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Celebrating Icons: Luxurious Purses Named After Well-known Ladies

Celebrating Icons: Luxurious Purses Named After Well-known Ladies

While several famous women have flaunted luxury fashion items, not many have had designer pieces named in their honour. After turning specific styles into signature picks for their polished aesthetics, some female celebrities and royal ladies have enjoyed the honour of having luxury bags named after them. In truly inspiring tales of success, these women have gone from trendsetting to becoming the face of these luxury handbags, achieving iconic status. From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, let’s take a look at luxury handbags named after celebrities.

Generations of talented women in entertainment, politics and other fields have inspired brands and their collections. From Princess Diana, who personified elegance to became a style inspiration for many, to Oscar-nominated director Sofia Coppola, these famous women have inspired some of the most popular luxury handbags today.

While owning an exclusive luxury bag is a dream for many, it also comes with a side of pride when it is a piece linked to celebrities and personalities who have proved to be gamechangers in their fields. Here are the most famous luxury handbags that were named after celebrities.

15 luxury handbags named after celebrities

The iconic Hermès Kelly bag

Grace Kelly Hermes Kelly bag
The iconic Hermes Kelly bag was named after actress-turned-royal Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. (Image: Bettmann/Getty Images)

One of the most iconic and expensive bags of all time, the Hermès Kelly bag was named after Grace Kelly, an American actress who became the Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier III in 1956. While the bag was initially called Sac à Dépêche (A Mail Bag), it was later renamed following the immense popularity it received after Kelly was seen carrying it.

The luxury bag was designed by in the 1930s by Robert Dumas, son-in-law of Émile Hermès. It became a signature piece for the brand, embracing modernism through design elements such as its trapezoid shape and a cutout flap. It was in the 1950s that the bag reached peak popularity, garnering the spotlight with Kelly being photographed holding it over her stomach to conceal the early signs of her pregnancy. Given the international public interest in the actress-turned-royal and her personal life, the bag attained iconic status and was soon renamed by the brand as Kelly.

Over the years, the Kelly range of handbags have enjoyed massive demand from fashion enthusiasts as well as celebrities. Some of the most famous personalities who are known to swear by the Hermès Kelly as their regular picks include Victoria Beckham, Beyoncé and more.

The Birkin bag – Luxury handbag named after Jane Birkin

Famous women who inspired luxury bags
Jane Birkin, the namesake of the Birkin bags was an actress and famed activist. (Image: Samir Hussein/Getty Images, Hermes)

The famed Hermès Birkin bag has been a favourite luxury item for years, and today is carried by several celebrities and famous personalities. It received its popular name from late actress and singer Jane Birkin. Apart from her acting and musical talents, the namesake of the Birkin bag also made history by becoming a famous activist for women’s rights in France.

The cherished British actress and singer, who passed away in 2023 at the age of 76, had previously joked about the impact of the famous bag on her life. While talking to CBS News in 2018, she mentioned how the highlight of her obituary would be the luxury handbag.

The birth of the iconic Birkin bag took place in 1983, when Jane found herself seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas (then Chief Executive of Hermes) on a flight. It was during this unlikely meet cute that she conversed with Dumas about the challenges of finding a bag that fits all her things, especially as a young mother. This confession from the actress led Dumas to come up with the sketch for a bag that addressed her complaints, and the vision soon became a reality.

As of today, the most popular models of the Birkin bag start at around approximately USD 10,145 for a Birkin 25, USD 11,200 for a Birkin 30, and USD 12,450 for a Birkin 35. The more exclusive range also goes up to USD 100,000 to USD 250,000. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are known to own a collection of the iconic bags. When it comes to luxury handbags named after famous celebrities, this one tops the list, given its classic nature that is revered even today.

The Gucci Jackie named after Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline Kennedy Gucci bag
Jacqueline Kennedy was a style icon and one of signature bags was named after by Gucci. (Image: Aazar/Instagram/Gucci)

At the age of 31, Jacqueline Kennedy became the third youngest first lady in US history in the 1960s. She established herself as the most glamorous first lady to grace the White House and became the style icon of her era; today, she continues to serve as fashion inspiration for many. While she was known for her timeless style, her bag collection gained instant popularity, and in it was a gem that continues to be beloved today. Initially known as the Fifties Constance, the Gucci bag was made to fit gracefully under the shoulder, capturing the 60s vibe perfectly which the former First lady endorsed in the most fashionable way.

The unique style of the bag soon caught the First Lady’s eye, and she added it to her tasteful styling, instantly turning it into a sought-after accessory. The crescent-shaped bag was eventually renamed in her honour, with the fashion house calling it ‘the Jackie’. Over the years, the Gucci Jackie has continued to remain a preferred choice for several fashion enthusiasts. Recently, actress Dakota Johnson was roped in by the brand for the Jackie 1961 campaign.

History of the Lady Dior bag

Whether through through her exquisite jewels, outfits, or her fashion accessories, Princess Diana exuded timeless elegance through it all. It’s no surprise that the beloved princess was the inspiration behind one of French fashion house Dior’s signature items. The iconic bag first made its appearance in 1995, when it was still known as the Chouchou. Princess Diana had received a Dior bag from Bernadette Chirac, the wife of the then-French president, as a gift; she would then go on to turn it into an icon and a fashion statement.

Princess Diana formed a strange closeness to this Dior design, and was seen carrying the bag on many occasions. She also requested the same design in a navy blue colour to complement her eyes. In 1996, Christian Dior changed the name of the bag to Lady Dior as an homage to Diana. The Princess also carried the mini Lady Dior bag when she attended the Met Gala in the same year.

The Gucci Diana bag

It comes as little surprise that Princess Diana inspired not one, but two luxury brands to name their handbags after her. The late royal spoke volumes through her style that reflected her individuality. Among her go-to fashion accessories was the Gucci Bamboo tote bag. In an iconic snap from the 90s, the Princess was spotted carrying the luxury handbag, sporting a sweatshirt and bike shorts. Nearly two decades later, on the 60th anniversary of her birth in 2021, the fashion house honoured her by reviving the bag from their archives and renaming it the Gucci Diana. The timeless nature of this bag makes it the most coveted fashion item among luxury bags that have been inspired by famous women.

Handbag named after Jessica Stam

A Canadian model who ruled the runways in the 2000s, Jessica Stam served as the inspiration behind Marc Jacobs’ Stam bag. Along with nine other models, Stam was named as one of the “World’s Next Top Models” in 2007, featuring prominently on American magazine covers. Debuting in 2005, the Stam bag became an immediate bestseller with its signature quilted lamb leather design, which was a trend in early 2000s. Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan were seen flaunting the same, further adding to its popularity.

The handbag recently enjoyed a revival in 2023, with Marc Jacobs re-releasing it as part of its (M)Archives collection in two sizes: small and classic, which were priced at USD 995 and USD 1,495 respectively. While Stam herself returned to lead the revival campaign, she was also joined by fellow fashion icons Paris Hilton, Selma Blair, Ashanti, and Ashlee Simpson.

The Mulberry Del Rey

Mulberry Del Rey bag
Lana Del Rey’s music inspired Mulberry’s designer to dedicate a special bag in her honour. (Image: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

Lana Del Rey has been a musical inspiration to many. The American singer-songwriter is known for exploring themes of melancholia and tragic romance in a cinematic manner, and it was one of her music videos that served as an inspiration for a famous handbag. It has been reported that imagery of Lana Del Rey’s lyrics to her 2012 hit song Video Games impressed Mulberry creative director Emma Hill. To pay homage to Del Rey’s moving music, Hill designed a white ostrich custom bag for the singer. The Mulberry Del Rey was later released in different colours, becoming an impressive addition to the list of luxury handbags named after celebrities.

The Jodie by Bottega Veneta

Academy Award winner Jodie Foster is one of the Hollywood’s most talented actresses, and she has starred in acclaimed films like The Silence of the Lambs, Taxi Driver and many more. While her contributions to the world of cinema are well-known, she is also the namesake for Bottega Veneta‘s iconic woven patterned bag. While the brand didn’t initially release the bag as The Jodie, it came to be known by her name after she tried to hide from a paparazzi’s lens by holding the trendy bag over face. The resultant press photo has since culminated in the bag receiving a new name, The Jodie. After Foster’s 2020 click, the bag became a trending choice among fashion enthusiasts. Balancing between classic and contemporary, the handbag is available in a range of colours from black and beige to pastels. The mini Jodie is priced between USD 1,800 to USD 3,000.

Gabriela Hearst’s Nina bag

Nina Simone's Gabriella Hearst bag
American singer and activist Nina Simone was honoured by Gabriella Hearst in a range of unique bags that are favourites of celebs such as Meghan Markle. (Image: Nina Simone/Instagram, Gabriela Hearst/Instagram)

The Nina bag by Gabriela Hearst is a celebrity-approved accessory, and a longtime favourite among the likes of Meghan Markle, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie and more. The interesting story behind this bag starts with the woman who inspired it. The very first bag to be introduced at Gabriela Hearst in 2016, the unique design was named after famed American singer Nina Simone. The late singer-songwriter was also a civil rights activist and an an icon of the twentieth century in terms of music. Some of Simone’s standout tracks included Cotton Eyed Joe and the Norwegian folk rendition of Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair.

The New York-based label opted to name the bag for the singer, celebrating her uniqueness and impact on the music industry. The exclusive handbag is sold by special order only. Produced in limited quantitie to keep in line with the brand’s sustainability values, this distinctive round handbag comes in a variety of colours and materials, including nappa leather and cashmere boucle.

The Amal bag by Ballin

Handbags named after celebrities
Amal Clooney inspired a range of Italian brand Ballin’s classy bags. (Image: Ballin/Instagram, Facebook)

Amal Clooney is the co-founder and co-president of the Clooney Foundation for Justice along with husband George Clooney. She has served as Special Adviser to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, represented political prisoners around the world, and has also helped to secure the freedom of journalists. The list of achievements that Clooney has to her name are beyond admirable and many young women look up to her as a role model.

Apart from her amazing work achievements, Clooney has also set the bar high when it comes to making a statement with her fashion. Thus, it’s no surprise that Italian brand Ballin was more than eager to name a special bag after her. The leather top-handle tote is elegant and perfectly reflects Clooney’s office-ready style.

Sofia Coppola’s Louis Vuitton SC Bag

Soffia Coppola's Louis Vuitton bag.
Louis Vuitton teamed up with director Sofia Coppola to design a range of handbags named after her as The SC bag. (Image: Louis Vuitton/Facebook)

One of the most exciting collaborations that have resulted in the birth of a timeless designer bag is the one between director Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton. The Oscar-nominated director is a female icon in the entertainment industry, given her portfolio of films such as Lost in Translation (2003), Marie Antoinette (2006) and Priscilla (2023). Coppola has not only had a Louis Vuitton bag named after her; she also helped to design it, collaborating with Marc Jacobs, who had been the fashion house’s Creative Director at the time. The handbag comprises a minimalist design, and its spacious nature is a highlight. Louis Vuitton added Coppola’s initials “SC” to the name of the range; if you’re looking to purchase a luxury handbag named after famous women, the director’s elegant design is a must-have.

The Alexa Bag

In 2010, Mulberry launched the Alexa, a luxury handbag inspired by and dedicated to Alexa Chung, a British model who served as a muse for many famous designers. Chung’s distinctive personal style has cemented her role as a trendsetter, leading to luxury brand Mulberry’s desire to capture the same in a range of handbags. The Alexa bag attained massive success following its launch, and it was estimated to have made pre-tax profits in the range of GBP 6 million (Approx. USD 7.6 million). The handbag was a fresh take on the traditional satchel and was proudly flaunted by Chung herself at the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010. In terms of recent celebrity-inspired luxury handbags, this one has certainly turned out to be a top pick.

The success of the Alexa bag was such that on Mulberry’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2021, the brand opted to collaborate with the model on a new handbag design, named Mulberry x Alexa Chung. Under this collaboration, two new designs including a roomy shoulder bag and a compact clutch were launched, with the mini range starting at GBP 895 (Approx. USD 1,139.94).

Luella Gisele Bag

Luxury bags named after famous women
Model Gisele Bundchen had walked the ramp with the classic Luella Bartley bag named after her. (Image: Gisele Bundchen/Instagram, Net-a-porter)

Gisele Bündchen has been one of the highest-paid models in the world since her rise to superstardom. She has worked with some of the biggest labels, walking the runways for them. In 2002, the model made waves when she walked the ramp carrying a luxury handbag that soon came to be named after her. British brand Luella Bartley launched the bag as merely Luella, but it was the press that named it the Luella Gisele in Bündchen’s honour. Soon, the bag had become the It bag of the early 2000s, featuring prominently in the wardrobe choices of celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Mischa Barton, and more. Reportedly after the 2008 recession, the brand had to close its doors, and thus production of the bag ceased.

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Selena Grace Bag by Coach

Luxury bags named after celebrities
Selena Gomez teamed up with Coach to design the ‘Selena Grace’ bag which was sold out within its announcement. (Image: Selena Gomez/Instagram)

In 2017, Coach teamed up with pop star Selena Gomez to design a bag that embodies her spirit and style. The bag also features a tag with her signature, along with a patch bearing a special message that says, “To be you is to be strong” sewn inside the bag’s compartment. Also showcasing Gomez’s beliefs of self-love, the base of the bag is designed with a handwritten phrase that reads, “Love yourself first.” Crafted of smooth calf leather, the bag was well-received on its launch, and the ‘Selena Red’, which was a part of an eight-piece limited edition Selena x Coach collection was immediately sold out soon after its release.

Mulberry Cara backpack

There is nothing cooler than a bag that works as backpack, shoulder bag, or also a handbag. English model Cara Delevingne has showcased her iconic style choices on various occasions, including during red carpet events. In collaboration with Mulberry, the model launched a collection of handbags that reflects her style and taste. On the bottom of each bag is a stamp inspired by Cara’s ‘Made in England’ tattoo. Launched in 2014, The Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection is available in three finishes; Classic Natural Leather, Quilted Nappa Leather, and Camouflage Haircalf.

(Main and featured images: Dior/Instagram, Selena Gomez/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What is the bag named after an actress?

One of the most popular bags named after an actress is the Hermès Kelly Bag. It was inspired by actress Grace Kelly.

– Who is the Lady Dior bag named after?

The Lady Dior bag was named after Princess Diana, who made the luxury bag popular by using it to style her iconic looks.

– Who is Birkin bag named after?

The Birkin bag is named after actress Jane Birkin who inspired the design of the must-have luxury item of today.

– Who is the Gucci Diana bag named after?

The Gucci Diana bag is named after the late Princess Diana of the British Royal family. It was among her go-to fashion items, thus leading the brand to name it in her honour.

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