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Ariana Grande Films and TV Reveals Each Fan Ought to Watch

Ariana Grande Films and TV Reveals Each Fan Ought to Watch

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Ariana Grande is undoubtedly one of the finest vocalists of our time. While she is best known for her chart-topping music, this multitalented pop phenomenon possesses a wide range of talents beyond her musical skills. Grande made her Broadway debut at the age of 13, and by 15, she was dazzling people as the whimsical Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. Although she later focused on her music career, she has managed to pleasantly surprise audiences with occasional acting performances. Today we’re looking at the best movies and TV shows Ariana Grande has starred in.

For Grande’s devoted followers, who are known as Arinators, her expansive filmography proves her versatility. Recently, the Nickelodeon star has started boosting her acting career again. Cast as Glinda in the new Wicked series, her off-screen romance with co-star Ethan Slater has stirred controversy, becoming the subject of much discourse. Grande received a massive backlash, with people calling her a ‘homewrecker’ amid rumours linking her to Ethan’s breakup with his then-pregnant wife, Lily Jay. Nonetheless, Grande remains unconcerned by public opinion, as proven by her bold attitude in the latest track from her upcoming album Eternal Sunshine, where she sang, yes, and?

On the same day as the Super Bowl finals between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, the Part 1 trailer for the Wicked series dropped, adding to the hype. Following the trailer’s release, Grande and her co-star Cynthia Erivo were seen enjoying the game together. Let’s take a look back at some of the most notable movies and TV shows that have featured Ariana Grande’s skills throughout the years.

Movies and TV shows Ariana Grande has starred in

The Battery’s Down (2009)

In 2009, Ariana Grande appeared as a guest on the musical TV series The Battery’s Down. The show covers the life and adventures of a young actor named Jake, played by Jake Wilson, as he navigates the ups and downs of a career in theatre and entertainment.

It was Grande’s debut performance outside of Broadway. Grande initially appeared in the second episode of Season 2, Bad Bad News. In the episode, her character can be seen singing happily at a bar mitzvah with others, while the hit song All About Me plays in the background.

Victorious (2010 – 2013)

Ariana grande movies and Tv shows
Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine in Victorious. (Image: IMDb)

Ariana got her big break in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious as Cat Valentine, a charming and slightly eccentric student at Hollywood Arts High School. Cat’s character is known for her bright personality, vibrant wardrobe choices, and occasional bouts of naivety. Throughout the show, Cat shows off her abilities as a singer and actor, frequently appearing in school performances with her friends. Her presence lends a humorous element to the ensemble group, with her odd antics and upbeat view on life providing moments of lightheartedness in between the drama.

Along with Grande, the series featured Victoria Justice as Tori Vega, Elizabeth Gillies as Jade West, and Avan Jogia, who is in a relationship with singer-songwriter Halsey, as Beck. Victorious provided a platform for Grande to show off her acting and singing abilities and laid the groundwork for her eventual success in both music and entertainment. Apparently, playing a redhead on the show required her to dye her hair every week which damaged her hair severely, so she decided to wear it in the ponytail which eventually became her signature hairstyle.

iCarly (2011)

iParty with Victorious
iCarly and Victorious cast together. (mage: IMDb)

Who can forget the epic crossovers in Disney and Nickelodeon shows? In 2011, viewers were treated to an exciting crossover between iCarly and Victorious. The episode, titled “iParty with Victorious,” brought together the casts of both shows, with Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress from iCarly teaming up with the ensemble from Victorious. Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, and Freddie Benson had quite the adventure when they encountered Tori Vega, Andre Harris, and Cat Valentine in the shared universe. The crossover episode brought fans of both shows together in excitement and anticipation.

Snowflake, the White Gorilla (2011)

Ariana Grande voiced Snowflake in the English dub of the Spanish animated feature Snowflake, the White Gorilla which was released in 2011. The film centres around Snowflake, a rare white gorilla living in a zoo who aspires to discover her actual purpose and position in the world.

Grande’s character, Snowflake, is shown as lovely, fearless, and driven while enduring hardships and ridicule from others because of her unusual appearance. In the film, Snowflake goes on a journey of self-discovery, encountering many different people and adventures along the way. Grande’s depiction of Snowflake highlights her versatility as a voice actress, adding depth and charm to the role. Her acting brings heart and compassion to the animated movie.

Winx Club (2011-2013)

Ariana grande movies and Tv shows
Princess Diaspro. (Image: Winx Club Wiki)

Ariana Grande took on a small role in Winx Club, where she performed as a minor character named Princess Diaspro in two episodes, Listen to Your Heart (Season 4, Episode 19) and Diaspro’s Deception (Season 3, Episode 19).

Winx Club is a fantasy animated series in which fairy warriors from all over the universe learn and train to strengthen their magical abilities at Alfea College. However, things begin to change when Bloom, an Earth-born girl, joins them after discovering her own unique skills. Princess Diaspro is Eraklyon’s princess, Sky’s (the male protagonist) childhood friend and former fiancée. She is often described as envious and manipulative, which causes tension between Bloom and Sky (the male protagonist). The live-action version of the series Fate: the Winx Saga is currently streaming on Netflix.

Swindle (2013)

Ariana Grande in Swindle. (Image: IMDb)

In the 2013 Nickelodeon film Swindle, Grande plays Amanda Benson, a popular and energetic girl with a flair for getting things done. Ariana stars in the movie alongside a stellar cast of other Nickelodeon stars such as Noah Crawford, Chris O’Neal, Jennette McCurdy, and Noah Munck.

Griffin, portrayed by Noah Crawford, enlists Amanda and a few others in a mission to recover his friend’s priceless baseball card from a dubious collector. Amanda’s enthusiasm and resourcefulness make her an invaluable member of the group’s efforts to right wrongs and regain what is rightfully theirs.

Underdogs (2015)/ Foosball (2013)

In the English-dubbed version of the Spanish animated movie Metegol, titled Underdogs, Ariana Grande voices Laura, Jake’s love interest, who is voiced by Shawn Mendes. Laura is an important character in the plot, serving as a source of encouragement and support for Jake as he faces his obstacles. Laura’s presence encourages Jake to confront his fears and stand up for what he believes in, adding depth and emotional resonance to the narrative.

Ariana’s voice gives Laura warmth and sincerity, making her a friendly and endearing figure for viewers of all ages. Alongside a talented ensemble cast featuring Brooklyn Beckham, Bella Thorne, Mel Brooks, and Rupert Grint, Ariana’s work in Underdogs contributes to the film’s charm and appeal, displaying her ability as a voice actress.

Sam & Cat (2013 – 2014)

A spin-off of two earlier hit Nickelodeon shows: iCarly and Victorious, Sam & Cat was a Nickelodeon sitcom that ran from 2013 to 2014. Ariana Grande reprised her character as Cat Valentine from Victorious, and Jennette McCurdy played Sam Puckett from iCarly.

In the series, Cat and Sam become roommates and create a babysitting service to supplement their income. Cat adds her characteristic eccentricity and innocence, whereas Sam brings her tough and street-savvy attitude. Their opposing personalities create hilarious tension and wonderful moments as they go on numerous adventures together.

Family Guy (2014)

Ariana Grande appeared as a guest in the iconic animated sitcom‘s twelfth episode of the twelfth season, Mom’s The Word. In this episode, she voices the unnamed daughter of the Griffins’ Italian neighbours.

In this episode, The plot focuses upon Peter Griffin mourning the death of his mother, while his mother’s lifelong friend tries to console him only to seduce him. Meanwhile, Stewie discovers the terrible reality of death, giving depth and emotion to the episode’s story.

Scream Queens (2015)

In the television series Scream Queens, Ari played Chanel #2, whose real name is Sonya Herfmann. Chanel #2 is a Kappa Kappa Tau sorority member renowned for her love of social media and tight friendship with the sorority’s leader, Chanel Oberlin (played by Emma Roberts). Despite her supposedly naive demeanour, she has a sharp wit and does not hesitate to to speak her thoughts, especially when confronting Chanel Oberlin. This short recurring cameo role in the TV show is Ariana Grande’s debut in dark comedy.

RuPaul’s Drag Race (2015 & 2023)

Ariana Grande joined the guest judge panel for Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which featured the reality show‘s largest cast ever with 16 participants. Among the competitors were Sasha Colby, a legendary pageant queen, and the TikTok twins Sugar and Spice, all vying for the coveted crown and the impressive cash prize of USD 200,000.

The cast members’ comments and interviews reveal Grande’s genuine enthusiasm for drag. This wasn’t her first appearance on the show; she had previously served as a guest judge in Season 7 in 2015. Ariana’s appearance added excitement and star power to the episode, and her insights as a guest judge were well received by both participants and the audience.

Zoolander 2 (2016)

Ariana grande movies and Tv shows
Ariana Grande in Letx in Zoolander 2. (Image: IMDb)

In the action-comedy film Zoolander 2, Ariana plays an anonymous woman covered in latex who appears to seduce Owen Wilson’s character, Hansel, while he relaxes in a sauna. Despite spending the majority of her minimal screen time covered in black latex, Ariana’s signature ponytail set her apart, granting her instant recognition. The resultant scene was a brief, and yet amusing contribution to the film’s humorous appeal. Shortly after the film’s release, Grande posted on Instagram to share her delight, stating, “Being in Zoolander 2 for a total of 10 seconds completed my life. The coolest experience ever.”

For Ariana, the cameo was an exciting opportunity to be a part of a renowned franchise and share the screen alongside iconic actors like Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. Popstar Justin Bieber also appeared as a guest in the film.

Hairspray Live! (2016)

Ariana Grande starred in Hairspray Live! as Penny Pingleton, a key character in the musical adaptation of the 1960s Baltimore story. Penny is portrayed as a quirky and endearing teenager who develops a close relationship with the lead, Tracy Turnblad.

Throughout production, Ariana brought the character of Penny to life with her vibrant energy and undeniable talent. As Tracy’s loyal best friend, Penny navigates the challenges of adolescence while also embracing her own unique quirks and personality.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (2019)

The next one in the list of Ariana Grande’s movies and TV shows list is a little unexpected. Grande made her first appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in Season 16 episode 6 Fire Escape with a remarkable cameo. Kris Jenner, the Kardashian-Jenner family matriarch, appears in Ariana Grande’s star-studded music video for Thank U, Next. The music video also featured celebrities such as Troye Sivan, Jennifer Coolidge, Elizabeth Gillies, and more. During the episode of KUWTK Ariana disclosed another interesting fact about the video: that the pink lipstick she wore in the MV came from Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics.

Kidding (2020)

In 2020, Grande made a cameo appearance in the fifth episode of the second season of the American comedy-drama television series Kidding. In the show, she portrays a character named Piccola Grande, known as the Pickle Fairy of Hope. Her appearance serves as a magical and uplifting moment within the storyline, adding a touch of surrealism to the narrative.

excuse me, i love you (2020)

See Also

In 2020, Ariana Grande released excuse me, i love you, a highly personal and fascinating documentary on Netflix. While not a traditional acting role, this documentary provided an intimate look at Ariana’s life both on and off the stage during her massively popular Sweetener World Tour in 2019.

The documentary follows Ariana as she travels the world, giving electric performances of her chart-topping anthems in sold-out arenas. However, it goes beyond the sparkle and glamour of the stage, providing a raw and uncensored look at her dancers and band members, as well as candid interactions with her passionate following of Arinators.

Don’t Look Up (2021)

Don’t Look Up is a satirical science fiction film directed by comedian Adam McKay, which was released on Netflix in December 2021. The plot revolves around two amateur astronomers, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, who make an unexpected discovery: a comet hurtling towards Earth on a collision course.

As they work to alert the world to the impending tragedy, they confront several hurdles and are met with scepticism by politicians, the media, and the general people. Ariana Grande plays Riley Bina, a well-known pop diva with a large fan base. While Ariana’s role as Riley Bina isn’t the film’s main focus, it does lend an intriguing element of parody and criticism of celebrity culture and the power of media.

The Voice (2021)

Ariana Grande joined the Coach-Judge panel of the famous singing reality TV show The Voice US in season 21. As a young pop artist at the peak of her career, Grande brought a fresh viewpoint and youthful energy to the show, attracting younger viewers and generating excitement. Her large social media following resulted in increased online interaction and viewership for the show. Her technical and vocal expertise enabled her to provide important vocal coaching, assisting her team members in highlighting their talents and improving their techniques.

Wicked (2024 & 2025)

Ariana Grande is set to take on the iconic role of Glinda in the highly anticipated live-action movie adaptation of Wicked. Cynthia Erivo will play the role of Elphaba. Along with Grande and Erivo, the film will also star Jonathan Gillies, Michelle Yeoh, and Ethan Slater. The adaptation will be released in two parts, with the first on November 27, 2024, and the second in November 2025.

(Main and featured image: arianagrande/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– How many movies and TV shows is Ariana Grande in?

Ariana Grande has starred in 8 movies and 12 TV shows.

Why is Ariana Grande so famous?

Ariana is a popstar with many accolades in the bag including two Grammys. She also starred in many movies and TV shows including Victorious and Wicked.

When did Ariana Grande stop acting?

She never stopped acting, she mostly stars in minor roles as she mainly focuses on her music career. Her upcoming movie Wicked is coming on November 27, 2024, where she plays the lead, Glinda.

What is the real name of Ariana Grande?

Her full name is Ariana Grande-Butera, but she only uses the name Ariana Grande as a pop music icon.

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