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After Idiot Me As soon as, Two Extra Harlan Coben Collection Are In The Works at Netflix

After Idiot Me As soon as, Two Extra Harlan Coben Collection Are In The Works at Netflix

Harlan Coben will have a home at Netflix for the foreseeable future, with two more of his bestselling novels now set to be adapted by the streaming service.

The news comes following the recent success of Fool Me Once, a mystery thriller starring Richard Armitage and Michelle Keegan, which dropped on New Year’s Day to enormous viewership around the world.

According to Netflix’s own statistics, the series accumulated 61 million views globally in its first two weeks! This isn’t a surprising result, of course, with previous Harlan Coben adaptations such as The Stranger and Stay Close also proving highly popular, with the latter being launched on New Year’s Day 2022.

Coben recently expressed an interest in returning to that coveted spot on the release calendar in future years, with two more UK-based adaptations in the works which could potentially do just that (per Deadline).

Fool Me Once’s Danny Brocklehurst will adapt Run Away, which sees a man’s seemingly perfect life thrown into chaos when his eldest daughter goes missing, only to resurface high on drugs in a public park.

Meanwhile, Stay Close co-writer Victoria Asare-Archer will handle the screen version of Missing You, in which detective Kat Donovan is drawn in by a sinister dating profile, which could be connected in some way to her father’s mysterious death.

Nicola Shindler’s Quay Street Productions and Coben’s own Final Twist are behind both projects, with Missing You being first on the agenda, currently targeting a start date for filming in the springtime. Casting will be announced in due course.

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Coben told “We skipped last year but we’d love to try doing it where we have that New Year’s Day release for everybody, they can watch us hungover and we can join them in the new year.”

Following the launch of Fool Me Once, there are now eight Harlan Coben dramas on Netflix, with the UK-based thrillers sitting alongside international adaptations from Europe and beyond – of which there are also more to come.

Coben added: “We’re doing one right now in Poland based off my book Just One Look, we’re filming and Netflix Poland is working on it. [We’re] also working on one in South America, believe it or not.”

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