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Chrysler’s New All-Electrical Idea Is a Gorgeous Transfer Past Minivans

Chrysler’s New All-Electrical Idea Is a Gorgeous Transfer Past Minivans

Chrysler’s electric future may be worth getting excited about.

The Detroit automaker has unveiled a new super sedan concept called the Halcyon that it says is a preview of its upcoming EV. The sleek four-door is easily the most visually stunning car we’ve seen from the brand in quite some time—if not ever.

The Halcyon couldn’t look more different from Chrysler’s current vehicles, which are all minivans, or its most recent sedan, the just discontinued 300. Whereas that four-door was big and bulky, the concept is muscular and sophisticated. The low-slung EV’s smooth lines and curvaceous shape suggest it will slice through the air, something vitally important from both a performance and efficiency standpoint. We love the razor-thin lighting package and sculpted side panels, but the highlight has to be the “red-carpet-style” doors and flip-up roof panels. They, more than any other feature, give the vehicle the air of something from the future.

Chrysler Halcyon Concept


The EV’s interior promises to be as much of a departure from Chrysler’s past. The doors and roof panels open to reveal an airy and streamlined space. The dashboard is about as spartan as can be, with just an oval-shaped steering wheel and a single rotating infotainment display in the middle.  Chrysler says the infotainment system will make use of biometric scanners and AI to deliver a truly customized driving experience. It can also be used to enable Level 4 autonomous driving. The cabin looks as if it will have room for four, with the rear “Stow ‘n Go” seats retracing into the floor when you need more cargo room.

Just as intriguing as Halcyon’s design is what lies beneath it. We don’t know anything about its powertrain or performance, but Chrysler says the concept utilizes the same STLA Large platform that will be used in the upcoming Dodge Charger Daytona and Jeep Wagoneer S EVs. Specifically, it will utilize an 800-volt architecture and lithium-sulfur battery pack, which, points out, are also expected to be a feature of the high-performance Charger Daytona Banshee variant.

Inside the Chrysler Halcyon Concept

Inside the Halcyon


Chrysler also says the Halcyon will be able to push the boundaries of fast charging. It says drivers will be able to 200 miles of range to the EV after just five minutes connected to a charger. There’s also mention of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer technology that could eventually allow the vehicle to recharge itself at all times, essentially giving it “unlimited range.” That last part feels a little far-fetched to us, but no one would complain if the company could figure out a way to make the feature a reality.

Unfortunately, there appear to be no plans as of now to put the Halcyon into production. Chrysler did say it hopes to release its first EV next year, though. It will be interesting to see how many elements from the concept end up making it to future releases.

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