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Diana Noris: A Shining Star With a Passion For Creativity & Compassion

Diana Noris: A Shining Star With a Passion For Creativity & Compassion

Diana Noris has made quite an impression in the entertainment industry by mastering a diverse range of skills. She is not only a successful actress, but also a talented artist, model, spokesperson, author, columnist, animal activist, and advocate. While she is undoubtedly dedicated to her career, her most significant passion is her love for animals. Raised between Miami and Puerto Rico, Diana considers Washington, DC her home. Her mother’s family hails from Mendoza, Argentina, from where the essence of her cultural identity stems. “Puerto Rico is a mix of cultures with a laid-back lifestyle, while Argentina is more complex and sophisticated, with a European feel,” she explains. This winning combination has shaped Diana into the inspiring artist and woman she is today.

After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and The Stella Adler Acting Studio, Diana soon thrived in the world of entertainment. She landed several modeling jobs before transitioning to the American market as an actress, which led to her life taking an exciting new direction. Noris’s upcoming project, a horror flick titled “Jekka,” will be filmed entirely in Puerto Rico. In this thrilling film, she plays Sheriff Bowes, a childhood friend of Bruce Monroe, portrayed by Spanish actor Harlys Becerra. “It will be a film unlike anything you have ever seen, and I am excited to be working with such a diverse and talented cast,” Diana shares with our Lavish Life Team.

But her talents extend beyond acting. Diana’s artistic side is also quite remarkable, focusing on three-dimensional art that embodies independent, sexy, fun, fearless, and fashionable women. She even captured Pamela Anderson’s vivacious spirit in a commissioned piece for the launch of her perfume. In 2009, Diana founded Women in the Arts in Miami, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and raising public awareness of women’s contributions to the arts. The organization celebrates and showcases the talent of women artists through an annual exhibit and fundraising event.

As a multi-faceted talent, Diana Noris leaves us with much to reflect on. She encourages the younger generation to persevere through rejection and never give up on their dreams. “Hustle beats talent if talent doesn’t hustle,” she advises. In her own words, “One day you will be the competition for your idol.” Diana’s message is clear: be disciplined, love yourself, and strive to be the best at whatever your passion may be.

How would you describe your passion to the film industry and dedication to get to this stage in your career? 

It takes a lot to be be able to ride through the difficult world that is the acting industry, especially as a Latina woman. It’s easy to sometimes feel small or unseen in an industry that can be so competitive. My experience has taught me that it’s so important to ignore rejection when it comes and to not personalize it, even if sometimes I know I am being underestimated or under-appreciated. It’s something I think every woman unfortunately experiences at some point or another in their lives, but the way push through those barriers placed in front us is through persistence and simply never giving up. Just with everything else in life, it takes time, practice, effort and dedication to cultivate success as an actor or actress. It’s something I’ve truthfully struggled with throughout the years.

What is your ultimate dreams and goals?

I would love to keep performing and grow as an actress, play more challenging roles. I want to brake the patterns we face as Latinos in this industry. We have an accent and we shouldn’t have to hide it, Latinos have accents in real life so i think the industry should get rid of the stigma of “hiding your accent” or “modify your accent”. If your role is a Latin woman she should have an accent.

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What advice do you give to young talents starting in the entertainment industry?

If you want to be an actor you must get training before anything. Find a reputable acting school or coach. As in any career you need to get trained. Practice and then practice some more. Create your own content when you are not working on auditions. For me it’s very important to work with an acting coach as much as possible so you can update your techniques and feel more secure and ready for any upcoming auditions. “Persistence, ignore rejection, and knowing that it’s never too late and you are not too old”. Anyone that watched the Oscars this year saw that it’s NEVER too late!

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