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Clase Azul’s New Extremely-Premium Mezcal Is Its Finest But

Clase Azul’s New Extremely-Premium Mezcal Is Its Finest But

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Clase Azul is known for releasing high-end tequila that comes in handmade ceramic decanters, but over the past few years the brand has put out a few mezcals as well. The latest is San Luis Potosí, and it is the best release to date from the brand in the mezcal category.

The previous two mezcals from Clase Azul are Durango and Guerrero, and this third edition is also named after a Mexican state. San Luis Potosí is located in central Mexico, and the eponymous mezcal is made from the salmiana agave variety, or green agave, that is native to the region and can be found growing more than 6,000 feet above sea level. According to the brand, this new expression was produced in Estación Ipiña, a village of just 250 people where many are involved in the mezcal industry in some way. The agave was steam cooked in stone ovens as opposed to being cooked underground, so don’t expect an assertive, smoky flavor from this spirit. Instead there is a bit of spice combined with notes of grass, citrus, white pepper, thyme, and an almost savory character making this a very different expression from Clase Azul‘s previous mezcal releases.

The decanter that this mezcal comes in is one of the most striking from the brand. The color is a bright red that is supposed to pay homage to the indigenous Huachichil people of the region. The name is Aztec for “heads painted red,” referring to the fact that they would traditionally paint their bodies red—hence, the bright color of this decanter. There are carvings at the base that are meant to represent the natural features and native agave plants of San Luis Potosí. “We’re delighted to introduce a spirit that’s so deeply rooted in the history and landscape of its place of origin,” said Clase Azul master distiller Viridiana Tinoco in a statement. “The generational wisdom safeguarded by the mezcal-producing community of Estación Ipiña, San Luis Potosí has given rise to a distinctive mezcal. Its unique aromatic and tasting notes reflect its traditional craftsmanship and capture the essence of the green agave used in its production.”

Clase Azul San Luis Potosí is available starting this month in a one-liter decanter from retailers around the country (SRP $370) and online. If it’s not in your area yet, you can find other bottles in the brand’s lineup from retailers like ReserveBar now.

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