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All About The Love Island: All Stars Villa And Different Filming Places

All About The Love Island: All Stars Villa And Different Filming Places

While the temperatures may be below zero in the UK, a new group of singles is currently luxuriating in a South Africa villa for a winter of love on ITV2’s popular 2024 reality TV show Love Island: All Stars.

The ongoing season is filmed in South Africa, in a newly-refurbished villa that’ll hopefully prove to be the location for new relationships to blossom.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Love Island: All Stars 2024 villa and all the places where the show is filmed.

love island all stars 2024 villa
The Love Island villa for the 2024 All Stars season is located in South Africa. (Image: ITV)

Where is Love Island: All Stars 2024 filmed, and where is the villa located?

While the summer show is filmed in Majorca, Love Island: All Stars 2024 is filmed in South Africa and its villa is situated between a mountain range and wine valley in Franschhoek.

It is the same villa that was used in the 2023 winter series, but looks slightly different due to a recent refurbishment.

The villa, which is named the Ludus Magnus, is located near Cape Town and is reportedly worth £1.2 million.

For season 8, the series took place in a villa in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca.

What is the Love Island villa like?

The estate features three swimming pools, surrounded by the famous sun loungers for the islanders to soak in the sun and crack on.

The 17-bedroom property has also been kitted out with classic Love Island staples, from colourful patio furniture, pool decking, multiple beds in the shared bedrooms, a hideaway which now has green tiles and bits of gold, and of course, the ‘dog house’.

Fans will also spot lots of cheeky signs dotted across the villa, including, “Doing Bits”, “Love”, “Find the one” and the iconic “my type on paper”.

Where was the old Love Island villa?

The villa featured in season 8 was located in Mallorca. It includes a bedroom, lounge area, make-up room, bathroom, beach hut, balcony, outdoor kitchen, pool, and fire pit and is said to be worth £2.7 million.

Speaking about some of the designs for season 8, the executive producer Mike Spencer said that it was the “biggest bedroom” they’ve ever had on the show.

“So basically the idea behind this was we wanted to take it back to what it used to be in the early series where they’re opposite each other. So yeah, it has that because I think there’s so much more banter when you’re cross and going to bed at night.”

There was also more space in the girls’ dressing room, with six tables instead of four, which will make it more comfortable for when the house gets a little more crowded with bombshells.

Can you rent the Love Island: All Stars 2024 villa and stay there on holiday?

love island all stars 2024 villa
Ludus Magnus. (Image: Ludus Magnus)

You can! The Ludus Magnus is bookable for the exclusive use of the property, featuring eight Manor House rooms and three villas – however, you need to contact the owners for prices and rates.

To book the villa for a wedding can cost between GBP 20,036 and GBP 44,610. You can find out more on the Ludus Magnus website.

Where is Casa Amor and how can you rent it?

Casa Amor is the infamous second villa introduced to Love Island in the third series to create some added spice and drama. It is where couples get split up and put with different partners in the hopes of turning their eye and twisting their feelings.

Casa Amor will not be making a return for the 2024 All Stars season, in order to shake things up. “We have got to be reactive. These islanders have done it all before so we have to be one step ahead of them,” executive producer Mike Spencer told the Daily Mirror.

This [will] give us the chance to shake it up and bring new islanders into the mix in new ways. We have four hidden single beds in the lounge, so make of that what you will.”

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While there won’t be a 2024 Casa Amor villa, we can tell you where the previous Casa Amor villas are located. Like the main summer villa, it can be found in the Majorcan countryside and is privately owned. However unlike the main villa, Casa Amor is available to rent when not occupied by the Love Island crew.

Coming with a private chef and chauffeur, Casa Amor is the height of luxury and merely minutes away from the main filming location. At a cost between GBP 4,572 and GBP 7,417 per week, it can be all yours.

It is available to rent through Villa Retreats here.

Where is Island Vibes beach club?

In the summer 2022 season, we saw the islanders head off for a day at a beach club, known as Island Vibes.

Although the exact location of the beach club was kept secret, it’s likely that it’s also in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, where the main villa was based at the time.

It didn’t appear to be an actual beach club, but rather a villa that the Love Island producers made into their own beach club.

Love Island: All Stars is currently airing on Britain’s ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX.

(Main image: Love Island/ ITV; Featured image: Love Island/ Facebook)

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