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Beverly Hills Valentine’s Elegance: Polish Designer Anna Pruska’s Le Petit Clutches Join Forces With Hairtamin’s Leyla Milani & Lilly Ghalichi

Beverly Hills Valentine’s Elegance: Polish Designer Anna Pruska’s Le Petit Clutches Join Forces With Hairtamin’s Leyla Milani & Lilly Ghalichi

At the prestigious event, Anna Pruska and Leyla Milani, the creative minds behind the celebrated Le Petit luxury bags and HAIRtamin, stood out as paragons of elegance and fashion. The gathering was more than just a Valentine’s Day festivity; it marked a tribute to the HAIRtamin community, emphasizing women’s empowerment and unity through an exclusive Galentine’s event aimed at connecting with the brand’s supportive and bold female entrepreneurs.

Layla Milani’s HAIRtamin, recognized for its physician-developed, award-winning natural products, offers solutions for radiant hair, skin, and overall health. Its flagship product, the HAIRtamin Advanced Formula, contains 22 clean, scientifically supported ingredients designed to enhance hair growth, combat hair loss, and promote a fuller, healthier head of hair and scalp. 

Leyla Milani is also united in marriage to Manny Khoshbin, a renowned figure in the global real estate sector, known for his multifaceted career as an American entrepreneur, investor, avid car enthusiast, and author. Khoshbin has made a significant mark as the founder of the Khoshbin Company, a firm credited with the development of numerous properties in the United States. His entrepreneurial endeavors have not only resulted in a substantial wealth accumulation but have also established him as a prominent personality within the real estate domain.

Entrepreneurs, designers, and visionaries globally, including renowned Middle Eastern celebrity multimillionaires Fahad Al Sufayeh, Omid Rahravani and Polish celebrity TV star Katarzyna Lisowska have extended their congratulations to the Polish designer Anna for her remarkable achievements of her brand. Anna Pruska’s Le Petit is a testament to refined style and glamour, offering a line of bespoke, crystal-embellished handbags that have become essential for the fashion-forward woman.

Le Petit is not merely a brand but a symbol of luxury and unique style. The event celebrated not only another milestone in Anna’s distinguished career and her collaboration with HAIRtamin and influential women but also highlighted her significant influence on the fashion industry and her ability to reach new global markets. 

Anna’s innovative spirit and dedication have earned her international recognition and a distinguished clientele. The star-studded HAIRtamin success celebration, attended by Leyla Milani, Lilly Ghalichi, and their closest friends, featured a custom cake by Maison De La Fork and was orchestrated by Melissa Andre of Madco in Los Angeles.

The ambiance was enhanced with elegant candles from In Style Candles, floral arrangements by Ayflowers in Glendale, signage by Glamsignia, and media coverage through a video produced by Alevtina Visual Arts and photographs by the renowned LA-based Viktoria Sirakova.

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Notable attendees included Heather Rae Al Moussa from “Selling Sunset,” along with TV personalities and entrepreneurs such as Gretchen Christine Rossi, Tamanna Roashan, Tina Sadri, Lina Noory, Behamin Barootkoob, Asal Torabi, Melissa Andre, Connie Kamilla, and Dr. Cat.

In a gesture of support and unity among successful women leaders, Anna gifted each guest with a custom Le Petit red heart-shaped clutch, offering a peek into her creative genius and commemorating the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

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