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Cyan Racing’s Newest Volvo P1800 Restomod Is a Versatile and Fashionable Grand Tourer

Cyan Racing’s Newest Volvo P1800 Restomod Is a Versatile and Fashionable Grand Tourer

Cyan Racing’s Volvo P1800 restomod just got a little more comfortable.

The Swedish motorsports company has just unveiled a new iteration of its future-proofed coupé called the GT. Whereas the first was a street-legal speed machine developed to deliver thrills on the track, its successor was specifically designed to be a much more versatile machine.

Few restomods have struck the right balance between old and new quite like Cyan’s P1800. The team left the two-door’s classy design alone but upgraded its interior, tech, and powertrain to bring the vehicle up to today’s standards. The result was a rejuvenated classic worth getting excited about.

Cyan Racing Volvo P1800 GT

Cyan Racing

Cyan hasn’t strayed far from this formula with the P1800 GT.  Like its predecessor, the new one features a body made slightly wider than that of the original coupé and made from carbon fiber and steel. The exterior of the two versions appears to be identical to one another, down to the sculpted line that runs along the side of the vehicle from the door to the headlight.

Each car will be tailored to its owner’s wishes, and the example shown in the first images of the build, which is destined for an unnamed U.S. client, is finished in a striking metallic green shade. Its interior, meanwhile, is done up in sand-colored leather and fabric. The cabin has been updated some, too, with more comfortable seats and more sound-deadening material. Cyan believes these tweaks will make the vehicle more comfortable on long drives.

Inside the Cyan Racing Volvo P1800 GT

Inside the P1800 GT

Cyan Racing

The biggest changes are those you can’t see, though. The P1800 GT is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder mill just like the one in its predecessor. This time around, the mill has been tuned to prioritize drivability over power. It will also be available in several different specs, delivering anywhere from 350 hp to 414 hp to the rear axle via a five-speed custom Hollinger gearbox. The vehicle also features a new titanium roll cage and a fully adjustable suspension. The last two features promise to deliver a more comfortable drive on long, winding country roads.

Cyan is taking orders now for the P1800 GT. The company hasn’t said how many restomods it intends to build, other than that the production run will be “limited.” It also hasn’t named a price, though the first version started at $500,000.

Click here for more photos of the Cyan Racing Volvo P1800 GT.

Cyan Racing

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