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Asian Artists to Watch 2024: Fawwaz Sukri

Asian Artists to Watch 2024: Fawwaz Sukri

Each year, we identify the Asian artists on the rise, shining a light on the exciting and provocative works enriching the region’s artistic and cultural landscape. Malaysian artist Fawwaz Sukri shares his story.

Fawwaz Sukri’s Pop Art paintings use the soft power inherent in art to discuss coercive political tactics
he observes on a global scale and the cultural homogenisation resulting from traditional and social media. His commentary touches on political and economic struggles between East and West as the Global South is strengthened in a post-colonial world. In today’s political climate, his works feel incredibly relevant, and his ability to produce macro-global commentary through a Malaysian lens reminds his audience that these issues are international.

Fawwaz Sukri, War (Wall Piece) (2022)
Fawwaz Sukri, War (Wall Piece) (2022)

In October 2023, Sukri presented These Walls, a sold-out solo at Segaris Gallery for the CIMB Artober Art Fair. His seamless collage paintings shifted from comic books to propaganda posters and comics from China and America, layered on top of each other to create a slight tension by blending several disparate elements into a cohesive narrative. This attention-grabbing ability to deliver complex socio-political messaging indicates Sukri’s innate understanding of geopolitics and what makes his generation tick.

Fawwaz Sukri, Mural Series # 2 – Mystery  Marvel (2023)
Fawwaz Sukri, Mural Series # 2 – Mystery
Marvel (2023)

Sukri graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, majoring in painting, in 2010. A founding member of the Rumpun Artist Collective, his works are found in several important Malaysian art institutions, including The AFK Collection, Gallery Z Collection, Galeri Malacca and Art Gallery UiTM Lendu. He’s also received the Juror Award at Art Against AIDS; Young Gun Award, HOM Art Trans Kuala Lumpur; Vice Chancellor’s Awards, Degree (Hons) in Fine Art UiTM.

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