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All of the Shock Songs that Have Been Carried out at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

All of the Shock Songs that Have Been Carried out at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

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With the Eras tour bound for Singapore starting tomorrow, March 2, fans from across Asia are understandably eager and excited. If you’re wondering just which surprise songs Taylor Swift has sung in her Eras tour thus far, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive running list. Get ready to sing, scream, or cry to your favourite songs, on what will surely be an Enchanted evening.

Those who are heading to Singapore in the coming days to catch Taylor Swift live in action for the Eras tour are in for a treat. The island city has spared no expense, curating an exhilarating calendar of events anchored on the upcoming tour to give visitors an experience to remember.

taylor swift eras tour surprise songs
In addition to her 44-song setlist, Taylor Swift plays two surprise songs during her Eras tour shows. (Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram)

This is certainly an inspired move; Swift, who has performed in sold-out stadiums across the United States, Latin America, Tokyo, and Australia, will be making her only stop in Southeast Asia in Singapore, where she will perform for a total of six nights. To this end, the island city is expected to play host to hundreds of thousands of Southeast Asian Swifties, who are expected to begin pouring in over the weekend.

But, beyond the high-octave carousel of Eras tour events, which includes a fan sing-along at Jewel Changi Airport and friendship bracelet-making sessions, Swifties are arriving in anticipation of seeing their idol live in action. Known for putting on electric performances filled with genuine moments of human connection, extraordinary displays of vocal prowess, and the iconic inclusion of surprise songs, Taylor Swift has turned her Eras tour into a hugely successful pop culture phenomenon.

Swifties are absolutely here for it.

What are the surprise songs on Taylor Swift’s Eras tour?

Having produced 10 studio albums (with an 11th on the way in the form of The Tortured Poets Department), Taylor Swift has an incredible discography of 243 songs. Each Eras tour concert spans about three and a half hours in length, with a setlist of 44 songs spread out over 10 distinct acts — or eras, if you will. Given the time, it is easy to conclude that some fan favourites may not make it onto the set list; and so, Taylor Swift’s iconic Eras tour surprise songs came to be.

Taylor Swift’s surprise songs are two special acoustic songs that are performed in addition to the Eras tour setlist — one on the piano, and one on the guitar. Initially, Swift had committed to only performing a song once; however, since announcing the international dates for her Eras tour, the singer has rescinded her own rule, declaring a special song free-for-all for her 2024 venues.

Swift’s announcement has naturally thrown her hardcore fans into a frenzy, with international tour attendees attempting to guess the songs that the star might perform at their shows. Further changing up the tune, Swift cheekily unveiled a surprise song mash up at her Argentina show, treating fans to a mash up of Is It Over Now and Out Of The Woods. While mash ups were rare occurrences leading up to Australia, the songstress appears to have lifted the embargo on them, performing some of her greatest hits to much happy screaming and crying across her shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

taylor swift eras tour surprise songs
Sabrina Carpenter recently performed surprise songs onstage with Taylor Swift at the Eras tour in Sydney, singing a mash up of White Horse and Coney Island. (Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram)

It’s anybody’s guess what surprise songs Swift is set to perform for her Eras tour stop in Singapore. Those attempting to hazard a guess, however, might find some useful clues and easter eggs in what she has performed so far.

One for the money, two for the show

Despite having a huge list of songs to choose from, Swift has opted to perform some surprise songs more than once during her Eras tour.

Most notably, the singer has sung Midnights’ Maroon a grand total of four times, thrice as a full song, and last as a mash up with Forever & Always at her Sydney show on 26 February. Another song that has enjoyed Swift’s attention is You’re On Your Own, Kid, which has been played three times as a full song.

taylor swift eras tour surprise songs
One of the most highly-anticipated moments of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is the acoustic performance of surprise songs, which differ across the concerts. (Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram)

Other songs that have been performed twice as full songs include Clean, Death By A Thousand Cuts, Holy Ground, How You Get The Girl, Our Song, Red, Snow On The Beach, Teardrops On My Guitar, and This Is Me Trying.

Additionally, Swift has opted to perform some songs a second time as part of a mash up. This includes Come Back…Be Here, which was performed a second time with Daylight, Getaway Car (performed a second time with August and The Other Side Of The Door), New Year’s Day (performed a second time with Peace), Should’ve Said No (performed a second time with You’re Not Sorry), White Horse and Coney Island (performed separately on different occasions, and then together as a mash up), Out Of The Woods (performed a second time with Is It Over Now), and Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve (performed a second time with Ivy).

Heartbreak and the yellow dress

Now that we’re deep in the throes of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, international fans have begun to hypothesise about the connection between Swift’s wardrobe choices and the surprise songs of the night. According to fans, the combination of Swift’s orange dress for 1989 and yellow dress for her surprise songs is lethal — at least emotionally.

The consensus among Swifties is that the combination is a sign of upcoming heartbreak, as Swift has been said to play her most heartrending and heartbreaking songs when thusly dressed. One fan shared that Swift sang Right Where You Left Me and Castles Crumbling in the combo; another was treated to Hits Different and The Moment I Knew. While this is certainly an interesting theory, Swifties from different camps have since emerged to share their input, ultimately highlighting the unique way in which individuals connect with Swift’s music and lyrics.

Every surprise song that has been performed on Taylor Swift’s Eras tour

Here is every surprise song that has been played at the Eras tour. Watch this space as we’ll be updating it frequently.

2023: United States, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil

March 17 (Glendale, Arizona) — Mirrorball, Tim McGraw

March 18 (Glendale, Arizona) — State of Grace, This Is Me Trying

March 24 (Las Vegas, Nevada) — Our Song, Snow on the Beach

March 25 (Las Vegas, Nevada) — Cowboy Like Me with Marcus Mumford, White Horse

March 31 (Arlington, Texas) — Sad Beautiful Tragic, Ours

April 1 (Arlington, Texas) — Death by a Thousand Cuts, Clean

April 2 (Arlington, Texas) — Jump Then Fall, The Lucky One

April 13 (Tampa, Florida) — Speak Now, Treacherous

April 14 (Tampa, Florida) — The Great War with Aaron Dessner, You’re on Your Own, Kid

April 15 (Tampa, Florida) — Mad Woman with Aaron Dessner, Mean

April 21 (Houston, Texas) — Wonderland, You’re Not Sorry

April 22 (Houston, Texas) — A Place in This World, Today Was a Fairytale

April 23 (Houston, Texas) — Begin Again, Cold as You

April 28 (Atlanta, Georgia) — The Other Side of the Door, Coney Island

April 29 (Atlanta, Georgia) — High Infidelity and Gorgeous

April 30 (Atlanta, Georgia) — I Bet You Think About Me, How You Get the Girl

May 5 (Nashville, Tennessee) — Sparks Fly, Teardrops on My Guitar

May 6 (Nashville, Tennessee) — Out of the Woods, Fifteen

May 7 (Nashville, Tennessee) — Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve with Aaron Dessner, Mine

May 12 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) — Gold Rush, Come Back…Be Here

May 13 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) — Forever & Always, This Love

May 14 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) — Hey Stephen, The Best Day

May 19 (Foxborough, Massachusetts) — Should’ve Said No, Better Man

May 20 (Foxborough, Massachusetts) — Question…?, Invisible

May 21 (Foxborough, Massachusetts) — I Think He Knows, Red

May 26 (East Rutherford, New Jersey) — Getaway Car with Jack Antonoff, Maroon

May 27 (East Rutherford, New Jersey) — Holy Ground, False God

May 28 (East Rutherford, New Jersey) — Welcome to New York, Clean

June 2 (Chicago, Illinois) — I Wish You Would, The Lakes

June 3 (Chicago, Illinois) — You All Over Me with Maren Morris, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

June 4 (Chicago, Illinois) — Hits Different, The Moment I Knew

June 9 (Detroit, Michigan) — Haunted, I Almost Do

June 10 (Detroit, Michigan) — All You Had to Do Was Stay, Breathe

June 16 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) — Mr. Perfectly Fine, The Last Time

June 17 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) — Seven with Aaron Dessner, The Story of Us

June 23 (Minneapolis, Minnesota) — Paper Rings, If This Was a Movie

June 24 (Minneapolis, Minnesota) — Dear John, Daylight

June 30 (Cincinnati, Ohio) — I’m Only Me When I’m With You, Evermore

July 1 (Cincinnati, Ohio) — Ivy with Aaron Dessner, I Miss You, I’m Sorry with Gracie Abrams, and Call It What You Want

July 7 (Kansas City, Missouri) — Never Grow Up, When Emma Falls in Love

July 8 (Kansas City, Missouri) — Last Kiss, Dorothea

July 14 (Denver, Colorado) — Picture to Burn, Timeless

July 15 (Denver, Colorado) — Starlight, Back to December

July 22 (Seattle, Washington) — This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Everything Has Changed

July 23 (Seattle, Washington) — Message in a Bottle, Tied Together With a Smile

July 28 (Santa Clara, California) — Right Where You Left Me, Castles Crumbling

July 29 (Santa Clara, California) — Stay Stay Stay, All of the Girls You Loved Before

Aug. 3 (Los Angeles, California) — I Can See You, Maroon

Aug. 4 (Los Angeles, California) — Our Song, You Are in Love

Aug. 5 (Los Angeles, California) — Death by a Thousand Cuts, You’re on Your Own, Kid

Aug. 7 (Los Angeles, California) — Dress, Exile

Aug. 8 (Los Angeles, California) — I Know Places, King of My Heart

Aug. 9 (Los Angeles, California) — New Romantics, New Year’s Day

Aug. 24 (Mexico City, Mexico) — I Forgot That You Existed, Sweet Nothing

Aug. 25 (Mexico City, Mexico) — Tell Me Why, Snow on the Beach

Aug. 26 (Mexico City, Mexico) — Cornelia Street, You’re on Your Own, Kid

See Also

Aug. 27 (Mexico City, Mexico) — Afterglow, Maroon

Nov. 9 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) — The Very First Night, Labyrinth

Nov. 11 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) — Is It Over Now? / Out of the Woods, End Game

Nov. 12 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) — Better Than Revenge, Slut!

Nov. 17 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) — Stay Beautiful, Suburban Legends

Nov. 19 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) — Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Bigger Than the Whole Sky

Nov. 20 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) — Me!, So It Goes

Nov. 24 (São Paulo, Brazil) — Now That We Don’t Talk, Innocent

Nov. 25 (São Paulo, Brazil) — Safe and Sound, Untouchable

Nov. 25 (São Paulo, Brazil) — Say Don’t Go, It’s Time to Go

2024: Japan, Australia, Singapore, and more

Feb. 7 (Tokyo, Japan) — Dear Reader, Holy Ground

Feb. 8 (Tokyo, Japan) — Eyes Open, Electric Touch

Feb. 9 (Tokyo, Japan) — Superman, The Outside

Feb. 10 (Tokyo, Japan) — Come In With the Rain, You’re on Your Own Kid

Feb. 16 (Melbourne, Australia) — Red, You’re Losing Me

Feb. 17 (Melbourne, Australia) — Getaway Car / August / The Other Side of the Door, This Is Me Trying

Feb. 18 (Melbourne, Australia) — Come Back Be Here / Daylight, Teardrops on My Guitar

Feb. 23 (Sydney, Australia) — How You Get the Girl, White Horse / Coney Island with Sabrina Carpenter

Feb. 24 (Sydney, Australia) — Should’ve Said No, New Year’s Day / Peace

Feb. 25 (Sydney, Australia) — Is It Over Now / I Wish You Would, Haunted / Exile

Feb. 26 (Sydney, Australia) — Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve / Ivy, Forever & Always / Maroon

Mar. 2 (Singapore) — Mine / Starlight, I Don’t Want To Live Forever / Dress

Mar. 3 (Singapore) — To be added

Mar. 4 (Singapore) — To be added

Mar. 7 (Singapore) — To be added

Mar. 8 (Singapore) — To be added

Mar. 9 (Singapore) — To be added

(Main and featured image: Taylor Swift/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What songs are left for Eras tour surprise songs?

As of 2024, there are very few songs left that Taylor Swift has not performed as a surprise song on her Eras tour. These include: Mary’s Song (Oh My My My), A Perfectly Good Heart, The Way I Loved You, Change, Superstar, We Were Happy, That’s When, Don’t You, Bye Bye Baby, Foolish One, Girl At Home, Ronan, Babe, Forever Winter, Run, Sweeter Than Fiction, I Did Something Bad, London Boy, Soon You’ll Get Better, It’s Nice To Have A Friend, Epiphany, Hoax, Happiness, Long Story Short, Closure, Paris, and Glitch.

What surprise songs has Taylor Swift not played?

As of 2024, there are very few songs left that Taylor Swift has not performed as a surprise song on her Eras tour. These include: Mary’s Song (Oh My My My), A Perfectly Good Heart, The Way I Loved You, Change, Superstar, We Were Happy, That’s When, Don’t You, Bye Bye Baby, Foolish One, Girl At Home, Ronan, Babe, Forever Winter, Run, Sweeter Than Fiction, I Did Something Bad, London Boy, Soon You’ll Get Better, It’s Nice To Have A Friend, Epiphany, Hoax, Happiness, Long Story Short, Closure, Paris, and Glitch.

What are the extra songs on the Eras Tour movie?

Swift performed six surprise songs while the Eras tour movie was being filmed: I Can See You, Maroon, Our Song, You Are In Love, Death By A Thousand Cuts, and You’re On Your Own, Kid. However, only Our Song and You’re On Your Own, Kid made it into the final cut of the movie.

What are the surprise songs on the Eras Tour Brazil?

Taylor Swift played these surprise songs during the Eras tour in Brazil: Stay Beautiful, Suburban Legends, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Bigger Than the Whole Sky, Me!, So It Goes, Now That We Don’t Talk, Innocent, Safe and Sound, Untouchable, Say Don’t Go, and It’s Time to Go.

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