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Brad Pitt Will get to Maintain an Additional 10% Stake within the Château Miraval Vineyard, a Courtroom Guidelines

Brad Pitt Will get to Maintain an Additional 10% Stake within the Château Miraval Vineyard, a Courtroom Guidelines

Brad Pitt’s future may be looking a tad more rosé after a recent legal ruling.

The actor is allowed to keep an extra 10 percent stake in Château Miraval, the French winery he bought with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, the New York Post’s Page Six reported recently. The two have been fighting over the property, worth some $500 million, throughout their divorce, and the saga is only set to continue.

“For now, he maintains a 60/40 [split],” an anonymous source close to the case told Page Six. “He maintains control of this until probably another year, or more.”

Before Pitt and Jolie got married, they bought the vineyard together, with Pitt owning 60 percent and Jolie owning 40 percent. The two wed at Miraval in 2014, and Pitt gave Jolie another 10 percent as a wedding gift, with the vineyard becoming a 50-50 split between the two. Following their breakup, Jolie sold her stake to a subsidiary of the Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler’s Stoli Group, a move that Pitt is trying to fight.

The actor claims that Jolie’s sale was invalid, and that he should still have a 60 percent majority stake in Miraval. He’s said in court that that extra 10 percent he gave to Jolie upon their nuptials isn’t enforceable, and that it should return to him. That’s what a Luxembourg court has seemingly agreed to for now, letting Pitt have that share until a definitive verdict is reached.

“It’s like the equivalent of escrow,” Page Six’s source said. “It is not a final decision.” (Representatives for neither Pitt nor Jolie commented to the outlet.)

The megawatt exes have been fighting over Miraval since 2022, when Pitt filed a lawsuit claiming that the couple had agreed to not sell their shares without the other’s permission. Jolie has since countered that claim, and the back-and-forth has resulted in a saga in which Pitt has called Jolie “vindictive” and Jolie’s former investment firm has called Pitt a “petulant child.”

At the center of the dispute is the sprawling Miraval estate, which includes the vineyard and a 35-room manor. Since Pitt and Jolie purchased the property for $25 million in 2008, it’s become a well-respected name in the world of wine, thanks in part to Pitt’s involvement in launching the first and only Champagne house devoted to rosé Champagne.

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