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Asian Artists to Watch 2024: Din Artwork

Asian Artists to Watch 2024: Din Artwork

Each year, we identify the Asian artists on the rise, shining a light on the exciting and provocative works enriching the region’s artistic and cultural landscape. Cambodian artist Din Art shares his story.

Borin Teang, known as Din Art in the art world, is one of Cambodia’s leading contemporary abstract artists, a visionary who transforms ancient and mystical apsara dancers into modern and vibrant masterpieces. His paintings and sketches are a fusion of tradition and innovation, culture and creativity, beauty and grace.

Artists to Watch 2024: Din Art
Artists to Watch 2024: Din Art

Din Art’s love for drawing started as a child in the southern province of Kampot, where he’d draw on anything he could find, from the dirt to the walls of his house. After receiving many art awards in school, he studied for a degree in architecture at Norton University in Phnom Penh, graduating in 2005.

But his true calling was always art. He was fascinated by the beauty and form of women, especially the apsara dancers. Apsaras are heavenly beings in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, who perform graceful and enchanting dances. Din Art saw his first performance in Phnom Penh and was mesmerised by their elegance and charm. He started to sketch and sell postcards of his apsara drawings to souvenir shops, gaining recognition and appreciation from local and foreign customers.

Modern apsaras painted by Din Art

Din Art’s dream to open his own gallery and showcase his work to the world eventually came true when in 2015, he opened a space in Phnom Penh where he displays his stunning interpretations of Cambodian tradition and culture. It’s now a popular destination for art-lovers and international collectors.

Din Art’s work has also been exhibited and commissioned globally, especially in France, where he has a loyal and enthusiastic fan base. He also created a series of male dancers for Pride Week in Cambodia, which was well-received and celebrated by his clients.

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