was nearly 18 at the time, while Sam, who was directing the film, was 42. It was the same year that she filed for divorce from Jay Jopling, with whom she shares two daughters, Anjelica and Jessie.

During the filming of Nowhere Boy in 2008, rumours sparked about Aaron and Sam after The Guardian wrote a profile on her revealing details of the atmosphere on set. The close bond shared by the actor and director, who reportedly wore matching jackets on set, raised eyebrows.

Early 2009 — PDA-filled outings and red carpet debut

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson age gap, relationship
Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson made their red carpet debut as a couple in 2009. (Image: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

After wrapping up their film, Aaron and Sam were spotted together on several public outings, sparking romance rumours due to their PDA-filled gestures. In June 2009, the duo made the headlines after a photo showcased them sharing a kiss. By October, the two had confirmed their relationship status and made their red carpet debut as a couple. At the premiere of their film Nowhere Boy, Aaron and Sam looked truly, madly and deeply in love.

November 2009 — Sam talks about moving in with Aaron

In November 2009, Sam confirmed that she had moved in with Aaron in March. Speaking to The Guardian, she addressed the beginning of their relationship. Denying that they were a pair while filming, she said, “I managed to hold off really until almost the end of the film.” Thanks to their 23-year age gap, the duo raised eyebrows, but the couple remained unbothered by the same. Aaron even brushed off the comments on their divisive relationship, saying, “I don’t really listen to other people’s opinions. [I] just follow my heart and my instincts.”

December 2009 — Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson confirm engagement

Shortly after their red carpet debut, the couple announced their engagement in the same year. Sam revealed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar how Aaron got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The couple’s engagement turned out to be approximately a year after their first meeting in 2008. Their private engagement was only the beginning of the journey as the happy couple had big surprises ahead.

January 2010 — The couple announce pregnancy

Early after their engagement, the couple confirmed that they were expecting their first child together. A spokesperson for the pair released a statement and said, “We can confirm that Sam is pregnant with her and Aaron’s first child. Both are very, very happy.” For the newly engaged couple, the upcoming parenting task seemed less stressful given that they were already raising Sam’s daughters Angelica and Jessie from her first marriage together

Aaron also spoke about being a stepdad and told People that welcoming a new baby wasn’t scary because the nerves were gone after he had spent some time with Angelica and Jessie.

April 2010 — Sam flaunts her baby bump at Kick-Ass premiere

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson relationship timeline
Sam Taylor-Johnson showed off her baby bump at the red carpet premiere of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kick-Ass. (Image: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)

Sam Taylor-Johnson turned up in support of Aaron for the premiere of Kick-Ass, debuting her baby bump on the red carpet. The film went on to become a crucial one for Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s career, and it was nice to see her supportive side at the premiere. The couple looked inseparable and unbelievably happy on the red carpet ahead of their first baby’s arrival.

July 08, 2010 — Sam and Aaron welcome their first baby

The duo announced the birth of their first child in July 2010, a baby girl named Wylda Rae. She was born on July 8, 2010, in London. The couple, who prefer to keep their personal life private, refrained from making any statements or sharing photos of their baby girl.

December 2011 — Sam receives the OBE honour with Aaron by her side

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE
Aaron Taylor-Johnson accompanied his pregnant wife Sam Taylor-Johnson to her OBE honour ceremony. (Image: John Stillwell/Getty Images)

Sam Taylor-Johnson’s successful contribution to photography and arts earned her the honour of OBE in December 2011. While it was a delight to her see accept the award with Aaron by her side, the couple left everyone surprised with another piece of news. Sam attended the ceremony to receive her OBE honour showcasing another baby bump, showing that the couple were gearing up to welcome their second baby. The director received an OBE from King Charles III (then, Prince of Wales) at Buckingham Palace.

January 18, 2012 — Aaron becomes a girl dad, yet again!

Sam and Aaron welcomed their second child, another daughter in 2012. The couple announced their second baby’s name in a statement made by their rep that said, “Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson are the proud parents of Romy Hero Johnson, who was born at home in London on January 18. Both mother and daughter are well.” Aaron, who was 22 at the time, completely earned the coolest girl dad tag.

June 21, 2012 — It’s time to say ‘I do’

Months after welcoming their second baby, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson tied the knot in June 2012. E! News reported that the couple got married in a private ceremony attended by close family and friends in Somerset. One of the special moments of their wedding was when Aaron decided to adopt his wife’s Taylor-Johnson surname (his original name was Aaron Perry Johnson). For the beautiful wedding ceremony, Sam chose to wear a bridal dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Aaron, however, wore a suit by Tom Ford.

2015 — Aaron supports Sam at the premieres of Fifty Shades of Grey

Showcasing the key to a happy marriage is, Aaron set husband goals in 2015. At multiple premieres of Sam’s directorial, Fifty Shades of Grey, Aaron accompanied her on the red carpet and flashed his proudest and happiest smile. The couple also made a stunning appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscars party that year.

As she basked in the glory of the success of her film, Sam spoke to The Guardian about how Aaron happily accepted the role of stay-at-home dad for the time. She said, “The great thing about Aaron is that he’s happy not working and being at home with the kids while I work.”

2017 — Aaron’s shoutout to his wife after his Golden Globe win

In 2016, Aaron Taylor-Johnson starred in one of his most lauded roles in Nocturnal Animals, and his haunting performance also won him a Golden Globe Award. While accepting the honour at the 2017 ceremony, Aaron gave a sweet shoutout to his better half and thanked her in his speech, saying “I want to thank my wife for being there with me and supporting me through this. Thank you for putting up with me, Jesus, I was not very pleasant in this role. You’re my soulmate and I love you very much.” He also gave a special mention to his daughters and added, “I’m blessed. I have four beautiful daughters: Anjelica, Phoenix, Wylda, and Romy, I love you all very much.”

June 2017 – Aaron addresses the age-gap debate

Years after their marriage and welcoming their two daughters, Aaron openly addressed the big discussion around the massive age gap between him and his wife. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor expressed why he paid no heed to people’s opinions on his marriage. Taylor-Johnson noted that, despite people seeing their age gap as an obstacle, his marriage has lasted longer than a lot of his friends’ marriages.

2019 — The couple discuss working together on A Million Pieces

After failing to reconnect professionally after Nowhere Boy, Aaron and Sam collaborated on their second project together in 2018 titled A Million Pieces. Apart from starring in the film, Aaron also co-wrote the screenplay along with his wife. While promoting the film, the duo spoke about the perks of working together, adding that they don’t like to spend time apart. An interesting fact about them that will surprise you is that in the course of their marriage, they have only been apart for two or three days.

An unlikely confession the couple made while promoting their film together was also how Sam shot an intimate scene involving Aaron and his co-star on Valentine’s Day. The director revealed how she had to stay professional at the moment and not think of Aaron as her husband.

2021 — Aaron and Sam get inked together

To strengthen their deep commitment towards each other and celebrate their love in the coolest manner, Aaron and Sam got tattoos of each other’s names in 2021. While Aaron showcased his wife’s name, which had been tattooed on his chest, Sam got his name inked on her collarbone. Fans can thank their tattoo artist for dropping the adorable snaps of their tattoos in an Instagram post.

2022 — Renewing their wedding vows on 10th anniversary

Upon reaching the 10-year mark in their happy marriage, the couple celebrated the milestone in a special way. On their anniversary, Aaron and Sam renewed their wedding vows in a celebratory evening attended by their close friends. Aaron took to Instagram to share a heartwarming post honouring his wife and wrote, “It was a celebration of love and joy! A decade of marriage. It was a magical unforgettable day and the sun did not stop shining on us both.. we are blessed beyond belief. Sammy you are my love, my life, my soulmate, my wife, my world.”

2023 — Cheating rumours during Bullet Train premiere

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Bullet Train premiere
Aaron Taylor-Johnson was accompanied by his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson at the Bullet Train premiere. (Image: Sam Taylor-Johnson/Instagram)

No celebrity couple has gone unscathed in the realm of ridiculous rumours, and the same has happened with Aaron and Sam after a random blind item surfaced with speculations that the actor had cheated with The Bullet Train co-star Joey King. The rumours seemed false from the beginning, given Aaron’s committed relationship, and King’s happily-engaged status with Steven Piet. With unreliable sources spreading the speculations, the rumours soon died down.

See Also

2024 — Aaron calls out the ‘bizarre’ obsession around the couple’s age gap

In his latest interview with Rolling Stone UK, the actor did not confirm his James Bond casting, but had a strong statement to make about his relationship. Calling out the continued discourse around the 23-year age gap between him and his wife, he said, “You’re doing something too quickly for someone else? I don’t understand that. What speed are you supposed to enjoy life at? It’s bizarre to me.”

Aaron Taylor-Jonson and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s farm life

Aaron and Sam have built a beautiful estate in Somerset, which the couple purchased in 2010. Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCleod once owned the same farmhouse. Aaron has been vocal about his love for the quiet life on the farm, where he also has a vegetable garden. While speaking to Harper’s Bazaar last month, the actor opened up about his love for cooking with fresh ingredients. He said, “They’ve got to be fresh and organic. I have a vegetable garden and I’m going to add some chickens for fresh eggs.”

The Bullet Train actor has shared glimpses of his sprawling countryside home on Instagram, and also introduced the pigs on his farm. The house also has an al fresco set up in the garden with a rustic fire pit. Recently, the actor ran into trouble with the residents around his estate after they complained of noise and disturbance. As per MailOnline, it was due to excavation work taking place at the house. Reports have stated that Aaron and Sam were creating two areas of water as wildlife ponds, thus leading to the noise complaints.

(Main and featured image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage/Getty Images)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Who is the Marvel actor married to an older woman?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson who starred as Quicksilver in the MCU is married to Sam Taylor-Johnson. The couple has a 23-year age gap between them.

– How many kids does Aaron Taylor-Johnson have?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson have four kids. The couple welcomed two daughters Wylda Rae and Romy Hero in 2010 and 2012 respectively. They also raise Jessie Phoenix Jopling and Angelica Mara Jopling whom Sam shares with her ex-husband Jay Jopling.

– How old was Aaron when he had his first child?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was 20 years old when he welcomed his first child with Sam Taylor-Johnson in 2010. The couple named their daughter Wylda Rae.

– Does Aaron Taylor-Johnson have a wife?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson tied the knot in 2012, months after welcoming their second daughter.

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