Hollywood Superstars Kash Hovey & Valerie Brandy Unleash a Summer Sizzler

The celebrated host of “On Air with Ka$h,” the Hollywood luminary Kash Hovey, will be playing a leading role in a new film written & directed by innovative talented filmmaker Valerie Brandy, the maestra behind “Lola’s Last Letter.” This spellbinding duo is setting the stage on fire.

In the star-studded galaxy of Hollywood, one name shines brighter – Kash Hovey. A prodigious superstar, Kash was born with a camera in his hand, creating film magic with Ashley Bell, Michael Shuman, and DJ Dillon Francis as early as 10. Now, Kash has been invited to shine in a leading role under the direction of dynamic Valerie Brandy, acclaimed director, screenwriter, and actress to weave another magic spell in her upcoming movie, “A Unified Theory of Love.”

Valerie, known for her recurring role as Trixie on FX’s Justified and her portrayal of Lola in “Lola’s Last Letter,” is no stranger to the limelight. Her compelling performance in her self-scripted and directed film won her a Best Principal Actress Nomination from the Los Angeles Film Review. She’s served as a screenwriter for major studios, including as a staff writer for Walt Disney Studios live action feature division. Kash Hovey through his teen years and into his college days , his passion for the craft remained unquenched. With modeling stints for Antik Denim and gaining valuable insight both behind and in front of the camera, Kash’s journey led him to California State University Northridge, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies.

With a resume glittering with success, Kash Hovey’s post-graduation journey saw him at William Morris Endeavor, lending his voice in the voice-over department. His talent then took him to work with renowned producers at Blackheart, who were fresh off the success of “The Runaways” featuring Kristen Stewart. In a thrilling turn of events, Kash was cast as Adam in Joan Jett’s film “Undateable John,” opposite Shannen Doherty. This was just the beginning as he landed the lead role in Blackheart’s next venture “Jack and Cocaine,” garnering a massive social media following. Screening at the Valley Film Festival, this role became a landmark in Kash’s illustrious career as an actor and producer.

In 2021, Kash stepped onto a new platform, hosting his talk show “On Air with Ka$h,” featuring a star-studded lineup, including Whitney Cummings, Cary Elwes, Danny Trejo, and Beverly D’Angelo. The whirlwind didn’t stop there. In November 2022, Kash was invited to host the film block “Kash Hovey and Friends” at Film Fest LA at LA Live. “On Air with Ka$h” bagged Best Web Series and Best Host at the festival. Fast forward to now, Kash has just completed a new film with Kansas Bowling, also featured at Film Fest LA, while working with Kira Reed Lorsch, Lance Alexander, and Samantha Bailey on “The Listening” by Jax Malcolm.

Kash, it’s always a delight to have you here with Lavish Life. Could you share with our eager readers how your friendship with the accomplished director Valerie Brandy began?

The story began after I wrapped my first feature film “Jack and Cocaine.” My team and I were checking out local film festivals to get involved in. One of the festivals was Dances with Films where Valerie’s feature film “Lola’s Last Letter” premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. I was so moved by Valerie’s performance and the story she told. Valerie was not only the star of the movie but she also wrote and directed it. We met after the premiere and I expressed to her my admiration of her work and we had a wonderful conversation about filmmaking.

You both have supported each other for a considerable amount of time. Could you shed light on the span and evolution of your friendship?

After the premiere of Lola’s Last Letter, Valerie attended  the premiere of “Jack and Cocaine” at the Valley Film Festival. This started our journey of supporting each other’s films and endeavors. When I started “On Air with Ka$h,” she was a guest on the show and we had a very in depth conversation about our careers in the industry. We attend premieres and events together and we’ve developed a close group of friends and colleagues in the industry.

Kash, how would you encapsulate your camaraderie with Valerie?

Valerie is one of the hardest working and talented people I know. She puts 100% into everything she does and she always completes what she sets out to do. Since I met her she has been a dear friend and an inspiration to me. I couldn’t be happier to be working with her at the moment.

We’re all ears about your latest dynamic role in, “A Unified Theory of Love,”  under the direction of Valerie Brandy. Could you give us some inside scoop on that?

A Unified Theory of Love” is about a scientist who develops an AI program that can create a customized plan to make a person fall in love with a qualified match. After the scientist tests the program on herself to prove its validity, she begins to question what she knows about love after meeting an unexpected potential suitor with magical abilities. The script absolutely blew my mind when I first read it. I recently participated in the table read with Valerie, the cast, and producers. You could feel the magic in the room during the reading as the characters were being brought to life for the first time together. Not only is Valerie extremely talented but she is highly intelligent and educated. She did her research for this project. It’s a story that is very relevant to what is being developed in the world now.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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